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I have this blog to show the discrepancies between the Republicans and The Democrats! The biggest difference is that the Republicans can accept being beat. The Democrats can’t.
Take the election when President Bush beat out Al Gore for the Presidency. At the end of the election when President Bush was declared the winner, Al Gore, who was a poor loser, went for recount after recount, actually changing the existing laws to continue recounting to try to change the outcome.

In 2006, in the Midterm elections, the Democrats won both the House and the Senate, and the Republicans accepted the outcome, no matter how close the elections were. Al Franken was beaten in Minnesota, but because he couldn’t accept losing, he “found” lost ballots, *something that you never see the Republicans doing*, and keep going for recount after recount till he won. Actually gaining thousands of votes. It never goes the other way when this happens. Lost votes are always found to make up for the liberals deficits.

We have to realize, that the Democrats do NOT have the best interests of this country at heart. They will do anything to bring us down, and make sure that our ideals are destroyed.

Liberals want to take CHRIST out of Christmas, and do it in subtle ways like a school allowing the menorah and several other things…but only allowing a Christmas tree as a symbol of Christians, but not at school. First off, the Christmas tree is originally pagan….so you have still left out Christianity because another thing you won’t allow, is the Manger scene.

Trying to take GOD out of our society, by trying to make sure that it is against the law to display Christian things like Crosses and such, because you are afraid that they will offend someone….to hell with the majority is wrong. You protect the minority. You go against the majority. Always have, and probably always will. Wasn’t this country founded on the “Majority Rules” ideal? The only time that that applies to you guys is when you are in the Majority. Otherwise it doesn’t. And even then, you do not listen to the majority, and that is always the people.

You Liberals are two timing idiots who think that we are not smart enough to catch on to your stupidity and your Rhetoric. Well, we have, and let me tell you something….it is going to come back and bite you all in the butts. You need to wake up and smell the coffee…….it is like President Ronald Reagan said once, and it is still very true.
“When we forget we are a Nation Under God, then we are a nation gone under.” Look out people, that is coming if you keep up the things you are. And sadly, I do not see you changing. And I see our country suffering hugely for it.

God Bless America
God Bless Our Troops


15 Responses to Title page description….

  1. Phyllis says:

    You forgot 1 thing. We are all Americans when we step foot on the U.S. soil. When the Declaration of Independance was signed, it was signed “In God We Trust”. If people can’t accept the way it suppose to be, then go back to your own country and leave ours alone. I will put up a darn good fight to keep my country mine and not that of atheisim, or any other sort. If you want to live for the demon, then die they way he did. Cowardly. I have gone down his road for a while and have realized that without God on my side, I don’t have jack squat. And if you think that money you need, that is not what ruined Adam and Eve. It was the demon’s jealousy of what God had made for them to have. Don’t anyone see the picture yet? God is always going to be there no matter how bad you want to have it.

  2. Erik says:

    Democrats and Republicans aside…Who’s rights are we fighting for and where did my habeas corpus go?

    Get past the red team/blue team false dichotomy and wake up to the fact that Democrats and Republicans are selling you, your country, your military and your Christian beliefs down the river.

    What words of Christ can be used to justify what we, as a nation, are doing?

  3. The truth about liberals. All liberals are drug addicts and alcoholics. That is why their brains are screwed on the wrong side of their head.
    Its just a fact.

    Anyone running for office should take a drug test that way we can have less liberals in office.

  4. Dwana says:

    Ha! Ha! Good one, Richard.

  5. jinno says:

    If only there were a lick of truth to that statement. I know far more liberals who support the right of people to make stupid decisions (such as drug use), who would never touch the stuff in their life. On the other hand I know Republican die hard conseravtives, willing to talk about how we should be doing the exact opposite of the way they live.

    Democrats aren’t idiots, Robert. And they aren’t drug addicts, Richard.

    A good portion of them are people, who have ideals that other people agree with. That’s how they got to their positions, not because they did immoral things, or rigged elections.

  6. Erik says:

    Wow Richard!!! What have you been smoking? Do you always make such outrageous allegations and generalizations?

    Your statements regarding liberals are like someone saying that all conservatives turn to character attacks when they don’t have facts to support their arguments.

    My view is that it is better to try to gain agreement in an attempt to win others to your side rather than start an argument with little to no substance.

  7. 570thusaag says:


    Love your site- we share similar points of view and concerns.

    I just started my own blog. Yours is the first I have found (just started looking) that is somewhat similar to mine.


    I don’t see where/how to contact you, so I thought I would ask you here to email me? I wanted to ask you a couple of questions that are probably not best suited for the comment fields here…

    Just put “Robert from Blog” or something in the subject line.

    (email to Con1@conservativeoasis.com)

  8. david says:

    I’m sorry, but your divisive rhetoric and political reductionism are deeply troubling to me. I’m not a “conservative” or a “liberal” because I despise the labels and pandering that become little more than wedge tactics to further distract us from the things that matter in making our society more just and equitable.

    Each side attacks the other with false accusations (as you’ve modeled so well here), and both sides lose. If you’re a Christian, then perhaps you might be challenged (as I have been) by reflecting more deeply on the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7, which admonishes us not to judge, to love our enemies, and to pray for those who persecute us. The cross is a reminder that politics are merely a means to an end, and not THE solution to our problems.

    If we worship a conservative, republican Jesus, then we have distorted the gospel and sided with the pharisees.

  9. A.F.Branco says:

    Someone from this site asked about my “political cartoons” from my site ComicallyIncorrect.com via ArtWanted.com… I can work out getting the toons to you no charge. Just e-mail me at

  10. Zach says:

    I’m sorry, but rejecting half the country’s opinion as utterly retarded and wrong doesn’t qualify for any definition of ‘wise’ I know of. Perhaps you just think there is no good reason for anyone to have an opinion that isn’t yours.
    reply from Robert: I love it. An Obama supporter. If the opinion doesn’t fit yours, it isn’t valid. And you are wrong. Half the country does not think as you do. This country is mostly, about 80% now thinking that the best way back to prosperity is to go back to following the Constitution, and stopping this insane spending that has put our grandchildren in debt for the rest of their lives before they even have a chance to live! Stop the spending. We do not have the money! Also, it isn’t the government’s place to go into health care, or the auto industry or into banking. Not only isn’t that it’s place, but it is unconstitutional. And don’t tell me, I know, Bush started with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, something I was saying was wrong then too. If a company isn’t doing the right things to keep running without baleout’s, let them go under. That is how it used to be done, and no one got badly hurt over it. Someone else would come along and make a new product to replace the one that went under. That is the good thing about the free market system we have. Or should I say HAD? We need to stop our government from spending anymore money that isn’t there yet.

    That is the only way to do it, and yes, it is Wise to think that way. Stupid to think that spending massive amounts of money, that doesn’t exist yet, or has to be borrowed from someone else is going to help. It isn’t. That was proved with Reagan, that was proved with Bush, and it was proved spending doesn’t help with Obama. Go back and look at the economy when Obama took over. Unemployment was at a whopping huge 4.8%! The economy, though heading down at the time was still in good shape. Obama comes in and tells us that we have to spend a trillion dollars in stimulus to keep the unemployment from going over 8%. It did and it is still over that. Now they are trying to tell us that 10% is the new normal. Yea, for them. Liberalism doesn’t work anywhere but on paper. And there it is really iffy. Where is it wise, to spend money that doesn’t exist yet. Where is it wise to raise taxes on the part of the country that gives us the jobs? Don’t you know, they are already paying the lion’s share of taxes now, and more will not give them incentive to hire?
    ZACH, read your history…..the correct one. Liberalism doesn’t work. Obama is an abject failure. This nation spoke volumes on November 2, even though the democrats are doing damage control now by trying to tell us that the nation told them their plan was working. Only the stupid believe that. And the American people are not stupid. Liberalism is.

  11. coach1640280 says:

    Middle America Reform Party
    The middle America reform party offers a new paradigm in American politics.
    Middle America:
    Middle America is the foundation, vessel, protector, and defender of America. Middle America is the fundamental source of all American liberty, freedom, and equality. Middle America made America, defends America, and preserves liberties, freedoms, and equality.

    There are no democrats or republicans, liberals or conservatives, red or blue. There is only middle America and two significant extreme fringes, the radical desperate poor and the radical wealthy elite.

    Middle America’s two radical fringe are a curse and a blessing. Cauldrons of wealthy elite and desperate poor spur imagination, creativity, initiative, and progress. These same cauldrons produce tyranny, exploitation, liability, and burden.

    Middle America must govern both desperate poor and wealthy elite extremes for simple survival and progress. The extreme desperate poor will always require social programs, social security, medicare, unemployment compensation, and etc. The extreme wealthy elite will always require taxation, regulation, and oversight. Tending two radical extremes is the fate of middle America. The payoff is liberty, freedom, and equality for more Americans.

    The extremes:
    The core of the wealthy elite paradigm is extravagance, personality, and small or absent government. The core of desperate poor paradigm is suffering, personality, and large all-serving government. Either paradigm, in extreme, destroys and dismantles middle America.

    Middle America must differentiate and define extremes, insulate itself from the associated destructive dangers, and govern. America’s democracy and media must remain objective to wealthy elite or desperate poor paradigms. The dangers of extreme influences include eight elephants: war, immigration, ecology, recession, foreclosure, joblessness, tax, and debt.

    Clear definition of wealthy, poor, and middle improves objectivity. Here is a possibility:

    Simple definition:
    The Obama administration recently defined America’s upper tax bracket above $250,000 (note1) per year income. This is the wealthy elite. The federal government defines poverty at $22,050 (family of 4) (note2). This is the desperate poor. In 2006, the “real” (adjusted for inflation) median annual household income rose 1.3% to $50,233.00. (note3) This is middle America. Herein is a simple definition of wealthy elite, desperate poor, and middle America.

    The desperate poor:
    “The poverty rate in 2009 (14.3 percent) was the highest poverty rate since 1994… The number of people in poverty in 2009 (43.6 million) is the largest number in the 51 years for which poverty estimates have been published… Between 2008 and 2009, the poverty rate increased for children under the age of 18 (from 19.0 percent to 20.7 percent)

    The wealthy elite:
    “In the United States at the end of 2001, 10% of the population owned 71% of the wealth and the top 1% owned 38%. On the other hand, the bottom 40% owned less than 1% of the nation’s wealth. According to this 2006 study by the Federal Reserve System, from 1989 to 2004, the distribution in the United States had been changing with indications there was a greater concentration of wealth held by the top 10% and top 1% of the population.” footnote1

    “In addition, wealth is unequally distributed with the wealthiest 25% of US households owning 87% ($54.2 trillion, in 2009) of the wealth in the United States.” footnote2

    Approximately 10% of America is “wealthy elite”. Approximately 14% of America is “desperate poor”. The remainder is middle America.

    For over a century, as the American population grew, the federal government congressional and executive representation fell further behind the 1776 pace of one representative per 26,000 citizens and one president per 2.4 million. Instead of adding more congressional members or presidents, the congress simply was paid more for the added 21.5 multiple citizen load, now at one congressperson per 573,831 citizens.

    The current salary (2010) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year. (note4) This salary plus one and a half median income of the American population breaks $250,000 income. Our congresspersons play at edge of wealthy elite and very many government representatives easily qualify as wealthy elite.

    The president earns a $400,000 annual salary, along with a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 non-taxable travel account and $19,000 for entertainment (note5) The president, with perks, makes over 10 times median American income and 22 times the poverty level family. At median American pay, the federal government could hire 9 presidents for the pay of the existing one president. Presidential income is clearly wealthy elite income.

    At $250,000, large portions of federal representatives are “radicalized” to the wealthy elite. The president and congress are compensated using a corporate (wealthy elite) pay scale paradigm that concentrates power and boosts executive pay.

    Under the red/blue, conservative/liberal, democrat/republican political paradigm there is no conflict of interest with middle America in today’s federal government. Under the “middle America” paradigm, the entire government is a conflict of interest to middle America.

    Does middle America really want wealthy elite radicals running it’s government? It is time middle America face its fate, drop the old paradigms, and take charge of America.

    When service in a restaurant suffers, more waiters are needed. When fire breaks out everywhere, more fire fighters are needed. When crime becomes rampant, more police are needed. When democracy morphs to elected oligarchy and America lacks governance, send help to the few surviving democratic representatives. More representatives are needed. More presidents are needed. The antidote to corruption of power is disbursement of power. Step it up, America. Be proactive. Check out plan-b.

    Citizen is coach to team democracy. Coach is responsible for success. It’s your call, coach.

    reply from Robert: America was set up as a two party country. Third parties do nothing but oust people who would be good. A good example is Ross Perot, when he essentially got Clinton elected because he was there. The best way to fix things is to use the power of the people and take the Republican party back and don’t let it slip back into the hands of people who don’t care. If you think a new party would work, remember, what happened to the parties in Washington, would happen to the new party too. The people have to take back the power that the politicians have taken away from them.

  12. Chad Harding says:

    it doesn’t matter if we’re dem or rep. we’re letting either party run this country into the ground. we can not afford to “raise the ceiling” on the deficit. These banks need to go bankrupt and wall street needs to bail their own asses out, then maybe this economy can pick up the pieces. they’ve got to stop all spending and stop taxing the hell out of us and get their asses out of the business’s and pull all these troops out of the 200 or so countries we’re stationed in. this is a complete meltdown. they’ll bail us out for maybe 4 years but what’s going to happen during the next recession? you think they’re going to just print off another trillion dollars everytime we need money? what do you do when you lend money to someone over and over and they never pay you back? we can’t print our way out of this, the only way is to lose our assets and money. that day will come, and i’m not going to be sitting there saying, gee i wish i didn’t invest all my money or leave all my money in the bank.
    reply from Robert: I would usually agree with you, but right now, the republican party is doing what it needs to do. They have the democrats and the left running scared, which is the way it should be. But, when we take back the White House and the Senate in 2012, here is what we as the people have to do. We have to make sure that the elected officials in Washington know we are watching, and let them know that if they do what we do not want to them, out they go. We have that power. For so many years we let them do what they wanted, without doing anything to stop them. That is how we got in this mess. It’s time we put a stop to it. And this blog is but just one small part of that action.

  13. Chad Harding says:

    we are at the edge of complete chaos if we don’t organize and voice our concerns, if everyone would get off their asses and protest this, organize a group, take it to the government.
    reply from Robert: Living in a small town where no one of any importance goes, I do what I can with this blog. Thankfully the readership is growing and the counter shows that. Thanks for reading, as I try to keep abreast of what is going on in Washington.

  14. Melpa says:

    “he “found” lost ballots, *something that you never see the Republicans doing*” LOL….ever heard of what’s going on in Wisconsin? You may recall a little the Wisconsin county that magically found 14,000 votes in a recent (highly contested) election, after the very partisan Repuiblican County Clerk — who had just been questioned for questionable methods of collecting election data — said that she had “failed to save the results” in her original report. Try researching before making broad, far reaching reactionary statements. Oh wait….you are a Tea Party member…nevermind:
    Facts just confuse the majority of you.
    reply from Robert: I am not saying the Republicans are perfect, they are far from it, and Yes I did mention that in a post when it happened. But here is the difference. Ted Kennedy, in 1968 actually left a girl to drown in his car, with no care for anyone but himself, he was drunk at the time, and had an expired drivers license, and no insurance, and he went on to never serve any time, *something NO republican would have ever gotten away with* and died in the House in the same position he had held for generations.

    Barney Frank, a democrat, with another democrat….was caught running an escort service for males out of his house….where is he now? He is a high ranking House member too….with NO reprecussions to what he did. Think a republican would get away with this and be able to stay in office and be prominent? HELL NO. Look at Foley if you think that. He was forced out of office for much less.

    John Murtha, lied about the actions of the troops in Haditha and when he was confronted about the lie, he slammed the door in the face of the reporters, and nothing was ever heard about it again, except for little blurbs like this one. Murtha never suffered any consequences of his actions against the troops, when he called them ‘murderers and rapists in the middle of the night’. If he had been a republican, all hell would have broken loose and he would have probably been forced out of office.

    Representative Charles Rangel, Democrat was convicted of 11 of 13 charges of misconduct, but, was not immediately forced out of office. If he had been a republican, he would have been. *remember Tom Foley*.

    There are many more things I would bring up here but that wouldn’t make any difference to you. You care nothing for the truth……unless you can spin it your way. And you say the truth confuses me? I think it is you that is confused.

  15. Charity says:

    I apologize that the following of what I am gonna say has nothing to do with the above topic but I’m really really needing help. I was wondering if anyone could help me locate and talk to Neil Harris, the man who survived Operation Hump on NOvember 8th 1965. I was born on November 8th and ever since I came across this battle on the internet and i want to write a book. When I think about the people who gave their lives for me, my birth and the celebration of it is such a selfish and insignificant remembrance. Could any one help me??
    reply from Robert: I did the post about that battle after hearing the brooks and dunn song of the same name. It is about a man who survived the battle. Maybe you can write them and see if the man they wrote the song about knew Neil. Good luck.

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