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Is the Fix In?

First off, I hope that everyone had a safe and relaxing 4th of July weekend.  Unfortunately, reality is back. As we all know, The Hildebeast was “interviewed” over the weekend concerning her use of a private email server while she … Continue reading

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Leading from Behind

This past week has shown the American People what the difference is between a community organizer and a leader.  Let us look at the job description of a Community Organizer (excerpted from eHow): Description Community organizers work to advance racial … Continue reading

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Reality Check

The IRS targeting conservative groups.  Benghazi.  ObamaCare. Gun Control.  Solyndra.  Sequestration targeting cuts causing as much pain as possible to the population.  Fast and Furious.  GSA Las Vegas spending boondoggle.  Justice Department wiretapping AP.  Congress not reading the bills they … Continue reading

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