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We’re Broken

An addition to the previous post are these following articles: John Kass, Chicago Tribune, “Road to Urban Despair Paved by Democrats” Michael Goodwin, New York Post, “American Journalism is Collapsing Before Our Eyes” I do wonder if this country can … Continue reading

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Just A Rant

Folks, I first want to say that I am proud of my country.  Of my President and his Administration, not so much.  As a matter of fact, I am downright furious & ashamed. Following the Radical Islamic terrorist (words that … Continue reading

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What Lives Do Matter?

I’m going to make something perfectly clear before I start on this post: I am not a racist.  I do not believe that any one race is superior to another.  I also don’t care what race, sex, gender or religion … Continue reading

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Post in Pictures and Videos

Maybe I’m getting old & lazy, but it seems that other people are putting out pictures and videos on what I’m feeling about posting this week.  And they are doing a better job than what I can do! Here are … Continue reading

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Just Reality–An Opinion

Well, back to reality…  Just a few things that are on my mind. During the manhunt for the Boston bombers, was anyone else uncomfortable with the following? Police sporting full body armor, fully-automatic weapons, riding around on armored personnel carriers? … Continue reading

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