CPAC Happened, and the world is still spinning.

Now as soon as I’m done speaking, I’ll tell you what the criticism on the left is going to be. Number one, he drank too much water, and number two, that he didn’t offer any new ideas. And there’s the fallacy of it. We don’t need a new idea. There is an idea. The idea is called America. And it still works.”
-Marco Rubio at CPAC 2013-

CPAC was a hit again. It passed as it always does, and now we are all waiting for the democrats response to things like Marco Rubio said above, or what he said here:

“China’s goal should be to surpass the United States as the world’s preeminent military and economic power………….Do we want that to be the leading country in the world? We want that to be the leading voice on this planet? That’s the stakes. That’s what’s at stake in America’s greatness…….there is an idea, the idea is America, and it still works. You want proof that it still works? Look around the world today. Who are they copying? They’re not copying the former Soviet Union. They’re not copying Russia. They’re not even copying China. They are copying us. With every step towards free enterprise, millions of people all over the world are emerging from poverty. Millions of people all over the world are emerging from generational poverty, because they were inspired by the American idea. They may claim to hate us… but they sure would like to be us.”

Now isn’t that the truth? Marco Rubio hit that one out of the park folks. He really did, and like I said, I am still waiting for the democrats response. It will come, mark my words here, but when what is said is the truth, it takes some time for them to come up with a plausible lie. The problem has always been is, we have always fallen for it. But not anymore.

We have people out there in positions of leadership who are finally espousing our ideals. The ideals of America. And the left? They are saying our ideals are stupid and ridiculous. They are criticizing our every speech and our every stand, as if it is the worst thing that America has ever had to endure. Yet, they get pissed off when we talk about the things that they have been doing and the laws they are breaking each and every day.

They get mad and incensed because deep down they know we are right and they are wrong. They know it but they will not admit it. So they make up stories to counter our truths, with their own brand of the truth. They lie.

And all the speeches at CPAC this year were great ones. Rick Perry went after McCain saying that he is NO CONSERVATIVE, and we all know that is true, but he is always telling us he is the only Conservative out here.

I remember in the election of 2008 I kept hearing how McCain was the best one out there for the GOP because he was the only Conservative out here. But Perry said this about that election and the last one:

“The popular media narrative is that this country has shifted away from conservative ideals, as evidenced by the last two presidential elections. That’s what they think. That’s what say. That might be true if Republicans had actually nominated conservative candidates in 2008 and 2012,….might be true.

But now we’re told our party must shift appeal to the growing hispanic demographic. Let me tell you something about what appeals to Hispanics in states like Texas. It is the free enterprise agenda that allows small businesses to prosper. Free of government interference. It’s the policies that value the family unit as the best and closest form of government. It’s the belief in life and the faith in God. No one. No one who risked life and limb to reach our shores comes here hoping for a government handout.

They want opportunity. They want freedom and they want a better shot at providing for their families. And that is true whether they are first generation Americans or like a lot of Hispanics in Texas, families living here a long time before Davy Crockett, and James Bowie and Sam Huston made their way south. My friends, this is what we as Conservatives stand for. We’re not the people of equal outcomes of quotas of race based appeals or the cradle to the grave nanny state. We’re the people who say everyone….EVERYONE deserves a shot. But success is only the product of hard work and innovation. We’re the ideology that is blind to color and is solely grounded in the merit system. We are compassionate, without being cynical. Government can be a tool to self-improvement, and self empowerment. Not self entrapment.

These ideals are as old as America, and they will live on as the prevailing sentiment long after we’re gone.”

This ideal of self entrapment is something from the left…..not from the right. But sadly, portions of the right, like the parts the include John McCain and Lindsey Graham do include the ideals of self entrapment. Which is the reason that we have to vote these people out of office, and the sooner the better.

America is at a precipice. And the time has come for the people to take back our government and throw out all the bums who will not follow the Constitution because it is too restrictive or too “flawed”. I do not need to name these people who feel this way, because we have all heard them talk about the Constitution in these ways. Mark my words here folks. These people need to be gotten rid of. The speakers at the CPAC this year spoke of the ideals that we as Americans need to adhere to or we will be the last generation with a free and liberty loving America.

In a breakout session, Pat Caddell, a Fox News Contributor and Democrat Pollster who helped Jimmy Carter’s 1976 Presidential victory blasted the GOP and “Republican consutants who play wealthy donors like marks.”

“Romney inexplicably allowed Obama to define him without fighting back. If Obama had a 50% favorable rating on election day, he had an 80% chance of winning. If he had a 45% favorable rating on election day, he had a 90% chance of losing. On election day, Obama’s favorable rating was 51% because Republicans failed to hold him down.

“A majority of the people wanted to repeal Obamacare, [an issue that] the Republican Party abandoned,…….on the issue of bigger or smaller government, one-third of the people who want smaller government voted for Obama.’

I just bet you didn’t know that one did you? That one third of the people who wanted smaller government voted for Obama. What does that tell you of how the GOP is running things? I would say, the truth is coming out. And it is going to be really hard to put it back into the closet now.

God Bless America
God Bless our troops
God Bless us to use more common sense


CPAC and the messages spoken

“So for the last three years, we’ve been waving a bold banner that shouts ‘Don’t tread on me.’ See the tea party rose up because Americans woke up. And our movement. It is bigger than one person. It is bigger than one candidate. It is bigger than one party, it’s about one country united under under God. We aren’t red Americans. We aren’t blue Americans. We are red white and blue, and President Obama, we are through with you!”
-Sarah Palin at CPAC 2012-

This was a good CPAC, as it started out with a great speech by Senator Marco Rubio, and since listening to his speech and the comments by others about it, the comment I heard most was, “I can’t wait for him to run for and get the Presidency!” He started out by saying, “So I wrote a little speech here and I brought it, and I apologize cause it is hard to get a teleprompter in this town cause there is a guy that uses a lot of them…..”

This time the Conservatives would take it to Obama, with no apologies. And all I can say about this is, “It’s about darned time.” Republicans have been apologizing for their stance. And because of this, I felt it was good to include here, the You tube video of Marco Rubio’s speech at the beginning of CPAC. It is a great one. Give a listen. If you believe in America, you will like what he had to say:

Isn’t that a great speech? He said just what we need to hear. And this was the beginning of CPAC this last week. There are more, but I knew that this one just had to be put on this blog. There are other great ones too, that I may put here in later posts. Hope you enjoy this one.

Another thing that was great, was something that Sarah Palin said in her speech, when she said this, talking about Obama:

“He says that he has a jobs plan out, now. A jobs plan to “Win the Future.” WTF.

AUDIENCE: (laughing)

PALIN: I know! And I’m the idiot. “WTF” plan. Well, he’ll invest your money in bullet trains to nowhere, but he’ll stop Boeing from building airplanes anywhere.” Wasn’t that a great line too?

May God Bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country
God Bless America, Bless all Americans, and bless us to start using more common sense.