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Protests because of a Verdict?

I must say, that I thought this nation was going down the toilet because people were changing the idea of what is right into something that is NOT RIGHT. And I was right. All the evidence in Ferguson, a subject … Continue reading

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American Freedom

Seventy-two years ago, Japan attacked the United States Navy at Pearl Harbor, and plunged the United States into World War Two.  Our citizens responded in droves, awakened by the attack on the country, and by extension, upon the citizens of … Continue reading

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Semi-Random Thoughts

There’s been a lot going on this past week that has caught my attention.  Here’s just a few: A couple of posts ago, I outlined my reasons to distrust the Government.  Townhall’s  John Hawkins has listed 20 reasons why he … Continue reading

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Gun Control Is Not Crime Control

“The thing that we have to remember is that laws are only as good as our citizen’s willingness to obey them.  Now, law abiding citizens, do in fact, obey them.  Criminals don’t obey them.”  – John Boehner, Speaker of the … Continue reading

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This one will not be the end of this……..

Fox News alert on a major new second amendment controversy as Washington attempts to finalize federal gun control regulations. We are now hearing that at least one state is already working on confiscating some guns. And the first time out … Continue reading

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Political Ignorance

While I shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of quality & expertise of our elected leaders, I am reminded again and again almost on a daily basis.  The lack of knowledge of the history and laws of this country  in … Continue reading

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Are the Politicians Smarter Than…

… this 15-year old girl? From the speeches and rhetoric that I‘ve heard over the years, I would think not.

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