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Every now and then, there comes a point in time where there is just too much to comment on in detail, and too little time in which to do it.  With that in mind…

My wife had the TV on yesterday and had the DNC convention on.  With my head under a sink fixing a leak, I believe I heard first that Acting Chairperson Donna “Gave the Questions to Felonia Von Pantsuit” Brazil call for a motion to suspend the rules to allow a verbal vote.  Then after Tom Perez was elected, he called for a suspension of the normal rules to all for his rival Keith Ellison to be nominated for the new position of Deputy Chair.

Is it just me, but are the Democrat Party elites continuing to bend the rules to suit their own needs?  Let’s ask Bernie how he got screwed over, or the independent Democrats that were ignored by the corporate-driven DNC.

Just in case we have forgotten how tolerant and inclusive the past Democratic Party was:


If the acceptance speech of the newly elected DNC chair is any indication of what is in store for the American people, then sit down and hang tight because there will be more demonstrations, protests, and obstruction coming.

If the Black Lives Matters crowd is so wrapped up in keeping black people alive, then why aren’t they protesting Planned Parenthood?  Planned Parenthood probably kills more black babies in one year than the police and gangbangers could in ten to fifteen years (need to work out the math on this one, but you get the idea).

I understand that the Academy Awards are tonight, which are the latest in a long line of award shows for the entertainment industry’s actors, producers, directors, and who knows what else.  A partial list includes:

  • The Golden Globe Awards
  • The S.A.G. Awards
  • The Emmy Awards
  • The People’s Choice Awards
  • Hollywood Film Awards
  • MTV Movie Awards
  • Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards
  • Critics’ Choice Movie Awards (a.k.a. the Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards)
  • Teen Choice Awards
  • Kid’s Choice Awards
  • People’s Choice Awards (because Teens and Kids don’t count apparently)
  • Independent Spirit Awards
  • American Film Institute Awards
  • BAFTA Film Awards (British, so it doesn’t really count either)
  • Various Critics’ Association Film Awards (19 separate U.S. cities or states listed)
  • Film Festival Awards (five in the U.S. counting Sundance, plus don’t forget Cannes)

And instead of various spoiled, drunk or drugged up actors thanking their fans and the people that really elevated their sorry egos to undeserved heights, these people decide to spend their time making inflammatory political statements, preach what people should do to combat global warming while they use private jets to visit their many mansions around the world, or lament that refugees need spaces to live (but not next to their mansions).

I’ll pass on watching these shows – I have better things to do – like watching paint dry…

Who Cares

Mayors and Governors that claim that their towns and states are sanctuaries for illegal immigrants are violating their oaths to follow the laws of the United States, and their promises to serve the people that elected them.  How does spending tax dollars to support an illegal activity serve the public good?

The media got all up in arms when some of the reporters were not invited to a press conference.  Then someone said this:

Media Brainwashing

Yep – Goebbels would be proud…

There are those that still want open borders and admit all refugees from countries and areas of conflict without any investigation on that person.  With the problems that Europe is having with just this policy, and terrorist organizations stating that they would imbed their “soldiers” in the refugee stream, this graphic from Mike Ramirez says it all:

refugee roulette

Why is it from year to year, especially around election time, that we hear that Social Security is going bankrupt, but never Welfare?

The same goes for election fraud – we only hear the concerns about ineligible or dead people voting around election time.  The time to clean up the voter roles is between elections, not during.

Also, the statement that people cannot get ID’s for elections is 100% BS.  People need valid IDs for opening bank accounts, obtaining a driver’s license (in most states), and collecting Welfare.

Finally, note that India has a population of over 1.25 BILLION people in 2013.  Every single eligible voter has an ID that must be presented when voting, and that absentee voting is not allowed.  Furthermore, I understand that when a person has completed voting, they must put their thumbprint on the voting form with indelible purple ink that cannot be washed off.  This is all done to insure that there is no voter fraud or ballot stuffing.

If a third-world country like India can insure the integrity of their elections, then why can’t a country like the United States use a similar scheme?

Every time that someone makes a statement that offends a Liberal, they start screaming about hate speech.  However, if a Liberal makes a statement that offends someone and they’re called on it, they scream about their rights to free speech.  A tad hypocritical, don’t you think?

Tolerant Liberal

shocked liberals

This past election, the Democrats lost the Electoral College, but won the popular vote.  They’re still throwing hissy fits about it, and quite frankly, are beginning to resemble an extended version of a two-year olds temper tantrum.  May we kindly remind them of the following:

republic vs democracy

This is the genius of the Founder’s vision for this country.  If the tables were turned, they wouldn’t be screaming at all.

NOTICE:  All anti-gun or gun control enthusiasts –

The right of the American People to own arms is just as much a civil right as the right to free speech that you are so fond of using to insult and belittle others.  Kindly remember that the writer Robert Heinlein stated:

“An armed society is a polite society.”

I fully intend on being polite and respectful until the situation demands that I not.

Finally, something just for fun –

Reloaders at the

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Where Do We Start? (Continued)

The hoopla over the past week over the illegal immigration issue and the supporters continued this past week, and probably will for a while.  It doesn’t matter if President Trump does exactly the same thing as his predecessors in ordering law enforcement to round up and deport illegal immigrants or not – his opponents will continue to oppose his every move, and call him every name in the book.

May I remind the members of the WAH! Partytm of what then President Clinton did through his AG Janet Reno with the following picture?


And yet, only in California can an illegal act take precedence over public safety:

Image result for jerry brown spending plan vs damn

Enough said – moving on…

The WAH! Partytm continues it’s opposition to every nominee to President Trump’s Cabinet, delaying every appointment as long as possible.  Quite frankly, it’s disgraceful – in the Harvard-Harris poll provided exclusively by The Hill:

The survey found that 73 percent of voters want to see Democrats work with the president, against only 27 percent who said Democrats should resist Trump’s every move.

Enough already – your actions are an embarrassment to all Americans and diminish your Party’s credibility.

Fake News – defined as making up news stories to fit a particular agenda.  Literally hours after President Trump accused the Media of faking news in an unprecedented one-on-many unscripted news conference, the Associated Press published a news story that stated that the President would call up the National Guard to round up all illegal immigrants.  The story has been categorically denied by the White House, and has been debunked by several other sources as well.

Image result for abc nbc cbs cnn cartoon after new conference

And the Media wonders why the general public doesn’t believe a word they publish…

But the media has claimed it’s first victim – Michael Flynn – through leaks from the Intelligence Department.  As pointed out by President Trump in his news conference earlier this week, such actions are illegal, and would be investigated.

Last, a personal thought – As disgusting and tiresome as it may be, I do hope that the WAH! Partytm through their surrogate Progressive Liberal Democratic Party and supporting Media outlets continues their antics and p****s off every American from now until they lose every single office from the local to the state to the Federal level.  Perhaps then we’ll get rid of the cancer that is known as Progressivism.

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Where Do We Start?

Over the past week, the number of protests has been staggering, the obstructionism by the Senate has been frustrating, and the rulings by the Ninth Circuit Court has been puzzling as well as being as far removed from all common sense as well as the United States legal code.

All of these people need to be members of the WAH! Party tm and be issued their diaper pins.

The protests have pretty well been centered around the issue of illegal immigration as well as allowing refugees from the Middle East into this country that cannot be vetted or checked for terrorist inclinations.  The Ninth Circuit Court basically gave legal standing in the courts to this last group even though they are not citizens of this country.


My take on this as well as many others is that the rulings were politically motivated, designed to delegitimize President Trump’s administration and Presidency.  What is most disturbing is that these people do not seem to understand that the safety and security of this country is needed to insure that they would continue to have the rights and privileges of United States’ citizens to voice their opinions.  To allow unfettered immigration to this country is akin to suicide.  Ronald Reagan stated:

“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.” ― Ronald Reagan

This past week, ICE has been rounding up illegal immigrants with criminal records for deportation.  While some of the arrests have been heartbreaking, let’s remember the following:

View image on Twitter

Would you want to have any of these people living next to you much less in the same city as you and your family?  Would you want an immigrant that has not been vetted living next to you?  Considering the track record of illegal immigrants committing violent and sometimes horrific crimes, it is simply not worth the risk to using an “open border” policy.  Considering what has happened in Germany (and in the United States as well) with their policy of allowing virtually all refugees into their country, is it moral to sacrifice your own citizens to to prove some philosophical or political point?  To whit:

Related image

Obviously, there will be some terrorists posing as immigrants that will slip through the cracks, but that is absolutely no excuse not to try and determine who is a legitimate immigrant, refugee, or student, and who is not.  Which makes the Ninth Circuit Court’s decision even more egregious than what I originally thought –

“One of these days the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals may declare the Constitution unconstitutional” – Thomas Sowell, 2003

Are we a nation of laws, or are we a nation of personal whims and feelings fueled by insane politics?  Once we go down that road, this country is finished.

More on this later…

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Pardon My Rant

I believe that the Democratic Party, the women marchers with their p***y hats, the student protestors, the Hollywood Liberals, and any other anti-Trump, anti-American persons needing safe spaces & safety pins should all join up and form a new political party called the WAH! Partytm  (WAH! stands for Whiners And Hypocrites!).  This appropriately named Party is all inclusive except when they’re not, accepts all points of view except what is not their own, and allows their members to make promises and promptly break them when politically or personally advantageous.  Nominees for inclusion into the WAH! Partytm include:

  • All the entertainers that stated that they would permanently leave the country if Trump was elected.  To the best of my knowledge, none of them have done so.  In my mind, they have lost all credibility in whatever they are saying.
  • The student protesters in Berkeley that rioted because a Conservative was scheduled to speak on campus, potentially melting multiple snowflakes in their safe spaces because someone has a different opinion than they do with the civil right to say it.
  • The judge in Oregon filing a stay order to halt the temporary immigration ban from dangerous countries, violating his oath to uphold the laws of the United States and potentially endangering the Citizens of this country.
  • Democrat Party committee members not showing up to vote on Cabinet nominees (an extra pacifier needs to go to these people).


  • Democrat Party members that stated that they would oppose any President Trump nominee to the Supreme Court, no matter who it was.  (guess they lost their safe space)
  • Various entertainers and politicians that have been harping that the common man sacrifice for the Climate Change Cause, but fly around the world in private jets and have several mansions which pollute more in one year that what the normal person could do in ten years.
  • The women that marched in their p***y hats and dressed up as female bits to protest the election of Trump as President (for saying something inappropriate years ago), the right to kill an unborn child (why?), and who the h*** knows what else.  Nothing that Trump said years ago could have equaled what was said or displayed on protest signs, nor the sad spectacle of B-list celebrities spewing profanity and threats – that protest also gathered a lot of press, but the marchers lost all credibility.
  • The Black Lives Matter crowd, who would rather celebrate a lie than embrace that all lives matter.
  • The Mainstream Media, who has it wrong on so many levels, from biased reporting to polls that have no reflection on reality.  To whit –
  • People who believe that firearms are the problem with Chicago’s high murder rate.  Try looking at the people committing the crimes first before blaming an inanimate object.
  • The Democratic Party as a whole – making and breaking promises and rules to screw the American People over, and to hinder the Trump Administration wherever possible.
  • Any and all politicians that will knowingly violate their oath of office to support a party position or for personal gain that compromises the safety, security, and well-being of the American People.  This includes those politicians that choose to ignore the Constitution and the Amendments to the Constitution.

I’m sure that I’ve missed a few, and I’m also sure that certain people and corporations will beclown themselves during tonight’s Superbowl.  Further nominations will be accepted in the comments.

Be well, my friends.

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Its Amazing! Trump is doing what he Promised, but……..

I would have never thought that I would see an America, where the people would vote in someone they wanted to change the direction this country was being led, and we would have `know nothing twits from hollywood and the media telling us all we were wrong and what we wanted was going to spiral out of control because who we wanted was not a career politician. Well, isn’t that what we wanted?

The politicians we had were leading us into areas that We The People knew wouldnt work and would destroy this country! And then to make matters worse, we had those same know nothing politicians like Nancy Pelosi telling us that you had to spend more and that we didnt spend enough to make what they wanted to work! You mean that twit was telling us that to save money and not to have the government spend so much, we had to spend more??? We are not stupid Ms. PELOSI. AS a matter of fact, you are showing yourself to be the stupid one here.

And talk about stupid. What about the people? We finally have a president who is not afraid of the threats by the democrats that always worked before, and, he wants to take the power out of Washington DC and put it back in the hands of the people where it belongs, and we have violent demonstrations all over the nation, denouncing him as the next Hitler!?!?

It’s amazing that a free pople could be so downright dumb to think that socialistic matters, which have NEVER WORKED in the history of the world, would be wanted so badly that they would take to the streets to demand they be given. This is pure laziness on the part of the people, and the problem with this was told hundreds of years ago when Benjamin Franklin told a lady who asked him what we had been given, “we are a republic for as long as we can keep it.” And in a free republic, the tipping point for destroying it is 50% of the people on public welfare.

Folks, that is where we are at now, and if we don’t allow President Trump to “drain the swamp” of all the freeloading giving politicians we have, we wont last much longer.

As for you MORONS in the streets with you pussy hats on and your insane demands, read up on your history before you start demanding shit that can’t be realistically given without destroying the country that gives you those rights,

Then go out and get a job.

You will find that America isn’t so repressive.

You will find out that working for your own money, instead of demanding the goverment steal it from others who will work hard for it, will give your life some meaning other than trying to make others pay for your well being.

We do not want to do that anymore.

So, go to work. Protesting with pussy head gear on and making a fool of yourselves is not what we the people want to see! And don’t get me started on your horrible parental skills! Your kids are going to be damaged for life if you don”t cut out the stupidity they are seeing you do.

God Bless America,
God Bless our troops
God Bless President Trump


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Yesterday, a new President was sworn into office.  But it wasn’t without, well, issues…

Some 60 Democrats boycotted the Inauguration of the 45th President.  Protestors became unruly and trashed several businesses while others blocked access to the event.  And “entertainers” attacked the President’s youngest son via the media.

From the Party and it’s followers that supposedly preaches & teaches tolerance, acceptance, and anti-bullying, don’t you find this just a tad hypocritical?  Those that have placed themselves on the moral high ground have come up extremely short when compared to the reactions of the opposition from the Inauguration ceremonies of four and eight years ago.  But then again, what do you expect from those who state that they stand for one thing, do the complete opposite, and are completely oblivious to their hypocrisy?

Regardless, the Inauguration of President Trump could not have come soon enough.  The direction of the country from sliding into the dustbin of history should be reversed if even part of President Trump’s Inauguration speech comes true.  But it’s not going to happen without its challenges.

President Trump (oh how I’m going to love typing that!) has two years before the next election cycle to show progress on his campaign promises.  The Senate will be in play as there is a bare majority of Republicans in that Congressional house.  If the Democrats show complete obstructionism, that could backfire on them.  If they show “reasonable” bipartisanship, then they may pick up some seats in Congress, and in the critical Senate.  But let’s consider the following that has occurred under the previous President (from an email that has been making the rounds):

  • Democrats lost the House and ceded the majority of governorships in 2010, held the Senate in 2012 with Obama’s re-election, then lost control of the Senate in 2014 and control of the White House this year. All told, Democrats have shed 63 House seats, 10 Senate seats and 12 governorships.
  • Obama has completely exposed liberals and progressives for what they are. Sadly, every generation seems to need to re-learn the lesson on why they should never actually put liberals in charge. Obama is bringing home the lesson very well: Liberals tax, borrow and spend. Liberals won’t bring themselves to protect America. Liberals want to take over the economy. Liberals think they know what is best for everyone. Liberals are not happy until they are running and ruining YOUR life.
  • Obama has brought more Americans back to conservatism than anyone since Reagan. In one year, he has rejuvenated the Conservative Movement and brought out to the streets millions of freedom loving Americans. Name one other time when you saw your friends and neighbors this interested in taking back America!

I can only hope that the Progressive Left continue to demand their safe spaces, diaper pins, and bad behavior – it will serve as a reminder to all decent Americans that the adults need to be in charge, not a bunch of temper-tantrum throwing ill mannered adolescents looking for their next handout fix.

We The People need to remember what the politicians, especially the Progressive Liberal Democrats, have done to this country.  We must hold the President, Congress, and the Judiciary accountable for their actions.  We must also hold our State and Local government officials accountable as well – we cannot continue to elect politicians and then place our attention on autopilot.

Be well, my Friends.

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This upcoming Friday will see the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.  What is so unusual about this event is the response of the losing party and their supporters.

Protests, disruptions, and political impediments are all planned for the event and beyond.  Hollywood actors, performers, political pundits, students, politicians, and others are all getting in the act of civil disobedience and/or spouting off.  And yet, I really wonder if they really understand what they are doing…

Many of them state that the incoming President represents an end to Democracy, and blame the Russians for hacking or otherwise influencing the election.  When questioned how the election of Trump is an end of Democracy, they state that a misogynist, racist, anti-gay, anti-immigration (insert anything else here) President was elected and will promptly be taking over the country. 

Sort of like Obama with his pen, phone, and Executive orders, I presume…

The Hollywood and entertainment crowd has been especially vocal, putting out commercials and speeches calling for public pressure to demand that the President-Elect step down.  Let’s have a moment of clarity here, shall we?

Actors and entertainers, in general, are paid performers who’s purpose is to create an alternate reality for their customers (you and I) that is believable.  In other words, to become someone or something that they are not for the purposes of entertainment.  Why these folks believe that the popular status they have as professional liars translates over to influencing rational, thinking people is beyond me, especially if that performer is a drug-addled self-indulgent self-promoting moron.  Now I realize that these folks have an opinion, and it is their right to put it out there for all to hear if they so wish, however, it is also my right to reject their opinion.

Come to think of it, actors and professional politicians have a lot in common…I’ll let you make the connection…But let’s get back to the reality of it all.

Many of these protestors state that they are protesting in order to save the United States from the effects of a Donald Trump Presidency.  Other than character assassinations, they haven’t really brought out any credible arguments that the United States will self-destruct under a President Trump.  Some of the arguments that I have heard over the past couple of weeks include:

The number of people that will not be insured will increase if ObamaCare is repealed.  The reality is that Obamacare is imploding under it’s own inefficiency, and is not living up to a fraction of what the Democrats promised over seven years ago.  People are not able to afford some of the most basic insurance packages.  Government should not be in the health-care business at all.  ObamaCare does need to go.

A Trump Administration will not be immigrant friendly.  The purpose of the Executive Branch is to enforce the laws that are passed by Congress, of which are the Immigration Laws that state under what conditions a person may legally immigrate to this country and become a citizen.  For those people who are in this country illegally, either by crossing the border without papers or here on an expired visa, they have broken the laws of this country and can be deported if/when apprehended.  Sanctuary cities, by their very nature, are illegal on both State and Federal levels, and the mayors/administrators of these cities can also be prosecuted.  These are facts that those on the Progressive Left seem to want to ignore.

The civil rights of minorities and LGBT will be under attack.  No where in the statements of the Trump campaign has there been a statement that the civil rights of various groups would be repealed or under attack.  The impression that I get is that rights of all people, regardless of who or what they are, will be supported.  Perhaps those who received “special treatment” from the last Administration are afraid that their privileges are about to be revoked.

The Russians influenced the election by leaking emails in order to defeat Clinton.  I haven’t seen any direct evidence that Russia leaked the emails, by Wikileaks or anyone else.  Of a bigger concern, of which the protestors conveniently ignore, is that no one at the DNC denied that the content of the emails was false!!  I would also like to point out the glass-house these same twits are ignoring – the Obama Administration spent millions of American tax dollars trying to influence the election process in Israel.  Last, Clinton illegally set up a private, relatively unsecure server to conduct State Department business, of which was hacked by multiple foreign entities, compromising the United States foreign policy.  As far as I’m concerned, Clinton and the DNC set themselves up for failure by engaging in shady and illegal activities, and they got what they deserved – defeat.

Our foreign policy will become a shambles!!  Compared to what the Obama administration has done, anything would be an improvement.  Disastrous deals with Iran and alienating our allies has been the norm for the past eight years.  We’re already a laughingstock, and need to build up a lot of credibility – fast.

 He’s not my President!  Oh, grow up already!  Obama was my President even though I didn’t vote for him.  Suck it up, Buttercup!  (Perhaps it is appropriate that the new Liberal symbol is a safety pin…)


Quite frankly, I do not see an end to the infantile actions of the Progressive Left and their sycophants – I see an increase in their activities even after the inauguration.  The only way that a Trump Presidency will shut down their critics is to be hugely successful.  Perhaps then we’ll all see what the politicians have screwed up all these years.

Until next time…

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