Almost two months has passed since I’ve last posted something, and it’s been a struggle to find time to write. It certainly hasn’t been for a lack of topics!

The big thing now is the Corona Virus, which the media (more on that later) is telling us has a 1% to 3.4% mortality rate (sources and mileage vary). While this doesn’t seem like much, if you run the numbers of roughly 350 million people living in the United States, a 2% mortality rate (I’m being generous) translates to 7 million people!! While the very young and the older generations are most at risk (undeveloped and weak immune systems), that’s still a lot of people!

The media and Socialist Democrats are blaming President Trump for not taking action quick enough, or not doing enough, or something. Personally, he might have done more, but I don’t see how because he has been opposed politically by the Socialist Democrats and criticized constantly by the media no matter what he does. I do imagine that he is relying upon experts in their respective fields to take the appropriate actions.

When this crisis first started, flights from Asia (China) were restricted. Then, when Europe started becoming a Petri dish, flights from Europe were restricted. The President’s critics cried “foul” stating that this wouldn’t contain the virus to Europe, but rapidly quieted down when European countries began closing their borders and their own countries down to halt the spread of infection.

Now, let’s be realistic – the Corona Virus will come to the United States (it’s here already), people will become infected, and their will be casualties. What closing the borders (walls, restricted travel, etc.) will do is slow the spread of the virus, giving our health providers and resources time to study the virus, and to develop better ways to treat the victims and better protect the healthy.

That is the sane, rational course of action – something the media and Socialist Democrats know very little about.

The Socialist Democrats look at this to gain more power for their cause and to diminish that of the President. The criticism that the President has had to endure is absolutely uncalled for in the face of this crisis. While working on legislation for releasing funds and resources for combating the Corona Virus, the Socialist Democrats of the House tried slipping governmental funding for abortion into the bill. And then after the bill was submitted to the Senate tried leaving DC stating that their part was done. Obviously, the Socialist Democrats of the House are not concerned with the health and well being of the Citizens of the United States.

The Media reporting is not news, or at least, not very much of their content is news or useful information. When there are endless panels discussing the topic of the day with “I think” and “I believe” qualifiers in their statements, that’s entertainment, not news or information. This is for ratings points, which translates into revenue for the Media. Unfortunately, the Stock Market failed to discern the difference between opinion/entertainment and news/information, and went for a massive tumble based on the hysteria ginned up by the Media.

Now I’m not stating that there isn’t a problem – I believe there is – I just think that the Media is over-hyping the problem, and causing more issues than what there should be. Think Sargent Joe Friday “Just the Facts, Ma’am” and you’ll see where I’m going with this. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have empty shelves where toilet paper would normally be stocked.

That’s all for now. Hope it’s not another two months to the next post…

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Bumper Sticker Logic and Other Rantings

Hello all. It’s been a while, I know. As you may remember from the last post, the workload from both the personal and professional lives has increased almost exponentially. That means there isn’t much time left to vent intelligently here.

To paraphrase a couple of people I know, I hate bumper-sticker logic except when it’s dead on. And quite frankly, some of the memes I’ve seen floating around are not only dead on, but so dead-on it hurts.

And then there are events and people that get me going so bad that I think I’m going to stroke out because of the sudden increase of blood pressure. These situations are so bizarre that common sense is nowhere to be found. Needless to say, most of this is coming from our elected officials who seem to be hell-bent on destroying this country.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Watched the House Managers walk the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, and it reminded me of a perp walk…which probably isn’t too far from the truth given that Schiff and Nadler were in the lead…

Watching Pelosi sign the aforementioned Articles of Impeachment with a billion and one pens with her name engraved on them was surreal at best. After the signing, she handed the pens out to various people in attendance, smiling all the time. One would expect a solemn occasion, not a celebration with party favors.

Thought Ted Cruz said it best when he stated the Pelosi should have used crayons instead of pens…

“A Generation that has been taught to hate the country will refuse to defend it. Let that sink in…”

Anyone who is concerned with individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution should be dismayed at the situation in Virginia. For those uninformed…

Virginia elected a majority of Democrat/Socialists into both the State House and Senate, and have a Democrat as governor. The Democrat/Socialists stated first act is to declare that gun control is the first order of business.

Now not a single one of the proposed gun control measures has crime control in their scope. Instead, it’s a sweeping banning/registration/confiscation of firearms from law abiding Virginians, and has a dose of extreme protection order (aka red flag laws) on the top like a cherry. Overnight, millions of Virginians would become felons if the proposed laws pass into law.

It doesn’t matter that the proposed laws are in opposition of Virginia’s Constitution – the laws must be passed to satisfy Governor Northram’s pledge of fealty to Micheal Bloomburg, who dumped millions of dollars into the Virginia elections on the behalf of Virginian Democrat/Socialists. There must be payback once the ring is kissed…

The Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) is having their annual Lobby Day (not a protest) on the capitol grounds, but the Governor has declared an emergency stating that firearms cannot be carried on the capital grounds (it’s lawful to do so).

The Virginia Governor has declared war on the rights of the citizens of his state, and it’s anyone’s guess how this is going to turn out. I’m going to make an educated guess that some laws will pass, those laws will be challenged in court, and either be overturned on Constitutional grounds, or the People of Virginal will elect a Republican legislature the next election cycle with the expressed purpose of removing those laws.

Of course, 20/20 hindsight should tell everyone not to elect Democrat/Socialists to offices, especially those backed by out-of-state billionaires.

From an undocumented article published after the West Freeway Church of Christ shooting:

Well, it happened again in Texas. Evil walks into church with a gun and starts shooting wanting to kill. This time the good guys were prepared and ended the evil act within seconds using their own guns, killing the evil person.

We all know what happens next. The leftist media will trot out politicians and law enforcement administrators to tell us how we must pass more laws on guns, ban guns, or whatever irrelevant nonsense they can up with.

This Texas incident can teach us many things. But one thing it demonstrates very well is that it’s not the gun itself that’s the problem here. There were several guns in that church in Texas. One was used for evil and others were used to stop evil. Was one gun bad and the other gun good? Why does the left want to eliminate them all? The good guys gun did exactly what it was supposed to do; protect the flock and defeat evil. The bad guys gun was misused for evil. It is so obvious that the gun is not the problem, THE PROBLEM IS THE PERSON AND NOT THE GUN!

There is also a lesson here on gun free zones and I have written on it before. In a gun free zone, the evil person with a gun can kill indiscriminately and at will knowing there is no one there to stop him. Thank God churches are not gun free zones in Texas. We can learn from them how illogical they are and do not solve any real problems, they just make them worse.

From a comment by magno et malo lupo3:

There comes a time in every man’s life when he stops bustin’ knuckles and starts bustin’ caps and usually it’s when he becomes too old to take a whoopin’. I have yet to reach that point in my life but understand that it now takes longer to recover than it did when I was 30 or so!!!

I don’t carry a gun to kill people; I carry a gun to keep from being killed.

I don’t carry a gun because I’m evil; I carry a gun because I have lived long enough to see the evil in the world.

I don’t carry a gun because I hate the government; I carry a gun because I understand the limitations and sometimes intentions of government.

I don’t carry a gun because I’m angry; I carry a gun so that I don’t have to spend the rest of my life hating myself for failing to be prepared.

I don’t carry a gun because I want to shoot someone; I carry a gun because I want to die at a ripe old age in my bed and not on a sidewalk somewhere tomorrow afternoon.

I don’t carry a gun to make me feel like a man; I carry a gun because men know how to take care of themselves and the ones they love.

When the politicians start spouting off that limiting or banning firearms will reduce crime, let’s remember:

• Murder is illegal.
• Attempting murder is illegal.
• A felon owning or possessing a firearm is illegal.
• Shooting people indecriminately is illegal.
• Using firearms in a criminal manner is illigal.
• Criminals do not go through background checks (universal or otherwise) to obtain firearms.

Therefore, explain how criminals will follow new laws. Explain how new laws will make the population safer. Explain how restricting law-abiding citizens rights to firearms even more will make us safer.

If the politician cannot fully explain the above, then their reasoning for passing new gun control laws is invalid and unconstitutional.

We can ban, regulate, or make illegal to own firearms and any other weapon, but evil will still find a way to create chaos and death. London, England is a perfect example – personal ownership of firearms is highly restricted, but crimes using knives and other weapons is at near epidemic levels. Around England, home invasions are on the rise as well, and the population has no effective means to defend themselves from personal harm.

“Gun Control isn’t about crime. It’s about disarmament of people who would oppose a tyrannical socialist government. The Socialists claims that it will prevent or stop crime are simply lies to get disarmament laws passed.” – unknown

Gun free zones do not create crime free zones – quite the opposite. Criminals know that their chance of being injured or killed by a citizen with a concealed firearm is greatly reduced, therefore increasing the crime rate in that area. The criminal will bring a weapon (including a firearm) to these areas to commit their crimes.

It’s also why greater than 97% of all mass murders occur in a gun-free zone – it’s a target-rich environment without anyone being able to fight back.

My opinion is that the politicians who came up with this idea are morally and criminally liable for each and every death and injury that has occurred in these gun free zones.

Yes, I’m talking about you, Joe Biden…

If Liberal Politicians treat us this poorly when we’re armed to the teeth, just imagine what they would be willing to do to us if they take away our guns?

I believe that the Democrat/Socialit’s end game is to disarm the public, leaving the remaining arms in the hands of the police and military. For what purpose can be summed up in this quote from Lenin:

“One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”

It’s not about safety or reducing crime – it’s about control.

Moving on…

If you remember the March for our Lives in 2018, it was promoted as a grass-roots response to gun violence in the United States, primarily concerning school shootings as illustrated by the Parkland murders. However, things aren’t quite what they seem…

As reported by The Washington Free Beacon (among others):

The March For Our Lives Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) “social welfare” organization launched in the aftermath of the deadly 2018 shootings at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, is bankrolled almost entirely by large donations in excess of $100,000. The group reported $17,879,150 in contributions and grants over the course of 2018, its first year of operations. Ninety-five percent of those contributions came from 36 donations between $100,000 and $3,504,717—a grand total of $16,922,331.

The group’s reliance on a small number of large donations raises questions about its ability to turn rally-goers and supporters into donors. It also provides ammunition to gun-rights activists who have long cast the gun-control movement as driven not by grassroots supporters, but by billionaire benefactors like Michael Bloomberg.

The group’s 990 tax form shows another 38 donations totaling between $5,000 and $100,000, which together accounted for an additional $876,114 of revenue. The remainder, just 0.5 percent of total receipts, came from those giving less than $5,000.

Not grass-roots, but another attack on the rights of law abiding Americans by a few power-hungry billionaires who have nothing better to do than to screw around with ordinary people.

And speaking of Michael Bloomberg…

Everytown for Gun Safety and Mom’s Demand Action are fully backed by Bloomberg minus what little funds they receive from their members. But that’s not all…

We have to remember that while he was Mayor of New York City, he placed a ban on the sale of soft-drinks (soda) over 16 ounces. Recently, he made a statement that higher taxes benefit the poor because they’ll live longer (the logic he states supporting this statement goes against human nature).

I’ve seen the “Bloomberg for President” ads. He has made a statement that he would gladly spend a BILLION DOLLARS to defeat Trump in the 2020 elections.

I can only think that this guy is on a power trip like no other, and there is no way in hell or heaven that he should be even be allowed to have any power. Nanny Bloomberg was used as a nickname during his stint as mayor, and it still fits – he wants to control YOU.

Switching gears…the clutch is worn so there is a little grinding going on… Millennials have no idea what a clutch is, so that just went over their heads…

The big stink about trans-kids competing in sports that do not match their biological gender is completely out of hand. It’s not fair that biological females who spend countless hours training for a sport are defeated by a biological male that identifies as female.

Here’s my take, and if you don’t like it, then tell me why…

The science is of genetics, male and female. Anyone who has attended a science biology class knows this (unless it’s one of the “progressive” schools, for which you have my sincerest condolences). XX (female) and XY (male) are the genetic markers for this distinction.

The qualifiers for sports or locker rooms should be genetic, not if the person “feels” that they are another sex. Biology trumps feelings. Period

Now for a side trip…

Feelings do not override the science of genetics, no matter what you think or say. And those politicians, administrators, and parents who do not understand this simple fact are, in fact, morons.

Yes, I understand that little Johnny thinks that he should be Jane, or Diane thinks she should be Don, and that you want to make everyone around them conform to your little angel’s whims. Grow the f*** up and be a parent. Get your child help – you’re the parent, not their friend.

The condition is called “Gender Dysphoria,” and was originally listed in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) as a disorder that needed to be corrected for the person’s continued mental health. This was later changed to be a condition that would need treatment to accept the condition (including surgical procedures) due to political pressure from the LGBT community.

So find help for your child. The statistics for suicide among transgender is far above the national average for normal people due to their unresolved feelings. So if you love your kid, be the parent & make the hard choice, even if it makes you unpopular with your kid.

While we’re sorta on the subject of health care – let this sink in…

Democrat/Socialists voted to mandate government approved health care to every citizen of the United States (exempting themselves, of course). Anyone who did not sign up would be fined.

Democrat/Socialists also voted to give health care to illegal aliens for free.

So who are they really concerned with? The citizens of this country who elected them, or everyone else?

Politics was never meant to be a career choice, but a service the ordinary person would temporarily perform for the good of the country. Consider this quote from Thomas Sowell:

“Most of the founders of this country had day jobs for years. They were not career politicians…We need leaders with experience in the real world, not experience in the phony world of politics.”

This is why Donald Trump has been so effective in the past 3 years than the politicians have in the past 30+ years. It’s also why the career politicians hate him – Trump has exposed their sham.

If Donald Trump had not won the 2016 election, we would not have had confirmation of our suspicions that the political elites were not only corrupt, but the depth of their corruption.

Just look at the Biden’s ties to corruption in Ukraine, & that sham of a charity called the Clinton Foundation, and that should be all the proof you need for the political elites getting rich off the backs of the American people.

To whit (a quote from an undocumented source)…

The DNC is a self perpetuating machine of sorts. They create hideous situations then march in boldly blaming all others for their own failures.

The only solution, they proclaim, is to join them as they are the only ones that can save the day, save everyone and make everything a dreamy utopia.

There are enough ignorant, plenty of uneducated and loads of stupid people to allow this perpetuation to continue, as history clearly shows.

People leave the DNC plantation only to be replaced by others, currently the invading hordes.

In closing, just remember that the actions of the Democrat/Socialists have done since the 2016 election have been to overturn the election, thereby negating the Constitution and the will of the people. That has been their priority, not the citizens of the United States.

That should be enough for you never to vote for the Democrat/Socialist party ever again.

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With the New Year just hours away….

Well, in just a few hours, the year will be over. And in my opinion it wan’t end too soon, as we have been inundated with insanity all over the place, from Terror attacks, America allowing Muslims in and then allowing them to dictate how we treat them???? We have had shootings in a church in Texas, where a member of the church, who is also a firearms instructor, took out the shooter in 6 seconds, while the democrats are now calling for “gun control” again. Here is the problem with the democrats and the things they are doing.

First off. The impeachment of Donald Trump was “so important to national security and our future” that we had to “vote to get rid of Trump before the end of the year.” Well, they got their vote. They voted, on party lines, to impeach President Trump, and then decided to sit on it for a while. Why?

Because it was too important to give to a Senate that wouldn’t vote for it, so, in order to get a so called “FAIR TRIAL” comrade Nancy Pelosi is not going to send the vote to the Senate so that it can continue, Oh NO. It won’t be fair to do that now. So according to her, ‘we need to hold onto it until the senate will vote the way we want them too. In other words, as long as the Senate won’t vote to ‘impeach’ then the vote to impeach will sit on Nancy Pelosi’s desk, until they will.

She is breaking the rules that marked all other impeachment’s, that went according to the Constitution. Nancy Pancy doesn’t want to follow the rules in place. She wants to make up new ones. The democrats do not like rules…….unles they design and pass them.

The shooting at the church in Texas las week was stopped in 6 seconds, way way faster than police could ever do it, and many lives were saved because of that HERO that took out the shooter, but the democrats are now calling for more “gun laws’ that will never be followed by criminals. The democrats just do not get it and are so far away from reality that they don’t even know what it is anymore. TIME TO GET RID OF ALL OF THEM who won’t follow the laws and the constitution.

We are now being told that if you are right, you are wrong, and if you love America you are a tyrant. We have lost all semblence of the universal ideals of right and wrong. All we can do is hope that 2020 will be a more sane and right year. Because 2019 was the year that right became wrong, and wrong…well, you understand. Time to correct the things that went wrong, and time to right the ship.


God Bless Aemrica
God Bless our Troops
and We Will Not Be Ruled!


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Christmas, Christians and Jihad

It seems that Christians in this world of so called “civilization” is something that a sane person would not want to be. Persecution against Christans, while those very same Christians are the ones that are being accused of being the persecutors is what is really going on. This world is going insane, but with that we can also look at the coming end of times.

This just past Christmas is a great example of that. In our own country we have politicians telling us all that we MUST be tolerant of Muslims in our Country, when we are told by Islamists all over the world that their Jihad comes in three to four steps, all but one of these has been accomplished here in America, and the last step is well underway for the take over of this nation…….yet we have people telling us all that we MUST be tolerant of their ways. Sure lets do that some more and see just what it will get us…….Uh no wait. Let me tell you all what is coming if we continue down that road to oblivion.

From the headlines this morning are these:

Another Christmas in the Age of Jihad: Oppression and Appeasement

Pakistan: “Somebody used his mobile to send a text against the Prophet. This became a blasphemy case against him.”

Sweden: School Forces non-Muslim fifth graders to kneel on prayer mats facing Mecca and worship Allah in Arabic

Nigera: Muslims Murder Seven, burn Church and homes in Christmas Eve Jihad raid on Christian Village Where is the outrage? If this kind of thing had happened against Muslims, Christians all over the world would have been targeted in revenge, but Since it was done to Christians, we are to be tolerant. Only Muslims are allowed revenge. And only Muslims in the name of their so called prophet can go that route.

Look What Happened to Christians of Bethlehem *from the Geller Report* The Christian population in the territories controlled by the racist Palestinian Authority are being cleansed. Naturally the world will again give the PA a pass for their grotesque racism and human rights violations. *Of course, Christians will never be allowed to get this right.

Lies Palestinians Tell at Christmas:
One fable is that they are trapped in Bethlehem behind walls and checkpoints. yet the Christian population has fallen dramatically while the Muslim one has increased exponentially! It’s a checkpoint where Christians leave and Muslims enter.

Dearborn, MI: Ten Muslims indicted in $50 Million MASSIVE medical fraud.There will be a muslim uprising on this where they will be telling us that we need to stop that because it offends them, and it will be stopped. It seems that their “offense” means we have to stop but our “offense” to them needs to be tolerated.

by Israel National News December 25, 2019

When Israel relinquished control of Bethlehem to Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority as part of the Oslo Accord agreement in 1995, 85% of those living in this then prosperous town were middle class Christians. Business and life were good when it was part of Israel.
By Christmas 2019, Christians are less than 10% of the population in an economically stricken town. and yet it is spoken by the Islamists that this is only because of the Christians, even though they are no longer there in numbers to do this.

The reality of this is Palestinian Muslims have all but made it illegal to be a Christian, while talking to the world about how Israel was turning Bethlehem into a “prison”. The reality of it is Palestinian Authority has made Bethlehem into a prison for Christians…..not the other way around, and there Christians are made to leave, or CONVERT. No other options are made available to Christians, while Muslims claim persecution. It is the Muslims who are doing the persecution. NOT THE CHRISTIANS.

This whole idea that muslims are being persecuted is a lie at best.

They are the ones persecuting and murdering and beheading anyone who will not believe in Allah.

They are the ones persecuting those who will not believe in their way of doing things.

They are the ones persecuting the people who believe in Jesus Christ our Lord. And the thing that can show us what is coming is the book of Revelation in the bible….

In the last days, Anti-Christs will abound. And folks, if you look at what is going on with an open mind, the one true Anti-Christ is the Muslims who say that we must conform to them or die. That is the biggest Anti-Christ that we have to watch out for, and people, it is time we realized that he is here in America and our leftist politicians are doing his work.

It’s time we opened our eyes to the dangers against Christians that we are facing. And folks….it IS here in America. And Christian Americans are losing this war. Mainly because we have not been allowed to fight it, as the battle against us has been allowed.

If we really loved this country, we would be telling the Muslims that they either conform to our society, or they can leave. That is where this nation is now, and we HAVE to do this or we will be taken over by Sharia Law. It already exists in Dearborn Michigan…..and the 30+ Jihad Training camps all over this nation now.

You think I am wrong?

Research this and you will find out I am telling the truth, and if this is allowed to continue folks, Christmas will be just one of the casualties. All Christians will be exterminated. PERIOD.

That is the Muslims goal, and their Jihad. Understand, our extermination is underway. FACT. Look at their manifesto. It is worded very plainly that we must be gotten rid of because we are nothing more than infidels who deserve nothing but death, or slavery to the Islamic ideals./blockquote>

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
and We Will Not Be Ruled!


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Christmas Eve

Hello Everyone. It’s time for the Christmas Eve post, and quite frankly, I’m really not in the mood for it. I’ll explain.

First is the personal stuff.

This past October, my Father’s Alzheimer’s progressed to the point of where he needed to be placed in assisted living. Being the only child, it fell upon me to take care of all the arrangements, move him, and close out his condo. I’m still not done with all the paperwork, and won’t be until sometime next year.

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a bit mad at God for allowing such diseases to exist because they destroy not only the victim of the disease, but torture the loved ones with watching the victim slip away. I know God has a plan, but I just don’t see it with this disease.

Yeah, it’s real hard for me to get into the Christmas season this year…

Then there’s the political side of it.

The Founder’s expected our Representatives to be good, upstanding citizens with the unsavory element to be few and far between. Oaths of office were to keep them cognizant of their duties, responsibilities, and honor. Instead, we seem to have the Representatives owing allegiance to their political party and not to the people & country they swore to serve.

The House of Representatives voted along party lines for Articles of Impeachment against President Trump after two and a half years of the most sleaziest political witch-hunt in anyone’s memory. And then, the Articles (of which has yet to be sent to the Senate) do not list anything approaching the “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” standard set out in the Constitution. “Abuse of Power” is more of an opinion since no crime that is against the laws of the United States has been listed or proved, and “Contempt of Congress” is something that is totally made up. I’ll let the legal eagles debate all of the previous.

I personally think that the Democrats (now Socialists) should be impeached under their own standards for Abuse of Power because I believe that they have totally overstepped their authority in this and other matters. They definitely are guilty of the charge of “Contempt of the United States Constitution and Citizens Thereof.”

The bright spot in the political crap is that President Trump is fulfilling the majority of his promises. The economy is up, the unemployment is down, and everyone seems to be doing better, even his detractors. The Democrats (now Socialists) have nothing except restating the policies that Obama put into action during his Presidency, and drove the country into the tank.

While I wasn’t sure about voting for him in 2016, I certainly didn’t want Felonia Von Pantsuit in that office. I will be voting for him in 2020, and any Republican that is up for election in my district. I, like a number of other people, have had it with giving the Democrats (now Socialists) any chance at obtaining political power. The past two and a half years should show anyone with a functioning brain and a smidgen of common sense that the Democrats (now Socialists) are about getting power over you, the American Citizen, and taking every right away from you.

Yes, I’ve been notorious for not bringing uplifting messages on Christmas Eve. So let’s continue on with a final thought…

Perhaps we should remember that Christ was born into this world for the sole purpose of being that perfect sacrifice upon the cross for all of mankind’s sins – past, present, and future. Perhaps we should remember that when all others fail or turn their backs on us, or even when we are mad at Him, God will still be there to love us. Perhaps that is the real message of Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Everyone.

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The democrats have LOST it

It seems that no matter how much they are losing respect the democrats, and sadly some of the republicans too, can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls of mush that they work for the people, not the other way around.

The election of 2016 beat Hillary Clinton, and true to form, since she supposedly won the popular vote, but lost the electoral vote, the democrats started working to overturn the will of the people and take Trump out of office. Yet that is not the worst of it all.

Since the moment that Donald Trump *citizen* decided to run for president, the democrats and the leftists in this nation went to war. Not against our enemies mind you, but against the American people.

Anything and everything a republican, or a patriot said, was suddenly “racist” or “treasonous” or something like that. *The reason for the photo above* . Yes my friends, it got that ridiculous. The sad part of this is, the democrats got to that point, and stayed there. And sadly it will get worse.

The will of the people didn’t matter, because their precious Hildabeast lost. It was because Trump “colluded with Russia”, until that was debunked, then it was a phone call to President Zylenski of the Ukraine! Of course, when the President, both Trump and Zylenski said there was nothing wrong with the phone call, the democrats *unimpeaded* moved on to the next. Tyranny. When that was debunked, they moved on to the next. Bribery. Folks, let’s get this straight.

The ones that are committing all of these offenses against America is not Donald Trump. It is the democrats. The leftists in this nation who cannot get over being beat and therefore have decided to take the mantle upon themselves and force the issue.

The issue? That the American people do not know enough of how to run the country, to know who they voted for. Therefore, it is up to the democrats to solve the provlem for us.

This last week, the democrats have lost battle after battle, and President Trump has declared the war over, but the democrats, over the objections of most all of the sane people, have decided to move on with their treachery. And treachery is just what the democats have up their sleeves.

They care nothing for the will of the people. They care nothing for the Constitution. They care nothing for the rule of law.

The only time that the democrats will ever talk of the rule of law, or the Constitution, or our ‘so called’ democracy is when they are not getting their way. And right now, they are not. Even by their own actions!

yet, they will not learn to shut the hell up and let things go. They will not start working on trying to win the next election. NONE OF THAT MATTERS now because President Trump is the president and they do not like it one little bit. So winning the next election is not in the cards for them. Only getting Trump out of office is.
Now, here is the problem with the democrats as I see it, and you can take this to the bank.

When the 2020 Presidential election comes and goes, and Trump beats out all of the democrats who are running against him…..this whole fiasco that is going on now, with the democrats making up story after story to take Trump out of office, will not stop. It will continue. Until the times comes that Donald Trump is not in the White House anymore. Until the time comes that a democrat again resides in the White House. Then, they will work overtime on reversing everything Donald Trump has done to make our economy roar, and they will take credit for the good economy, while doing their best to destroy it again, while blaming the republicans for everything that WILL GO WRONG. Mark my words. This will happen. And everythign bad that will happen to this great nation will be because of the democrats, and of course the rino republicans who cannot seem to find their backbone to stand up against these socialists who want nothing but to destroy this country.

It’s time the republicans started fighting back like Representative Jim Jordan has been, because there is nothing the republicans will ever do, that will put them on the good side with the demon-crats. PERIOD. War has been declared on the United States, and her people, and it’s time the Repbulcians took up the weapons they have available to them, and start fighting the enemy. And the enemy of all of this stuff American is the democrats. They are the ones who are trying to destroy our Republic. Not the republicans. The only thing the republcians are guilty of now is not having the backbone to fight back….we need more like Jim Jordan.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
And remember….WE WILL NOT BE RULED!


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The Democrats Deserve to Lose, and yet?

It seems that the democrats keep kicking America and Americans, but no matter what they do, they never seem to lose. What is it that causes American voters to be so gullible? I think I have an answer for that.

The democrats keep telling us that they are for the average American, yet everything they do costs the average American ‘bookooo’ amounts of money, while constantly pushing for the impeachment of a president who hasn’t done anything that the Constitution says is IMPEACHABLE.

And the cost of all of this? 400,000,000 dollars that is coming out of our pockets folks. Don’t you understand that the democrats do not care for you….or what you want. The only thing they care about is the power that they can get to rule over you with an iron fist, while leaving you and I with nothing that we can do to stop them.

Well folks, there is one thing you can do to stop this. And that is NOT VOTE FOR THEM.

They are the most anti American people on the planet right now, with the exception of maybe the terrorists who want to destroy America. But, the democrats should be allies with them because the democrats want to destroy America too.

Now, the average American does not want to have America destroyed, but the way they are voting is is going to give that scenario to us.

Tonight, the Kentucky race for governor has been claimed by the democrat, even though he is only ahead by .4 percent of a point. Meaning the incumbent republican is behind. NOW, How is it, in a state that is leaning conservative, does a democrat even get that close to winning???

As Kelly Bundy used to say, “it wobbles the mind!” I know I have troubles understanding this dynamic. The only thing that really makes sense on this is MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD.

Maybe someone, like maybe Tom can give me something to help me understand, or even Douglas V. Gibbs, or Cathy Hinners. The only thing I can understand is that we were once told that ‘once 50% of the people are on welfare, the country will fail’ because we could not sustain that output…..Well folks……We are close to that point now, and the people are starting to vote like they like getting free money from the government, and want it to continue.

The problem is,…..without taxpayers, the government has no money to give to anyone!

It isn’t that hard to understand folks, and it isn’t rocket science, and yet here we are….watching elections that should be landslides for the Republicans, but instead, going to democrats who only want the power to destroy our freedoms, liberties and our Constitution. Are we that stupid?

Folks, the landslide I was talking about was meant for the Republicans. They are the ones who are working to keep Americans safe…..not the democrats, yet it is the democrats that are winning. When are we going to wise up. This morning Virginia has reported that the democrats have flipped both houses to Democrat majorities. I guess in places here in America…we are being that stupid and gullible. God Help us.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops, and


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Again, it’s been a while……

It has been a while since I wrote here, like Tom said in his last post, that I finally got to read, our lives have sort of taken a life of their own. For me, it was taking a short vacation from Jamestown, Indiana to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where, my wife applied for a job. She worked at the Indiana 811 Call before you Dig Center there and applied here in New Mexico and they had one opening, and she got it. In the process of all that, I quit my job at FTIC in Jamestown, and retired, thinking that I would then have a lot of time to do this and my daily updates and my show. UH……..I was wrong. Just the other day I finally did my first daily update in about a month!

But on Monday of this week, we moved to Albuquerque. For me it was returning to an old home that is much bigger now than it was when I left, and my wife…it is a new adventure that she is loving so far.

Because of the busy-ness of my life, it makes me super glad to have Tom here writing too…as he is a great author and I love what he writes, and it seems my readers here do too. That being said, I will be posting a new post soon, and once I get all moved into my new home and we don’t have boxes all over the place, I will be contributing to Wise Conservatism again and as often as possible. So thanks for continuing to read here. The people who write here do an awesome job, and I am thankful that Tom is here.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and as always
We will not be Ruled!


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An Afternoon In September

Here I am with an afternoon on my hands, and what do I do? Write a blog post, of course!!

Like Robert, life has been busy between work and personal life. Topics come and go, but the really important ones persist. For instance…

One topic that will never die is climate change. This past week, a 16-year old Swedish girl spoke before the United Nations accusing them of stealing her childhood due to their inaction on climate change by making the climate change issue a political issue instead of addressing the Earth-ending, mass-extinction event crisis that she says it really is. The worst offenders, China and India, were never mentioned during the tirade, but other countries (including the United States) were. While I’m not surprised at any of this continuing circus, here are a few thoughts…

As far as I’m concerned, the whole thing is a giant publicity stunt designed to thrust the issue of climate change back into the world’s spotlight. Much was made about this girl sailing across the ocean in a racing sailboat, but not a whole lot was mentioned about the crew jetting back to Europe, and the racing sailboat being shipped back on a container ship. Moreover, if anyone is to blame for stealing this girl’s childhood, it’s the people brainwashing her into near states of hysteria with the assertion of the world coming to an end due to people living normal lives in our civilization.

By reading the above, you probably think that I’m a knuckle-dragging throwback to the caveman days a couple of decades past the primordial ooze. Not so, says I! Consider the following:

When I was growing up in Indiana in the 1960s, I watched a science related TV show concerning the coming Ice Age (global cooling). I was probably around 5 or 6 at the time. Later that day, I looked out the back door of the house, and saw it was snowing…and it was mid-July!! Needless to say, I lost it, crying and looking around fearfully for the glacier that I was sure that was coming to engulf the house like a tidal wave. It took my Mother several minutes to calm me down.

So when I see the Climate Warming Cooling Change crowd trot out their next crying child intent upon shaming the world into bending to their way of thinking, I think back to that day 50+ years ago of where they terrified a young child. They haven’t changed – they have no reservations on using children to force the issue emotionally because that’s all they have. They’ve faked their data, and cannot win any other way.

And by the way, flying on private jets to Climate Change conferences doesn’t look good either…

Continuing on…

Have you ever noticed that as soon as there is a shooting with multiple people hurt or injured that doesn’t include a gun-control paradise like Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, or Baltimore, the bodies haven’t even cooled before anti-rights legislation is introduced by a certain party? It doesn’t matter if the legislation, if enacted, wouldn’t have prevented the tragedy. It’s the push to use the emotions of the tragedy to “do something” and make it appear that a certain party “cares” about the safety of the people instead of trying to control them.

Yes, I’m referring to the Democratic Party, which is now rapidly becoming the Democratic Socialist Party. Their platform is falling right in line with the precepts of Socialism, of which the common citizen has no rights having given those rights to the government. Don’t believe me? Think about it – the Democratic Socialists are advocating on the debate stage and in press releases the following:

  • Confiscation of wealth (Bernie’s “no Billionaires” statement and Warren’s proposed confiscation of 401K accounts are just part of raising everyone’s taxes)
  • “Free” healthcare and education (paid for by the raised taxes, and provided by “approved” providers in both fields)
  • Confiscation of firearms (every socialist and communist country has done this with millions killed by their governments because the people could not fight back.)
  • Government approved speech, religion, and business practices (think of hate crime laws & policies forcing religious-based businesses to provide services that goes against their stated beliefs (i.e., Masterpiece Bakery), and you get the idea. There is a movement to deny banking credit, loans, and credit-card processing to the firearms industry.)
  • Suspension of rights due to perceived harm or future actions (extreme protection orders, or red-flag laws bypass due process protections, and could be expanded to include almost any action, statement, or complaint)
  • Create a single-party government like California by allowing open borders, unverified voting by illegal aliens, and ballot box fraud (voter harvesting). Single-party governments such as Soviet Russia and Communist China killed millions of their own citizens for “non-conformance” to the party line & policies, and political opponents “disappeared” or were shipped off to “re-education camps” (something that one Presidential candidate has suggested). Venezuela is only the latest example that I can think of.

Yes, I believe that the Democratic Party is becoming the Democratic Socialist Party, which in reality, is the Anti-Rights Party.

Last for this post is the continuing temper-tantrum of the Democrats to find something, anything, to remove Donald Trump from the Presidency. Trump has shown that the politicians in Washington are as inept as we suspected, and more corrupt than what we could have ever imagined.

First, it was Russia, now it’s Ukraine. I don’t anything will stick, and it will be a huge waste of time and tax-payer dollars.

Quite frankly, I think that the American People, by and large, are sick of the three-ring circus held by the clowns of the Democrats. I know I am.

We as citizens need to remember that these people work for us as Representatives, not as Royalty. It’s time that they are reminded of that.

I know that some of you reading this post do not like President Trump either for his actions, manners, or words. However, I believe that a non-politician like President Trump is the best chance we have for a government that will serve the people instead of the political elite. And yes, I admit that I held my nose when voting for him, but I realized that Hillary was infinitely worse. President Trump has worked out better than I had hoped.

So hold your nose, Vote Republican in the 2020 elections. I cannot vote for a party for which it’s candidates promote ideas and policies that undermine this country’s founding principles and citizens.

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18 Years Later

Here it is, 18 years after the most horrific attack inflicted upon the United States that I can remember, and I wonder…

Does anyone else remember that day?  Or the day after when all the flags flew and Congress quit their bickering?

I do.  Still.

Eighteen years later, we are still at war with an ideology that wants to see the United States as we know it crushed.  And the useful idiots in our political “leadership” are allowing it to happen.

I keep re-posting the following that I wrote for the 5 year anniversary of 9/11, and put this out there again for a reminder of what happened, and perhaps, some self-reflection:

Sitting at my desk at another plant on assignment five years ago, I was finishing up some report when someone came in the office and announced that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center buildings. I really didn’t think much of it at the time, and thought that some joy riding pilot in a Cessna got too close to one of the buildings, got caught in an updraft, and slammed into the building.

I finished up the report, and went out on the floor to check on the project’s progress, and I happened to see one of the TVs the company had set up for internal communications. Someone had put the feed from one of the national networks on the network, and I saw the WTC burning. I was stunned for two reasons – the first was that it was such a clear day, so how could someone accidentally hit one of the buildings. The second was that I just couldn’t understand how a small plane could cause so much damage. That’s when I saw the second plane hit…

Dumbfounded, I suddenly realized that the first plane was not a Cessna or other small plane, but a full-sized, passenger-carrying jet. I next understood that this was deliberate, because there was absolutely no way that two planes could hit the WTC buildings on the same clear day. Then there was the overwhelming sense of sadness, grief, hopelessness as the dawning of a new thought came to mind…

Terrorism, unlike anything that we have ever known, had come to America.

I watched, horrified along with the rest of the country, as the towers came down mere minutes from each other. I couldn’t understand that at the time – this was the last thing that I had expected. I had known that the Empire State Building had been struck by a B-25 bomber and had survived with minimal damage – why not a modern building? But that was not the case here – too big, too much fuel, too much heat – and the towers collapsed. And I wept openly as I watched the plumes of dust rise over the island of Manhattan.

Later, the news of the Pentagon being hit and the plane going down in Pennsylvania came across the news, but everyone was in shock. Who could have done this, and why? Questions abounded, and answers were few in coming. Wild speculation and rumors ran through the plant unchecked. And everyone was afraid…

Where was the next attack going to happen, and when? Everyone struggled to make sense of the madhouse that the country had become. Nothing was the same, nor would it ever be again. And the skies went silent except for the roar of fighter jets on patrol.

I feared for the future of the country, and of that of my son’s. What kind of a world was he going to grow up in? How much different was his childhood and adult life going to be than mine? The future had suddenly become so very uncertain and frightening for all of us.

The American people are now at war, not with a nation, but with an ideology that hates this country and all of it’s citizens. These people live, think, sleep, and eat with the thought of killing us and destroying this country that we live in simply because they do not like us for the freedoms we enjoy (especially the one about freedom to worship). And their reward for doing so is their version of heaven. And knowing all of this, there are those who still believe that these fanatics can be negotiated with.

In the past five years, we observed the political parties pull together like most of us had never known before, only to watch political sniping and power plays take the place of securing this country from foreign terrorists once & for all. The planes are flying again, but at great inconvenience to all. Terrorist attacks have taken place and were prevented around the world, but we all know it’s a matter of time before another attack happens here.

What does the future hold? That is unknown to all except the Creator. But I am hopeful, both in this country and my fellow Americans. We have proven in the past that we are a resilient people, able to rise and meet any challenge before us. I can only pray that this will be the case as our new enemy is as patient, cunning, and vicious as any beast of the field. And we must remember that as we observe this most solemn day.


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