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Bumper Sticker Logic and Other Rantings

Hello all. It’s been a while, I know. As you may remember from the last post, the workload from both the personal and professional lives has increased almost exponentially. That means there isn’t much time left to vent intelligently here. … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

Hello Everyone. It’s time for the Christmas Eve post, and quite frankly, I’m really not in the mood for it. I’ll explain. First is the personal stuff. This past October, my Father’s Alzheimer’s progressed to the point of where he … Continue reading

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Operation Overlord, June 6, 1944

Seventy-five years ago, an invasion began that heralded the end of a regime that held a terrified and war-torn Europe under its heel. There are many things I could write about the sacrifice made by so many young men, but … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2019

The fields are now quiet, The thunder long gone; The graves with their shadows Stretch on and on. The battle once here Lives but in the past, Of a war meant to be Of all wars the last. The flags … Continue reading

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4th of July

Post below the Constitution. Happy 4th of July, Everyone! We should pause at this time and give thanks for the Founders, who by signing the Declaration of Independence, were signing their own death warrants as it was treason against the … Continue reading

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Christmas 2017

It is rare that I sit down at the keyboard on a holiday and write something. No fancy graphics, no witty memes, no smart comments – just a sincere, heart-felt wish that all of my family, friends, work-mates, and extended … Continue reading

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