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Tom Roland is my pen name for this blog. With that in mind... EE for 35 Years, Two Patents - now a certified PMP. Married twice, burned once. One son with Asperger's Syndrome. Two cats. Conservative leaning to the Right. NRA Life Member.

“A Republic…if you can keep it…”

The following is a long post. My advice is to get comfy with a beverage nearby.   The words titling this post were uttered by Benjamin Franklin when asked what government the Continental Congress had created. The document that defined … Continue reading

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Michigan, You’ve Elected an Idiot for Governor

The title of this post is taken from a post by fellow Michigander Jen Kuznicki in her blog of the same name.  She listed the exact same things that my wife and I have discussed over the past week & … Continue reading

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Quarantined in Michigan

As many of you know, I have lived in Michigan for the past 20 years after growing up in Indiana & working around the country. It’s a beautiful state, and we’ve enjoyed living here. That is, until the current governor … Continue reading

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The Corona Effect

Everything that we see on the news is about Corona.  Corona, Corona, Corona!!!  Almost like a bad episode of The Brady Bunch…  It’s effing depressing… I’ve been thinking about the following, and Douglas Flint over at American Thinker beat me … Continue reading

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Almost two months has passed since I’ve last posted something, and it’s been a struggle to find time to write. It certainly hasn’t been for a lack of topics! The big thing now is the Corona Virus, which the media … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Logic and Other Rantings

Hello all. It’s been a while, I know. As you may remember from the last post, the workload from both the personal and professional lives has increased almost exponentially. That means there isn’t much time left to vent intelligently here. … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

Hello Everyone. It’s time for the Christmas Eve post, and quite frankly, I’m really not in the mood for it. I’ll explain. First is the personal stuff. This past October, my Father’s Alzheimer’s progressed to the point of where he … Continue reading

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An Afternoon In September

Here I am with an afternoon on my hands, and what do I do? Write a blog post, of course!! Like Robert, life has been busy between work and personal life. Topics come and go, but the really important ones … Continue reading

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18 Years Later

Here it is, 18 years after the most horrific attack inflicted upon the United States that I can remember, and I wonder… Does anyone else remember that day?  Or the day after when all the flags flew and Congress quit … Continue reading

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More Evil

My apologies for not posting – life has been busy, and this weekend is no exception. This post will be short – maybe… We’ve have had not one, but two mass-murders this weekend – one in Texas, the other in … Continue reading

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