While Riots and Anarchy Pervade this Nation

On today’s Albuquerque Journal, it says that according to a poll taken here in New Mexico, Biden is ahead in that poll by a 54% to 39% margin. The headline gleefully announces that Biden leads by a sizable margin.

But You all know what I think of that rag.

But according to this poll, they are still snoozing soundly, though I doubt they will snooze too much longer with the liberal ways in this nation throwing us into a flushing toilet….crap and all.

In other words, this nation is worth saving, but the liberal left still seems hell bent on destroying everything this nation stands for.Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And a lot of this so called “Unrest” comes from the Universities and Colleges of this nation.

None of them anymore, with the exception of places like PragerU, and Hillsdale don’t teach the things to the young anymore that let’s then know the true history of this nation. So they grow up not knowing just what America has done for the world in getting rid of things like Slavery and Monarchy’s. All they are taught these days is that all the ills of the world lay to rest on the door step of America. When in fact, they do not.

Slavery, as the biggie today is the one the youth have been lied to about. They say that America was founded with slavery, and started with it. No it didn’t……and no it wasn’t.

Slavery was brought to America by the Black slave traders, but works in the government were already started to get rid of slavery, right from the beginning. Thomas Jefferson was one of the ones pushing to get rid of slavery. Granted, he owned slaves, but in that time, slavery was prevalent all over the world. It was an accepted thing. Muslims also sold black, and whites into slavery. But America, even though for a few years had slavery, was heading in the opposite direction. Not only was America founding the first “free” society, but they were in the process of ridding itself and the world of slavery.

Yesterday on Television, I was watching a show that had Charlie Kirk on it and he said some pretty true things. History is a teacher, not something to get rid of because you don’t like some of the stuff that happened then. People who think they are doing things for the betterment of America are tearing down statues of men like Thomas Jefferson because he owned slaves. Not even taking into the mix of things that he was one of the ones that worked to get rid of the institution. Men who did good things for this nation were just that. Men. And they made wrong choices along with right ones. The right ones prevailed, but without them….the right ones would have taken much longer to come to fruition. So getting rid of history from men like Thomas Jefferson will do nothing but throw us back to the age when these lessons of today will have to relearned. Forget your past and you will be doomed to repeat it.

And that is what the “rioters” of today are condemned to do. Repeat past mistakes because they are working to erase the lessons learned because the men who worked to show us the lessons learned….are bad because they were slave owners or adulterers or something else. God doesn’t use people who are perfect in every way to push what is right….he uses people who are flawed but for the moment are what He needs.

In other words folks, not one of us is perfect. Not one of us can go through life without an evil thought passing through our minds at some time or another. Not one of us hasn’t through adulterous thoughts. But what makes us teachable, is that we learn from our mistakes. You get rid of those mistakes, you get rid of the lessons learned and lessons forgotten will have to be “relearned” again.

Mark my words. This “Cancel Culture” thing that is happening in this nation now is not good. In any way. Sure the men who founded this nation were flawed. WE ALL ARE! But, that being said, we all are able to learn from the past. And the past is where we need to learn from because we can’t learn from the future. It hasn’t happened yet.

God Bless America

God Bless our Troops

We will not be ruled!


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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