Insanity Ensues from the Left

I remember growing up, and common sense seemed to prevail in our lives. If something didn’t make sense, we researched and looked it over till it did. If it never made sense… was dismissed. Corona Virus is one of those things that doesn’t make sense when it comes to the numbers, but precautions are good. Just not the hysteria that is being peddled as the truth that we have now.

With the Corona Virus, which almost immediately got it’s name changed to Covina 19 to me, threw up a red flag. Especially when the facts showed it was far less contagient than the common cold. If this was really true…why isn’t there as much of an urgency for that?

To me, this just doesn’t make sense…unless you are of the mindset that Trump is the worst thing to happen to America, and you would stop at NOTHING to take him down. This I believe, is just another attempt at that. The leftists in this nation have shown us all that there is NOTHING they wouldn’t do to achieve that goal. To them, it matters not how good Trump is doing for this nation, or unemployment numbers of all races, or of the economy, or our national safety. They don’t care one bit. The only thing they care about is getting this man they hate out of office.

And if you want to follow this up folks…remember this. If this corona virus crap doesn’t work? They have another one waiting in the wings to take it’s place. This treason that they are pushing on all of us, will continue until Trump is no longer president.

I guarantee you this kind of crap will continue because the people have been dumbed down so much…almost anything will work anymore….*don’t believe me? Look at the thing I have talked about here…there are so many things out here that are more deadly, more contagious more death causing…but they are not the ones that are all the news today.

To make matters worse, today Governor Newsome of California is threatening Martial Law to take over the state’s Hospitals. *Oh yes this is the answer to this.* Let the government take over on something that it will just make worse.

According to NBC bay area news, Newsome confirmed the states measures, which included taking over two vacant hospitals to help lessen the impact of the virus on existing medical facilities. Now, do you realize, if the hospitals are vacant, if they have been vacant for a long time, how long it will take to make them ‘patient ready’? If he had been so ready to help, he would have helped to clean up the cities streets, and taking care of the illegal problem that he has. but no, that isn’t a problem. Covid 19 is the problem. Even though letting in a kinds of people who you can’t tell if they are sick or not isn’t. the left is insane.

Now don’t get me wrong. It is good to be cautious. It is good to wash your hands, and be clean, but this insanity that is going on today is doing nothing but destroying our system of life.

You go to WalMart or any other store, to get something that normally you could get…and the shelves are empty. Not beccause the stores are failing in their jobs of stocking the shelves…oh no. It is all because of stupid people who are hording stuff that doesn’t need to be hoarded, and therefore effectively taking it away from other people. Is this a civilized way to live? NO IT IS STUPID. Nothing more, Nothing less. Plain and simply stupid!

it is this hysteria that is causing most of the troubles we are now having with this little disease. Nothing more. If you would just look at the sickness, you would see there are things you do to keep from getting it. If you are older, you make sure you take care of yourself and don’t go out to places where you may get it. If you are younger, wash your hands, keep yourself clean, and stay away from stupid people. And the stupid people are easy to find. Go to WalMart and see them loading up on stuff and getting stuff that they really don’t need, with no thought about the next person who comes along and really needs some of the stuff they are hoarding. There are your stupid people. Stay away from them, use good hygeine and take precautions and you will be okay.

God Bless America
God Bless Our Troops
God Bless us for Common Sense,


3 thoughts on “Insanity Ensues from the Left

  1. In the days following this post, the hysteria hasn’t let up. It’s increased, and the insanity is setting in as the norm. There isn’t any common sense to be had.

  2. Robert Garding

    as I just said on your post….isn’t that the truth. Common Sense will throw you in jail these days.

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