Christmas, Christians and Jihad

It seems that Christians in this world of so called “civilization” is something that a sane person would not want to be. Persecution against Christans, while those very same Christians are the ones that are being accused of being the persecutors is what is really going on. This world is going insane, but with that we can also look at the coming end of times.

This just past Christmas is a great example of that. In our own country we have politicians telling us all that we MUST be tolerant of Muslims in our Country, when we are told by Islamists all over the world that their Jihad comes in three to four steps, all but one of these has been accomplished here in America, and the last step is well underway for the take over of this nation…….yet we have people telling us all that we MUST be tolerant of their ways. Sure lets do that some more and see just what it will get us…….Uh no wait. Let me tell you all what is coming if we continue down that road to oblivion.

From the headlines this morning are these:

Another Christmas in the Age of Jihad: Oppression and Appeasement

Pakistan: “Somebody used his mobile to send a text against the Prophet. This became a blasphemy case against him.”

Sweden: School Forces non-Muslim fifth graders to kneel on prayer mats facing Mecca and worship Allah in Arabic

Nigera: Muslims Murder Seven, burn Church and homes in Christmas Eve Jihad raid on Christian Village Where is the outrage? If this kind of thing had happened against Muslims, Christians all over the world would have been targeted in revenge, but Since it was done to Christians, we are to be tolerant. Only Muslims are allowed revenge. And only Muslims in the name of their so called prophet can go that route.

Look What Happened to Christians of Bethlehem *from the Geller Report* The Christian population in the territories controlled by the racist Palestinian Authority are being cleansed. Naturally the world will again give the PA a pass for their grotesque racism and human rights violations. *Of course, Christians will never be allowed to get this right.

Lies Palestinians Tell at Christmas:
One fable is that they are trapped in Bethlehem behind walls and checkpoints. yet the Christian population has fallen dramatically while the Muslim one has increased exponentially! It’s a checkpoint where Christians leave and Muslims enter.

Dearborn, MI: Ten Muslims indicted in $50 Million MASSIVE medical fraud.There will be a muslim uprising on this where they will be telling us that we need to stop that because it offends them, and it will be stopped. It seems that their “offense” means we have to stop but our “offense” to them needs to be tolerated.

by Israel National News December 25, 2019

When Israel relinquished control of Bethlehem to Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority as part of the Oslo Accord agreement in 1995, 85% of those living in this then prosperous town were middle class Christians. Business and life were good when it was part of Israel.
By Christmas 2019, Christians are less than 10% of the population in an economically stricken town. and yet it is spoken by the Islamists that this is only because of the Christians, even though they are no longer there in numbers to do this.

The reality of this is Palestinian Muslims have all but made it illegal to be a Christian, while talking to the world about how Israel was turning Bethlehem into a “prison”. The reality of it is Palestinian Authority has made Bethlehem into a prison for Christians…..not the other way around, and there Christians are made to leave, or CONVERT. No other options are made available to Christians, while Muslims claim persecution. It is the Muslims who are doing the persecution. NOT THE CHRISTIANS.

This whole idea that muslims are being persecuted is a lie at best.

They are the ones persecuting and murdering and beheading anyone who will not believe in Allah.

They are the ones persecuting those who will not believe in their way of doing things.

They are the ones persecuting the people who believe in Jesus Christ our Lord. And the thing that can show us what is coming is the book of Revelation in the bible….

In the last days, Anti-Christs will abound. And folks, if you look at what is going on with an open mind, the one true Anti-Christ is the Muslims who say that we must conform to them or die. That is the biggest Anti-Christ that we have to watch out for, and people, it is time we realized that he is here in America and our leftist politicians are doing his work.

It’s time we opened our eyes to the dangers against Christians that we are facing. And folks….it IS here in America. And Christian Americans are losing this war. Mainly because we have not been allowed to fight it, as the battle against us has been allowed.

If we really loved this country, we would be telling the Muslims that they either conform to our society, or they can leave. That is where this nation is now, and we HAVE to do this or we will be taken over by Sharia Law. It already exists in Dearborn Michigan…..and the 30+ Jihad Training camps all over this nation now.

You think I am wrong?

Research this and you will find out I am telling the truth, and if this is allowed to continue folks, Christmas will be just one of the casualties. All Christians will be exterminated. PERIOD.

That is the Muslims goal, and their Jihad. Understand, our extermination is underway. FACT. Look at their manifesto. It is worded very plainly that we must be gotten rid of because we are nothing more than infidels who deserve nothing but death, or slavery to the Islamic ideals./blockquote>

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
and We Will Not Be Ruled!


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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  1. And on this damning post on Islamist and Muslim Jihad…..I didn’t even mention the double Islamic attack on Burkina Faso that killed more than 35 civilians most of whom were women…and on top of that around 20 soldiers were killed. by the jihadist murderers..

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