The Democrats Deserve to Lose, and yet?

It seems that the democrats keep kicking America and Americans, but no matter what they do, they never seem to lose. What is it that causes American voters to be so gullible? I think I have an answer for that.

The democrats keep telling us that they are for the average American, yet everything they do costs the average American ‘bookooo’ amounts of money, while constantly pushing for the impeachment of a president who hasn’t done anything that the Constitution says is IMPEACHABLE.

And the cost of all of this? 400,000,000 dollars that is coming out of our pockets folks. Don’t you understand that the democrats do not care for you….or what you want. The only thing they care about is the power that they can get to rule over you with an iron fist, while leaving you and I with nothing that we can do to stop them.

Well folks, there is one thing you can do to stop this. And that is NOT VOTE FOR THEM.

They are the most anti American people on the planet right now, with the exception of maybe the terrorists who want to destroy America. But, the democrats should be allies with them because the democrats want to destroy America too.

Now, the average American does not want to have America destroyed, but the way they are voting is is going to give that scenario to us.

Tonight, the Kentucky race for governor has been claimed by the democrat, even though he is only ahead by .4 percent of a point. Meaning the incumbent republican is behind. NOW, How is it, in a state that is leaning conservative, does a democrat even get that close to winning???

As Kelly Bundy used to say, “it wobbles the mind!” I know I have troubles understanding this dynamic. The only thing that really makes sense on this is MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD.

Maybe someone, like maybe Tom can give me something to help me understand, or even Douglas V. Gibbs, or Cathy Hinners. The only thing I can understand is that we were once told that ‘once 50% of the people are on welfare, the country will fail’ because we could not sustain that output…..Well folks……We are close to that point now, and the people are starting to vote like they like getting free money from the government, and want it to continue.

The problem is,…..without taxpayers, the government has no money to give to anyone!

It isn’t that hard to understand folks, and it isn’t rocket science, and yet here we are….watching elections that should be landslides for the Republicans, but instead, going to democrats who only want the power to destroy our freedoms, liberties and our Constitution. Are we that stupid?

Folks, the landslide I was talking about was meant for the Republicans. They are the ones who are working to keep Americans safe…..not the democrats, yet it is the democrats that are winning. When are we going to wise up. This morning Virginia has reported that the democrats have flipped both houses to Democrat majorities. I guess in places here in America…we are being that stupid and gullible. God Help us.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops, and


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