Again, it’s been a while……

It has been a while since I wrote here, like Tom said in his last post, that I finally got to read, our lives have sort of taken a life of their own. For me, it was taking a short vacation from Jamestown, Indiana to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where, my wife applied for a job. She worked at the Indiana 811 Call before you Dig Center there and applied here in New Mexico and they had one opening, and she got it. In the process of all that, I quit my job at FTIC in Jamestown, and retired, thinking that I would then have a lot of time to do this and my daily updates and my show. UH……..I was wrong. Just the other day I finally did my first daily update in about a month!

But on Monday of this week, we moved to Albuquerque. For me it was returning to an old home that is much bigger now than it was when I left, and my wife…it is a new adventure that she is loving so far.

Because of the busy-ness of my life, it makes me super glad to have Tom here writing too…as he is a great author and I love what he writes, and it seems my readers here do too. That being said, I will be posting a new post soon, and once I get all moved into my new home and we don’t have boxes all over the place, I will be contributing to Wise Conservatism again and as often as possible. So thanks for continuing to read here. The people who write here do an awesome job, and I am thankful that Tom is here.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and as always
We will not be Ruled!


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