The Insanity Continues…..

It seems that no matter how hard we try, the leftist socialists in the country are always doing their best to destroy our nation. Not only destroy our nation but destroy the truth too. And if someone has the audacity to tell the truth on a so called ‘touchy’ subject, that person will get punish. Even if that person is a child. No holds barred.

And so, the Insanity Continues. This story is a true story, of a middle school student, who had the audacity to call a boy who identifies himself as a girl, a boy. The boy who told the truth here is the one that is being punished. And since telling the truth about this wasn’t good enough, the added to this the tag of bullying.

Bullying you ask?

Yes, bullying for calling a boy a boy. Never mind the fact that even though this boy identifies as a girl, calling him a boy now constitutes bullying. It’s not the truth anymore, as it should be, it is now bullying.

It is like I said on my daily NWCR’s Removing the Liberal Blindfold today, one hundred years from now, if this boy/girl’s remains are exhumed, and they look at his remains…..he will be determined to be a boy. Why? Because he is!!! His DNA says he is. Even now, if they checked his DNA, it would say he is a boy.

This whole idea that someone who tells the truth, against the wishes of someone else is punishable, is insane at the least. Retarded at best.

And yes I used the ‘dreaded’ R word . We are getting into the realm of idiocracy now. PERIOD.

I have been saying that the Truth Doesn’t Matter to the Left anymore. And that is so true.

The Truth doesn’t matter. Only the lies that they are pushing on the rest of us. That is the only thing that matters anymore to the leftist socialist……who want nothing but to destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Ferguson, Missouri 5 years ago was a great example of this. Michael Brown got killed by a white policeman, because he had just ‘strong arm’ robbed a store minutes before and then went after officer Darren Wilson’s gun. The media and all the leftists in this country, including President Obama, ran with the narrative of “hands up don’t shoot” when nothing of the sort happened. When their narrative was ‘disproved’ the leftists moved on to the next subject with the same type of narrative, till it was debunked. Never mind that the officers life had been destroyed, and his livelihood damaged totally, they fell silent. Always falling silent, with no apologies for destroying someones life with their lies….but moving on to the next. Baltimore, etc. And the sad part is….it is still happening today.

This nation is being destroyed by the lies and distortions to the truth the left is pushing…..and all while they are doing this, the blame gets pushed on Trump or any other republican, Conservative, Patriot, American who has the audacity to say something the left doesn’t agree with.

This has got to stop, or this nation will, and let me repeat this…..WILL go down the tubes as a dismal failure. Not because the Constitutional Republic we have was wrong, but because everything that was right about it, was lied and distorted till the truth became mired in muck. The leftist muck.

That is the direction that all the leftists in this country want this country to go. And this middle school student who is being punished for telling the truth is just one of the latest examples of the truth being forced into oblivion.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless Patriotic Americans and President Trump.


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