Independence Day is upon us….

We are still under attack by the democrat party. Remember how they told us that there was “no crisis at the border?” Well now in the complete hypocrisy of the party, they are admitting there is a crisis at the border, but only to suit their needed political spin on this. The trouble is, their needs go away from the needs of the country.

From the Dan Bongino show comes this:

In what is perhaps the media’s greatest act of hypocrisy this year, they’re finally acknowledging that there’s a crisis at the border. The only problem is, this comes only after spending the rest of the Trump presidency mocking the president for acknowledging the same.

Liberals wanted to deny that there was a crisis at the border in an attempt to deflect away from the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the border which of course they wanted here to shore up their voting base. Now that our immigration enforcement is completely overloaded and unequipped to control the extent of crossings and process individuals (especially with the rise in those crossing with children), liberals have apparently decided that they’re A-OK with the “crisis at the border” narrative, but only to suit their preferred political spin.

Byron York has assembled a lengthy list of politicians and pundits who denied a crisis at the border. They’re quoted and listed below:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the situation “a fake crisis at the border.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called it “a crisis that does not exist.”

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said, “there is no crisis at the border.”

House Democratic Caucus chairman Hakeem Jeffries said, “There is no crisis at the border.”

House Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Eliot Engel called the situation “a fake crisis at the border.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said, “There is no crisis at the border.”

Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, said, “We don’t have a border Crisis.”

Representative Lloyd Doggett called the situation “a phony border crisis.”

Representative Earl Blumenauer called it “a fake crisis at the border.”

Representative Sanford Bishop called it “a crisis that does not exist.”

Representatives Jesus Garcia, Jose Serrano, Suzanne Bonamici, Donald Beyer, Pramila Jayapal, and Adriano Espaillat called it a “nonexistent border crisis.”

Former congressman and current California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said, “There is no border crisis.”

All of these are in public office and all have a say in determining policy. In the media, “Never Trump” republicans, former republicans, and other commentators have joined in.

Former Representative Joe Scarborough now with MSNBC, called the situation “an imaginary border crisis.”

Former Bush White House official Nicolle Wallace, also with MSNBC, said, “There is not a crisis.”

Former Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol called the situation “a fake crisis.”

GOP strategist Rick Wilson said, “There is no crisis on the border.”

Former Conservative Talk radio host Charlie Sykes said, “There is no crisis at the border.”

The Washington Post’s Max Boot called the situation a “faux crisis.”

The Post’s Jennifer Rubin said, “There is no crisis at the southern border.”

The Post’s editorial board called it a “make believe crisis.
and finally, lest anyone ignore the late-night Reisistance, comedian Jimmy Kimmelwho called the situation “a fake border crisis.”

But today, oh my how they have changed their tunes:

In May, Pelosi described the border situation as a “crisis” that she blames on Trump (of course she does). Schumer echoed much of the same, only acknowledging a crisis at the border to direct his ire towards President Trump, stating “if you want to know the real reason there’s chaos at the border, look in the mirror.”

Actually Schumer, if you really want to see where the crisis started, you and Pelosi can look in the mirror. Your party is the ones that started it by being complete babies when President Trump won the Presidency.

The Washington Post headlined an article asking “What took Congress so long to make a deal to address the border crisis?” Perhaps the entire Democratic Party ignoring the crisis until now?

MSNBC is now running stories on mounting “public outrage” as “the crisis at the border grows.”

The list goes on and on – but practically everyone with a couple of exceptions like Cliff, and on the list quoted above has now adopted the “crisis at the border” rhetoric.

There’s limitless irony in those blaming this crisis on Trump’s inaction, because Trump is the only one who did want to “do something.” Democrats ignored the problem until it was undeniable – which they then used as an opportunity to attack Trump.

While visa reform will need to be a large part of any attempt at ending illegal immigration, there is one policy that could prevent the exact sort of crossings we’re seeing in the news, and that’s a border wall.

The likes of Pelosi and Schumer have voted to approve hundreds of miles of fencing at the border before and had strongly spoken out against illegal immigration during the Obama presidency. Now, all that has changed, is the President, and the democrats have swung like the pendulum swings……farther left. The bad part is…..the only time the democrats will swing back toward center is when it is expedient for them to do so, to save their ever loving butts from the Unemployment lines.

And finally my friends. We here at Wise Conservatism want to wish each and every one of you out here in America, a very happy and safe Independence Day. Happy fourth of July my friends. Stay safe, enjoy your freedoms that America and God give you.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and as always,


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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