Why Is This Being Allowed?

It seems that Washington DC always had a certain way they did things. There was an unspoken rule that was always, or most always adhered too. Incoming Senators and Congressmen would usually sit quiet and learn the way of the city, and during their so called “freshmen” year, and were urged to ‘keep quiet and learn’.

If you remember when Senator Ted Cruz became a Senator, and he tried to speak up, he was told by both parties, ‘that is not the way things are done here. Quiet down and learn the way before speaking up.’

WELL, that doesn’t seem to matter now. Well, if the offending speakers were republicans or Conservative, it would still matter, but the offending people are two women, and democrat to boot!

The subject of today’s post, Representative Ilhan Omar *Democrat of Minnesota* and what she is doing is downright stupid if I may be able to use the correct term here. She posted two tweets, that completely contradict each other:

“This is an outrage. I’m hearing from TSA workers back in Minnesota who STILL haven’t received backpay after the shutdown. All workers affected by the shutdown — including contractors — deserve backpay!” Now this one is not the stupid one. Demanding backpay is not a bad thing to say. But less than an hour later, she tweeted this one: “When Democrats stood our ground last month, we proved that Individual 1 does not have the public support to ram his hateful wall through Congress. Let’s stand firm: #Not1Dollar for DHS.”

Now folks we have to realize here what this woman is saying. She tweeted that we MUST pay our workers affected by the shutdown – including contracters – to get their back pay. Then she tweets less than an hour later one that says they shouldn’t get paid at all. REALLY ms ohmar? REALLY?

Let’s break this down here shall we? She said the TSA workers deserve their backpay. Okay….that is good. Because they do. But then she said that “individual 1” or the President, which is an incredibly immature and disrespectful thing to say about the president, is pretty much causing all this and that DHS needs to be defunded.

Playing along for a moment and following that suggestion to defund DHS to its natural conclusion, The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra listed all of the governmental agencies that are funded through DHS and noted in a tweet, “Omar is calling for the destruction of agencies that keep America safe.” Those agencies that are funded through DHS?

ICEOh what a surprise here. The democrats have been working to defund ICE for a long time.


-TSA Now ms Omar. We going to pay these people their backpay or are we going to defund them and not pay them at all? Make up your incredibly naive mind here.

-Secret Service This group of specialized people protects the president, so it’s small wonder that she wants this group defunded. After all to the likes of her, President Trump doesn’t deserve protection. And if they succeed in doing this? All will be fine till a Democrat gets elected, then this same woman will probably want DHS funded to make sure her president is protected.

-FEMA Again, this group helps with disasters and helping to keep Americans safe. And she wants the group that funds FEMA defunded? Again, I have to ask. Why is she in Congress?


-Coast Guard Another agency that keeps America safe. Really ms Omar? Really

-Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) We have to stop here and look at what the hell is going on in our government. Right now, we have the democrats who took over the House in January, and since then, they have been demanding all kinds of things which makes them seem like they are the ones completely charge here. UH folks, no they are not. And someone needs to tell them that.

Think back on this, when the Democrats had the Senate, and the White House, while the Republicans had the House. Did you hear the Repubilcans saying things like this? NO YOU DIDN’T. Not only because it wouldn’t have been right to do, but they didn’t have the power. Even when they took the Senate they weren’t allowed, by the democrats, to do anything.

Then the Republicans held the House the Senate and the White House, and the democrats still wouldn’t allow them to do anything…..though they could have pushed through anything they wanted.

So, why is it, that the democrats only hold the house, and they are allowed to disrupt they whole of Government? Something here doesn’t smell right.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
We will NOT be Ruled!


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