The idea that right is wrong….

<blockquote><font color=”red”>We have a new prevailing wind coming from Washington that is full of putrid stenches that only the lies being told are causing. That, and the fact that the truth is being treated as nothing more than lies, and racism, and things that that democrats are pushing to make the lies they are telling the truth.

My problem with this is, if something is a lie, even when perceived by the population and the media as the truth….it is still a lie. Plain and simple. And Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and others who are literally costing the American people millions and telling us all it is all Trump’s fault are the liars and enemies of this great nation.

I have been busy lately pushing my Network on Blog Talk Radio, and doing my daily updates on Facebook live that I have all but stayed away from here, and didn’t realize that it had been so long since my last update here.

So my apologies to my readers and I will do better in the future.

The ideas that have been floating around Washington, have to be exposed as the lies that they really are. Nancy Pelosi is acting like the House of Representatives is HERS and HERS ALONE because she is the speaker of the house. She has that all wrong because if the truth be known here……the house belongs to the people. Not Pelosi…..NOT the democrats. Not anyone in Washington. It belongs to the People. PERIOD!

The problems arise from the people who get their only news from the Lamestream Lying Liberal Media, who wouldn’t know the truth if it came and smacked them up-side the head. The real truth has to be gotten out here so the people can make intelligent decisions in their voting and everything else. Once they realize that the Democrats care nothing for America, and care everything for anything illegal, the sooner we can get them out of office and we can get back to work rebuilding this nation to the great nation it once was. And NO. Make America Great Again, is NOT a racist statement.</blockquote></font>

God Bless America

God Bless Our Troops

God Bless Trump