Russian Collusion or Democrat Collusion?

If you really want to see collusion, try the democrat party. Hillary Clinton and her collusion with the illegal email server, for one. Where is all the so called interest in the National Security Risk from that one huh? OH YEAH. Clinton is their baby. Clinton is above the law. Trump on the other hand was elected fair and square by the American people and we can’t have that can we?

At least we can’t according to the losing party here.

The American people spoke and spoke loudly. What the democrats and the liberals don’t seem to realize is, that the agenda that has pushed Trump’s election was not the the so called Russian hacking of the election. That is not it at all. Being sore losers is what happened. Sore that they couldn’t legally elect the Hildabeast to the White House. There are other reasons that the American people are sick and tired of Politicians. Because they are constantly pushing to find something, anything against Trump so they can get rid of him. Never mind that there isn’t anything on the things they have pushed.

What we have to realize here folks is, there is no time limit on anything. They will go back as far as they have to to find anything damaging to our duly elected president. Why? Because they are being allowed too.

And since they are being allowed too, then they will have to make up shit to try to make the reasons to push their agenda. The American system as it was formed is NOT THEIR PROBLEM. Hence, Russia. Never anything that really happened. Just Russia. And the constant harping on what Trump did wrong, even though, in seven months they haven’t found anything that is true…..yet. The reason for Russia.

After all, we grew up with Russia as the enemy that could take us out if we so let them, and this “collusion” with Trump and the election was just the latest attempt to move us in the direction that would benefit Russia.

The trouble is, only the Democrat’s agenda helps Russia. Trump’s agenda doesn’t. He wants to make the border secure. He wants to make America safer from our enemies. He wants to lower taxes. *oh the horror of that one* and he wants to do many other things to the agendas that the democrats have always held in high esteem for their power base. In other words, Trump is the enemy and he needs to be gotten rid of no matter what the cost.

Mueller and his new investigation of the Collusion between Trump and Russia in the election is just the latest incarnation of the ever changing scenario of the Democrat’s battle to take Trump down, no matter what the American people say they want. Hillary wasn’t elected like they all wanted, so this MUST be done. PERIOD! Folks, it’s like I have said over and over again, here, my show on Blog Talk Radio through the Conservative Nation Media network, and on my daily NWCR Audio/VideoSide Chats.

It’s time the American people stopped being the silent majority and make the politicians in Washington, and across this great nation do what they are there for. Because if they don’t do what We the People want, and what the Constitution says they should be doing, then We the People will “fire them”.

God Bless America,
God Bless our Troops,
God Bless us all…..