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This past week has been fairly stressful and busy, so I haven’t had time to write posts that make any sense.  Fortunately, there are several columnists that have written on the topics that were on the subject list.

In the third and final debate, the Hildebeast got it absolutely wrong on both the Supreme Court’s decisions on Citizen’s United and Heller.  Citizen’s United wasn’t about campaign financing, and Heller certainly wasn’t about protecting toddlers from guns.  Read Steve Chapman’s articleClinton Is a Threat to the 2nd Amendment – and the 1st” for more. 

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board agrees in their article “Hillary’s New Constitution” (summarized by Townhall’s Matt Vespa).  The Hildebeast’s Supreme Court would ignore the Constitution and render decisions of political and social justice.  Which means that any rights of the People in the Constitution and the Amendments are now subject to the whims of the political party in charge.  Make no mistake – whoever is elected as President will nominate the next Supreme Court Justice for life, and this will make or break the civil rights of this country.

How or why people are still voting for the Hildebeast after the many scandals, past and present, bewilders me.  We should be electing the best qualified person to the highest office in the land, not one that dodges and weaves around political and personal minefields.  Bruce Blalosky’s “I Don’t Recall, I Am Not Responsible, But Vote for Me for President” shows perfectly why a person with a supposedly stellar resume is ultimately disqualified for any political office, whether it be President or Dogcatcher.

Which now leads into trustworthiness.  The Hildebeast doesn’t have it.  She has been caught lying about lies that she told to cover up other lies. (which begs the question – do two wrongs make a right?  She seems to think so.).  I don’t trust her, and neither does Paul Jacob in his article, “The Once and Futures Queen”, Derek Hunter in his article “Why I Now Feel Compelled To Vote For Trump”, or Howard Hyde’s article “Hillary’s Bright Shining Lies”.

If the Hildebeast isn’t trustworthy, then neither is the media nor the Justice Department. 

The media is supposed to be the gatekeepers of truth, exposing government and political malfeasance no matter which political party is involved.  This is apparent in the disparity of coverage between the very real scandals of the Hildebeast, her Foundation, the DNC, and those supposed scandals involving Trump.  An eye-opening article by Calrice Feldman “The Incestuous Left and Those Who Provide Cover for Them shows that the media and others ignore what the Progressive Left (led by the Hildebeast) is doing to the American People.

The Justice Department, once looked upon as a non-political entity within the Government, has had that image shattered.  I remember watching FBI Director Comey lay out a perfect case for the Hildebeast’s Federal violations with using a private server with classified emails only to state that no charges would be filed.  Only a few days earlier, Attorney General Lynch privately met with the Hildebeast’s husband Slick Willie, and we can only speculate what deal or deals were made.  The willful, shameful behavior is continuing with the revelations by WikiLeaks and the Project Veritas videos.  Thomas Lifson has a short article (“FBI and DoJ are ignoring evidence of crimes in Project Veritas Action videos”) which is a quick read on the DOJ’s apparent bias.

Invariably, in the course of discussion, Trump’s recorded words, crass beyond belief, will be brought up as proof that he is sexist, misogynic, and a sexual predator in waiting, totally unfit for the office of President.  Considering that the Hildebeast’s husband did far worse (actions, not words) before, during, and after his two terms in office tears up the moral card that the Hildebeast’s campaign wants to play.  A. Castellitto had this to say:

Trump’s misbehavior is trivial compared to the Clintons’ record of criminality. No amount of extortion, assault, manipulation or deception is beyond the pale for those with the entitled ambition and self anointed superiority of the ruling class regardless of political affiliation. Political Correctness is just a cheap, smarmy and almost religious attempt to make the sin of straight talk as bad if not worse than the sin of nonconformity.  It’s merely the Marxists’ attempt to make all evils relative, so they may be rid of their guilt and culpability. Should sexual impropriety be judged in the same vein as violent rape? Maybe Bill Clinton could answer that.

Yesterday, Trump gave a speech at Gettysburg, PA, in which he laid out his plans for his first 100 days in office.  Timothy P. Farrell’s “20 reasons to vote for Donald Trump” is a perfect article to read as to why to vote for Trump.  Take both of these in context and compare to what the Hildebeast has in store for us, and there is no comparison.  The Hildebeast cannot become our Felon in Chief.

Besides, if the Cubs can make it to the World Series, Trump can make it to the White House.

Go Cubs!

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  1. This is great reading material Tom. I have checked them all out. Thanks for the links.

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