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A Response to Facebook Question

A longtime friend saw the following graphic on my personal Facebook page a couple of days ago – – and asked me the following question: “Not meaning to pick a fight — I promise to listen and not to rebut … Continue reading

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Reading Material

This past week has been fairly stressful and busy, so I haven’t had time to write posts that make any sense.  Fortunately, there are several columnists that have written on the topics that were on the subject list. In the … Continue reading

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A Facebook Rant

This came across my wife’s Facebook feed – don’t know if it’s true or not, but it states exactly how I feel about the Republican’s squishiness in the face of the Democrat’s crap. This MAN IS SAYING EXACTLY, WHAT I … Continue reading

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The Same Dance, Only Worse

Eleven years ago this month, I started writing in a personal blog.  Looking back at one of the first posts, I ran across this statement: How a President and his wife (now a Senator) were able to avoid jail while … Continue reading

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Why People Will Vote for the Hildebeast

My wife and I were talking politics the other day, and she asked me why on Earth anyone  would vote for the Hildebeast.  I responded by listing the following (in no particular order): Has a “D” for party affiliation Is … Continue reading

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Just a Few Thoughts…

While we all know that the Internet is probably one of the greatest sources of misinformation, I doubt that it can compete in the willful deception of the American people as the Media.  While the Media is supposed to be … Continue reading

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