Has The World Gone Mad?

We must take a moment at this time to pause and remember the murders of the policemen in Baton Rouge, LA, this morning.  Details are not available at this time, but it is theorized that the police were ambushed by two or more people reportedly wearing camo or black clothing.


This past week, we have seen another terrorist attack in France, and more police killed in Baton Rouge.  Turkey has also experienced an attempted coup by their military, and surprisingly, the Republicans & Democrats have agreed that increased sanctions should be placed on Iran one year after the historic nuclear agreements for non-compliance.

There was only one bright spot – Governor Mike Pence of my home state of Indiana was selected as Donald Trump’s running mate.  The points that Gov. Pence made in his acceptance speech resonated with me, especially the line,

“Hillary Clinton must never become the President of the United States.”

Indeed, the Progressive Liberal policies that the Democratic Party bring to this year’s elections should give every rational thinking American pause – more government control, more taxes, more spending, less rights, and a continuation of the corruption running rampant in the Obama administration.

I look across the Atlantic, and I see the chaos brought to the countries of Europe by the Progressive Liberals in charge of those countries, and I shudder to think that the Democratic Party is espousing the same policies – open borders, almost unrestricted immigration without vetting, penalization of free speech & opinions, protection of Islamic practices & Sharia law over that country’s laws, a single-payer government-run healthcare system, etc.  Europe is damn near in flames, and these morons want that insanity here?

Illana Mercer had this to say about our fearless (or feckless) leaders reactions to the insane actions committed by others (excerpts from her article The Expert Idiocracy Is More dangerous Than Islam, Almost:

“Notice how conservatives and liberals together have sundered the cornerstone of civilization: individual responsibility.”

“Evil actions the expert Idiocracy nevertheless describes as having been caused—nevercommitted. Whether members of the media are applying their cerebral sinew to individual or group-orchestrated crime; to psychological or religious “causal factors,” the formula is always the same.

“These craven acts are caused by everything other than the criminal: ISIS, racism, Islamophobia, too many guns and trucks, too few freebies and fraternité.

“In the progressive’s universe, evil acts don’t incriminate, they mitigate.

“Staying on message, Obama used the passive voice to catalogue his coreligionist’s crimes (just joking; we know the president is a devout Christian). The president referred not to a Muslim terrorist who “killed and wounded dozens of innocent civilians.” Instead, Obama spoke about a thing, a “terrorist attack … which killed and wounded dozens of innocent civilians.”

“Do something bad and you become a case study, instead of a common criminal.

“Do something bad and you’re ill, not evil.

“Even when the perp is described as the locus of causality, the forces that propelled our “poor,” “alienated” soul are deemed beyond his control.

“A mental disease (for which no organic evidence exists) made him murder innocents.  The devil made him do it.”

“Ordered liberty requires a moral and logical edifice. It begins with a few eternal verities:

“Evil exists. Human beings are not good by default.

“Bad people are so called because they do bad things.

“Some communities produce more natural-born killers than other communities.”

The insanity of Europe’s Islamic problem is here in the United States, and is compounded by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) thuggery and insane demands.  As noted before, they have actively called for the assassinations of the police (which this morning’s murders appear to be) as well as the disbanding of entire police departments.  (It is an interesting note the BLM representatives met with the President for three hours yesterday.  What for, I have no idea, although I wonder…).  Even more telling is the feeling from the police departments around the country that the President does not have their backs – which he doesn’t given his history of non-support.

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Is the insanity of the Progressive Left something that the normal American citizen wants?  Do you really want the Hildebeast, someone who is known to lie, mislead, and compromise the security of this country for personal enrichment & protection as the leader of this country?  Is going to Hell in a hand-basket on the express train preferable to holding your nose and voting Republican?  Voting Democrat or third party or not at all will almost ensure that the Hildebeast will become President.

If the Democrats do secure the White House, then the world will truly, irrevocably, have gone mad…

About Tom Roland

Tom Roland is my pen name for this blog. With that in mind... EE for 35 Years, Two Patents - now a certified PMP. Married twice, burned once. One son with Asperger's Syndrome. Two cats. Conservative leaning to the Right. NRA Life Member.
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4 Responses to Has The World Gone Mad?

  1. foxterrier911 says:

    In a word, “Yes,” the world has gone mad. As societies we have abandoned the values that gave us the freedoms we have enjoyed, particularly in America. From any perspective, I do not see that we are better off than we were eight years ago. America has changed, fundamentally, and for the worse. Respect for authority is non-existant, and those in authority have no respect for those under their authority.
    It is a sad time indeed, when one makes a choice on who to vote for based on which is the lesser evil. I pray that Almighty God will hear our prayers and preserve this country.

  2. Eurpoe’s Islamic problem? You mean radicalisation problem. Mental health problem. And in America you straight up have a gun problem. Blame and divisive rhetoric gets people nowhere. It is a very sad time in deed, and everybody needs to take responsibility for their actions. The world we live in today was born through madness and all we have to do is prepare future generations to not screw up they way we’ve been doing. We’re failing.

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  4. Tom Roland says:

    billycoztigan – No, I do mean Europe’s Islamic problem. The immigrants are flooding in without any desire to assimilate into the host country’s culture. Radicalization or not, rapes and crime according to their Islamic beliefs are occurring without any known ties to ISIS. I have friends in Germany, and their tales are not pretty.

    Additionally, there is a violence problem, but is being overblown by the media intent upon pushing gun control issues. There are 30,000 gun-related deaths in the United States, but 20,000 can be attributed to suicides. That leaves 10,000 in a country of 321 million people. Also keep in mind that studies have shown anywhere from 800,000 to 1.5 million uses of where a gun was used in self defense (perpetrator scared off, wounded, or killed). Are there bad people with guns? Yes, there are, but disarming a law-abiding person is madness as this creates another potential victim.

    Mental health is another issue. I have seen in this past week news reports from around the world where a person with mental issues used a weapon to attack and kill multiple people. A gun and a machete were used. Used to be that people were treated in facilities – now they’re on the streets.

    You are correct – Divisive rhetoric goes nowhere. Unfortunately, that’s the language of the politicians these days, and it doesn’t help.

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