The political response of the Democrats to the events of this past week – the shootings and murder of police officers in Dallas and other states – was predictable as ever.  It’s not about the perpetrators that attacked the officers, it’s about the firearms used, and the need for more gun control.

The Dallas gunman has been shown in his words and social media accounts that he was targeting white police officers for retribution for the killing of black suspects in Louisiana and Minnesota.  The Black Lives Matter crowd has been chanting for quite some time that police officers are to be killed to revenge those African-American suspects killed by police.

They got their wish – five officers at this time have lost their lives in Dallas while protecting Black Lives Matters protestors.  How ironic is that – these protestors are being protected by the same people they want to die?

I’m not going to go off on a rant about the gun control measures being proposed by the Democrats that would do nothing to prevent these tragedies from occurring.  I cannot keep stating that any measures they propose infringe upon the People’s right to bear arms (among other rights in the Constitution and Bill of Rights) and not sound like a scratched record.  It cannot be pointed out enough times that the media constantly gets it wrong in their reporting of these incidents.

Instead, think about this:

President Obama was elected partially on the promise that he would heal the final racial divides in this country.  Instead, his actions from the Cambridge professor incident to the various incidents in the country (Travon Martin, riots in Ferguson, and other police incidents involving the deaths of blacks) during his presidency has done nothing except to fan the flames and give rise to the Black Lives Matters group.

If Black Lives Matters were actually White Lives Matters, and promoted White lives over everyone else of a different color, it would be labeled a racist hate group much like the KKK.  But because it has the tacit approval of the Divider in Chief, the Democrat Party, and is a darling of the mainstream media’s social justice warriors, it gets a pass.

The social justice warriors in the media pick the incidents of where the police shoot and kill people of color, promoting these incidents as murders and hits.  They conveniently forget that these people are involved in illegal activities which include assault, rape, robbery, resisting arrest, and trying to kill police officers.  Ignoring the facts and inflaming the crowds to a frenzy, riots like Ferguson happen, and the threat of that coming to a street corner near you unless “justice” is served is a powerful message.

The leadership and presumptive Presidential Nominee of the Democratic Party has endorsed, in actions and in so many words, the thuggery of the Black Lives Matter movement as “peaceful protests” and as a way to address grievances (even if their remedies include vigilante justice).  This “approval” has now cost more officers their lives, and despite the events in Dallas, will continue to stoke the fires of racism and division.

Are these the people that we want to lead this country?  I think not.

And the media?  They are as complicit as the Democrats.  They promote an “open season on Blacks by the police” message when the facts are that Caucasians are more likely to be killed by police.  They also ignore that black on black killings are more common in cities like Chicago with strict gun control laws than in cities that promote responsible firearm ownership.  Finally, the media fails to report a 20-plus year decline in firearm violence, but states that America is awash in the blood of gun violence.  Facts, it appears, are inconvenient truths that contradict the message that the Progressive Liberals wish to feed the unwashed masses.

Are these the people that we want to report the events of the day?  Again, I think not.

Both of these groups seek to control the American People with a single-mindedness that is frightening.  They are doing this by creating chaos and confusion with division that would make Saul Alinsky proud.  Their end game is to gut the Constitution and the Bill of Rights starting with the Second Amendment with the First Amendment close behind.  This will be the end of the United States as we know it if it is allowed to continue unchallenged.

“At what point do we stop accepting what this government decides is constitutional? How much do we have to concede before we act? When do we decide where our red line is and who is going to enforce it?” – Jenn Jaques

Rome fell because of the rot that pervaded its government from the inside out.  We have seen one of the candidates for President that is either too corrupt to lead, or too incompetent to trust with the secrets of the United States.  We don’t have much of a choice with the Republican candidate, but voting for any other third party will land the Democrats in the White House, and will accelerate the decline of this nation.

Be well, my friends.

About Tom Roland

Tom Roland is my pen name for this blog. With that in mind... EE for 35 Years, Two Patents - now a certified PMP. Married twice, burned once. One son with Asperger's Syndrome. Two cats. Conservative leaning to the Right. NRA Life Member.
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  1. Great thoughts on this one Tom. Was going to use it in my morning update. Giving you credit of course.

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