No More Clintons

Watching Hillary Clinton, aka “The Hildabeast,” over the past few months as she campaigns for the nation’s highest office, and more revelations of her email server’s contents & hacking leaves me with a sense of déjà vu.  It just piles on to the history of this person’s lack of character from her days as an attorney fired from the Watergate scandal for engaging “in a variety of self-serving unethical practices in violation of House rules” (Jerry Zeifman) to the present day.  It leaves one wondering how a person that has been involved with so many scandals, surrounded by so much controversy, and over so many dead bodies (literally) still has the chutzpah to seek the Presidency.  I’m surmising that she has as much ego and megalomania as the person currently residing in the White House.

The déjà vu comes from this post from the Hildabeast’s last run at the White House in the 2008 Election, and this article that I’ve lost the link & reference to:

Lest we forget . . .

When Bill Clinton was president, he allowed Hillary to assume authority over a health care reform. Even after threats and intimidation, she couldn’t even get a vote in a democratic controlled congress. This fiasco cost the American taxpayers about $13 million in cost for studies, promotion, and other efforts.

Then President Clinton gave Hillary authority over selecting a female attorney general. Her first two selections were Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood – both were forced to withdraw their names from consideration.

Next she chose Janet Reno – husband Bill described her selection as “my worst mistake.” Some may not remember that Reno made the decision to gas David Koresh and the Branch Davidian religious sect in Waco, Texas resulting in dozens of deaths of women and children.

Husband Bill allowed Hillary to make recommendations for the head of the Civil Rights Commission. Lani Guanier was her selection. When a little probing led to the discovery of Ms. Guanier’s radical views, her name had to be withdrawn from consideration.

Apparently a slow learner, husband Bill allowed Hillary to make some more recommendations. She chose former law partners Web Hubbel for the Justice Department, Vince Foster for the White House staff, and William Kennedy for the Treasury Department. Her selections went well: Hubbel went to prison, Foster (presumably) committed suicide, and Kennedy was forced to resign.

Many younger votes will have no knowledge of “Travelgate.” Hillary wanted to award unfettered travel contracts to Clinton friend Harry Thompson – and the White House Travel Office refused to comply. She managed to have them reported to the FBI and fired. This ruined their reputations, cost them their jobs, and caused a thirty-six month investigation. Only one employee, Billy Dale was charged with a crime, and that of the enormous crime of mixing personal and White House funds. A jury acquitted him of any crime in less than two hours.

Still not convinced of her ineptness, Hillary was allowed to recommend a close Clinton friend, Craig Livingstone, for the position of Director of White House security. When Livingstone was investigated for the improper access of about 900 FBI files of Clinton enemies (Filegate) and the widespread use of drugs by White House staff, suddenly Hillary and the president denied even knowing Livingstone, and of course, denied knowledge of drug use in the White House. Following this debacle, the FBI closed its White House Liaison Office after more than thirty years of service to seven presidents.

Next, when women started coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment and rape by Bill Clinton, Hillary was put in charge of the “bimbo eruption” and scandal defense. Some of her more notable decisions in the debacle was: She urged her husband not to settle the Paula Jones lawsuit. After the Starr investigation they settled with Ms. Jones.

She refused to release the Whitewater documents, which led to the appointment of Ken Starr as Special Prosecutor. After $80 million dollars of taxpayer money was spent, Starr’s investigation led to Monica Lewinsky, which led to Bill lying about and later admitting his affairs.

Hillary’s devious game plan resulted in Bill losing his license to practice law for ‘lying under oath’ to a grand jury and then his subsequent impeachment by the House of Representatives.

Hillary avoided indictment for perjury and obstruction of justice during the Starr investigation by repeating, “I do not recall,” “I have no recollection,” and “I don’t know” a total of 56 times while under oath.

After leaving the White House, Hillary was forced to return an estimated $200,000 in White House furniture, China, and artwork she had stolen.

What a swell party – ready for another four or eight year of this type low-life mess?

Now we are exposed to the destruction of possibly incriminating emails while Hillary was Secretary of State and the “pay to play” schemes of the Clinton Foundation – we have no idea what shoe will fall next. But to her loyal fans – “what difference does it make?”

Electing Hillary Clinton president would be like granting Satan absolution and giving him the keys to heaven!

What is so disturbing is the blind loyalty of her supporters.  If her supporters looked back at the history of the Hildabeast, and the accounts that have leaked out about her personality, what rational person would ever back her unless there is blackmail and the promise of untold power and riches?  However, Hillary’s track record of rewarding supporters is less the stellar.  Destruction, prison, and death seem to be the rewards for being associated with this person.

The Democratic Party has a problem.  If Hillary withdraws (unlikely) or is indicted & imprisoned (more likely), the Democrats do not have a viable candidate, no matter what the Bernie Sanders crowd thinks.  If they tap Joe Biden as their candidate, then Sanders will most likely sue as he has put large amounts of time, energy, and money into his campaign while Biden hasn’t done anything to this point in time.  O’Malley isn’t even in the picture.  This will put the Democrats into a very bad position, and in more chaos than what they have been currently experiencing.

But if Hillary is nominated, one of the first ads that I would consistently run as a Republican candidate would be a version of the “3AM” add from 2008.  Hillary has a past, not a good one, and the Republicans need to shed the light on every one of her misdeeds and missteps.

I shudder to think of a Hillary presidency…

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Tom Roland is my pen name for this blog. With that in mind... EE for 35 Years, Two Patents - now a certified PMP. Married twice, burned once. One son with Asperger's Syndrome. Two cats. Conservative leaning to the Right. NRA Life Member.
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