What is Popular is not always Right…..

This is a repost of a post that I did years ago on this blog, when it was still under the original name. It applied then, and it applies today. The date that I did the post on was October 12, 2006. Enjoy.

This whole thing about being Politically Correct in life is wrong and so bogus. There is a statement that we should all live by and stop worrying about whether or not what we do is popular. That statement is this:

“What is popular is not always right; what is right, is not always popular!”

We can seperate this out with examples. The biggest one that has implications to our nations security is this one. Immigration! Illegal immigration to be exact. The popular (at least to the politicians and their false polls) is that there are too many illegals, that have been here long enough to actually be living here. It would be unpopular, and therefore wrong to deport them. I say Bullshit!

Here is the problem with that way of thinking. For one, it is not wrong to deport them. It would instead, be right…..and very unpopular with them (the illegals) and the politicians. But even so, deporting them and enforcing the immigration laws would be the right thing to do. They broke our laws by coming here illegally, and there has to be consequences for breaking our laws. No matter what the illegals have to say about it. Right is right. Wrong is wrong, and we have to make this right. No matter what’s popular. (What’s right is not always popular).

Hugo Chavez of Mexico, has been doing his very best to let us here in the United States know, that it would be wrong to send all these illegals back home to Mexico. (These people do not have rights as American citizens. They don’t pay taxes, don’t have the right to Social Security, but since we have been lax in dealing with them, they now think they do.)

They don’t! Now my question on that one would logically have to be asked. “What is wrong with these people that you don’t want them back?” and”Is this something that we, as a nation have to be worried about?” The answer to the first one is….yes there is something wrong with these people….and the answer to the second is yes…it is a concern to our national security.

First: (What is wrong with these people…..? chances are, they are probably the poorest in your country. Of course Mr. Hugo doesn’t want them in his country because they are a drain on his already bad economy. No wonder he is fighting to give them rights here in America, where our economy’s health does not concern him.

Second, there is a problem with them cause who knows, if they are Al-Qeada or terrorists, planning something against America?

To be politically correct we are doing things like having events that have NOTHING to do with being American. Coming up is Hispanic Heritage Month. Remember this post was done in October.

Now I am an American. I was born in America. My dad’s side of the family came from Finland. If I was like everyone seems to be today, I would want a Finnish Heritage Month. But, I am not doing that, cause unlike the Liberals, I am proud to be American. My father was bi-lingual. He spoke both English and Finnish. He was proud to be an American too. I speak English. I know my heritage, but I am not pushing it on everyone. To me, that is wrong. My heritage is mine. I am proud of it. But I am not about to push it on anyone else. They have their own to deal with. If anything, we should have an American Heritage Month. It won’t happen, but it should. We are after all, Americans. Aren’t we? Shouldn’t we be proud of that fact? I know I am.

I think the reason the Liberals get away with the idiocy that they get away with, is because the media tends away from what is American, and towards what is NOT American.

Why is this? It can’t be because they hate America. After all, if you asked any of them that, they would say they Love America, even though their every action says just the opposite. But if you use some Common Sense, you can’t be for America, but against it’s Laws, like the Liberals always are.

That is one thing that the Liberals are always doing. So, starting there, it should be illogical to be Liberal. (What is Popular is not always right!) Get the thinking there?

With the illegals, we have a real problem. We are letting them get away with coming here illegally, and staying here illegally. They stay here long enough, and it will be human nature to start demanding their rights….which is what happened this last summer! People, lets do the right thing here…..and stop worrying about it being popular. It isn’t going to be…at least with them. These people DO NOT deserve rights. Premember, they broke our laws when they came here. They deserve no special treatment. (Remember, what is Popular is not always right. Right is NOT always Popular.) We need to get this straight people, and DO THE RIGHT THING! Unfortunateloy, for all the illegals…..the right thing is DEPORTATION! This is NOT the easy thing, especially since the Liberals and us Conservatives too, have let many illegals in and let them stay. That in itself was wrong! And two wrongs do NOT make a right. It is still wrong. And yes, deporting them would make them unhappy….but face it. There has got to be CONSEQUENCES FOR THEIR ACTIONS! The politicians have got to realize, that they can’t continue taking away consequences, and expect society to work. Cause it won’t. For years, Liberals have been taking the consequences away from actions that are wrong, saying that punishment was unfair and detrimental to the well being of the person. The Majority of us don’t care. We just want the right thing done. Deport them!

Now, years later, they are trying to figure out why so many choose to do the wrong thing. Look at it in any way, and you will see, the Liberals NO CONSEQUENCE mentality has caused this. It will get worse if consequences are not brought back into our society. To heck with the PC crowd. They are destroying this country. Let’s get a backbone and take it back.

What is Popular is not always Right.
What is Right is not always Popular!

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless us every one


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