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Our thoughts and prayers go to the families of those killed in the Colorado shootings.  I don’t care if among those killed were abortionists or not, they are still people with families.

The suspect for the Colorado shooting is, at this moment, being portrayed as a loner, possibly a Christian fundamentalist, by the media.  I’m sure that the media will expand on this theme to portray all Christians as wackos and potential domestic terrorists.

If the media does this, then why won’t they portray all Muslims the same way?  After all, ISIS makes no secret that they are Muslims, they publish their actions of what they are doing in Syria and other countries, & have made very public threats against the Western nations and their people.  They’re terrorists more than any Christian denomination could ever be.

The President is threatening various States with reprisals if the States do not willingly accept  Syrian refugees.  Most of these refugees are young males, not the “widows and orphans” that the President states they are.  Most are also Muslims, mostly of the same Islamic sect as ISIS, not Christians that are bearing the brunt of the brutality that ISIS is publishing through the media.  There is absolutely no way to weed out the ISIS moles in the refugee stream, no matter what the President says (various law-enforcement agencies have confirmed this statement).  And to top it all off, Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia are refusing to accept these refugees, stating that the refugees will not assimilate into their country’s culture and represent a security threat.

refugee roulette

Why is this Administration so damn blind?  Are they completely out of touch with reality?

Speaking of people out of touch, let’s take a look at the students that are on college campuses protesting that they need protection from speech that they do not like or statements that contain “micro-aggression” content.  It would be laughable if they weren’t so serious.

These pansies have no idea what life has in store for them.  If they are offended now, wait until they leave the protective cocoon of the campus.  In contrast, let’s take a look at what similarly aged people were doing 71 years ago…

offensive word protection

I begin to wonder what “safe zone” these pansies will retreat to should someone stand up to them and present a logical and reasonable (i.e., adult) response to their inane rantings and demands…

The President got back on his gun control platform in response to the Colorado shootings – again.  As many of the readers of this blog know, gun control laws only impact law-abiding citizens by restricting their access to effective means of self defense.  Otherwise, places like Chicago would be among the safest places on the planet.

gun control stats

criminal control

I haven’t commented on the Presidential candidates until now.  A few thoughts:

  • If the Hildebeast is charged with any felonies in conjunction with her roles in (name your favorite scandal), the Democrats do not have a viable candidate in the wings – they will be dead in the water.  Sanders is an avowed Socialist whose policies are laughable, and O’Malley has ticked off 100 million gun owners.
  • The Republicans have good candidates in the running, but just too fractured to present a united front against the issues confronting the United States.
  • While Trump is leading the polls, I do wonder what kind of a President he would make.  Running a country is much different that running a business.
  • Carson appears to be too naive for the office.  He is absolutely a brilliant person, just out of his league.
  • Cruz’s birth in Canada to American parents may present a problem.  But then, Obama’s birth in Kenya wasn’t an obstacle…
  • Bush…  No…  Hell no…
  • Rubio is a fresh face with a compelling story.  While he is on the short list for the nomination, I’m not sure about this one.
  • Fiorina can be a strong candidate, but she has a history with HP which may not set well with various people. 
  • Kasich is a conservative, but his partial acceptance of Obamacare could become an issue.
  • Rand Paul is a long, long, long shot at best.  So is Lindsey Graham.
  • Christie is a RINO – his State’s stance on gun ownership is among the strictest in the nation, of which he has done nothing to correct from his position as governor.  Absolutely not.
  • The rest needs lots and lots of help to become relevant.

Obamacare is in deep trouble.  The insurance companies are losing too much money, and cannot raise the rates high enough to cover the number of people expected to pass on joining the health care exchanges.  It’s circling the drain, and the politicians need to put it out of it’s misery.

The mere idea that climate change (aka, weather) is a bigger threat to the Western world than radical Islam is laughable.  I remember that the big issue in the 1960s was global cooling, and then it became global warming.  Then, because these morons couldn’t predict anything, it became climate change.  The truth is, weather will always be unpredictable.  Human stupidity and greed isn’t.

The President trusts Iran with a nuclear development program with a promise not to develop nuclear weapons.  However, Iran has vowed to wipe Israel and all non-believing nations off the face of the Earth.  Really, who believes that Iran will keep it’s “promise”?

iran deal outcome

With the President’s credibility so low, does anyone really believe him anymore?

liar in chief


Last, the latest Star Wars movie will soon be released.  As some of the readers of this blog know, I have used various Star Wars movie quotes to make a point or two.  Thus, not to disappoint…

star wars politics

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2 Responses to Random Thoughts

  1. This is a great post Tom. I wish I had seen this before my show on Saturday. I would definitely have used it

  2. Tapline says:

    Tom, My brain is slowing coming back together after so much has happened to this country…. Great Post! I wish I could put a couple of words together to form all the information you are give us in your Post.. I especially; like the perspective you have on our future presidents. I lean toward Cruz. From all I’ve have heard him say…The Canadian citizen bit, I don’t know. Does he fall under the same law that McCain falls under? Or if one is born in a foreign country of American parents, not military, is he an American citizen, a citizen of that country, or both??? Legal question that I’m sure has been investigated by his staff, before entering this race…….Stay well

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