shocked Paris

Less than 24 hours after President “Haven’t a Clue or Testicles” stated that ISIS was contained, a terrorist attack in Paris claimed at last report 129 dead and 352 injured.  ISIS has claimed responsibility for the carnage.  If the President’s response is anything like the last radical Islamic attack in France, I wonder which musical group he will send next…

The early reports state that the murderers were a combination of French nationals and immigrants from Syria.  This should bring chills to anyone with half a brain…

As we all know by now, this Administration wants to bring thousands of refugees from Syria and other parts of the Middle East, all without vetting or background checks, and turn them loose across this country.  Among these people will be terrorists, criminals, and people who will not integrate into our society.  We are already seeing problems in Europe with unfettered immigration.

There are numerous reports of women being snatched off the streets because of “provocative” clothes and raped.  Refugees riot in the streets because they cannot get enough free stuff from the various governments (Germany especially) that have ousted their own citizens to make room for these ungracious invaders.  Austrian citizens, having less restrictive gun laws than the rest of Europe, are arming themselves with any weapon they can find to protect themselves.

Google any of the above, and there are enough reports from overseas news agencies and YouTube videos to churn your stomach.  It is this insanity that our Administration wishes to import to our country, and there are 100 cities (mostly Democratic controlled) in the US that will welcome Syrian refugees.

We are already seeing Islamic immigrants to this country causing much of the same problems as Europe only on a smaller scale.  There have been terror attacks, honor killings, and other criminal actions that have been downplayed by the media because these stories do not fit the official “narrative” or politically correct speech. 

Yes folks, I am angry.  I am angry that the leadership of this country is failing this nation and it’s people.  I am angry that politics and power plays are now more important to the political leadership than common sense and patriotism.  I am angry that the Progressive Liberals stick their heads in the sand (among other places), do not recognize evil for what it is, and that all the talking & negotiation will do nothing to eliminate that evil.

“You cannot legislate the evil out of this world, Gentlemen.  In the end, you’re going to have to give good men guns and set them loose.”

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