Enter the Dragon – Net Neutrality Rears it’s Ugly Head Tomorrow

It seems that everytime the government wants to do something, and they have just an inkling that the American people won’t want it, they come out with stupid comments like Nancy Pelosi’s “We have to pass it so we can know what is in it” comment about ObamaCare. Well pass it they did, against the wishes of the people and now the people are finding out just what they didn’t want us to see.

The same goes for this whole “net neutrality” bull crap that they are going to vote on Tomorrow. February 26th.

The FCC has decided that it is in their best interest to not let the people see what is in this bill. First off, the FCC is NOT a law making entity. Only Congress is. But, they get away with this because they are not accountable to the people. And mark my words here folks, what is coming down the pike if this “NET NEUTRALITY” bill gets passed will not be liked or wanted by any of us.

They tell us it will make things safer and easier for internet users, when in fact it will give the government more ways to get into our lives and control us. PERIOD!

Rush Limbaugh said it best when he said:

People live in a never-ending phase or state of blind-faith hope that the government can come along and address, redress and eliminate every injustice out there, be it economic, be it cultural, and they have yet to succeed at it… Net neutrality, that’s another one of these bogus titles for an operation that’s the exact opposite. It’s not gonna be neutral…. I’m stunned with the ease in which Obama has had in getting so many young people to sign on eagerly to the idea of regulating the Internet… Net neutrality is as honest a name as is the Affordable Care Act, or as was the Fairness Doctrine. It’s just the latest left-wing power grab.

It’s just the latest left-wing power grab. Oh yeah. This action by the left in our government is almost unheard of in the history of this nation. The party that loses power has always lost power and had to give in to the new party in power. Always, that is until now. Right now the liberal machine in our government is still acting like they have the majority, and the Republicans, who won in a landslide all over the nation this last November are acting like they are still the minority. The rules are still being dictated by the left and the cowering under the table is still being done by the right. Who needs elections when the loser still acts like the winners and the winners still cower like a little kid that has no idea what just happened?


But what we have to do, especially after winning, is let our new majority know under no uncertain terms, that if they don’t do what they were sent there to do, they WILL BE REPLACED with someone who will. Something we haven’t done so far.

So, what is Net Neutrality? I can sum it up in a few words here.

Tomorrow, on Thursday February 26th, Obama’s going to continue his hijacking efforts to take away more and more of our freedoms, in the name of freedom. Do you own a website, do you operate a website? If Obama gets his way, you’re gonna have to get a license for it just like radio and TV stations get licenses, because the Internet is gonna be subject to regulation under Title II like broadcast facilities are. Cable is not, but over the air broadcast will be, and they can’t wait to regulate the Internet, folks, they just can’t wait. It’s almost like a wet dream for them. They can’t help themselves.

But, they also know that we won’t like it if we knew what was in Net Neutrality, so like they did with ObmamCare, they won’t let the public see it until it is passed. Because they know that once a bill is passed into law, it is hard to get rid of it. Almost impossible for that matter.

ObamaCare is a great example of this.

The majority of the people don’t like it. It was passed into law illegally, yet, the government and everyone else for that matter treats it like a law we have to obey. It doesn’t matter that it was forced down our throats illegally. It matters not that most people want it repealed. It stays as a monument to our unwillingness to get totally involved in the affairs of the government…..no matter how bad those affairs are, we just won’t get involved. But Rush goes on with his explanation of this coming theft of our freedoms.

There’s too much freedom out there. There’s too many people “out of control” on the Internet, and Obama and the Democrats have gotta get it controlled. And the way they’re doing it is capitalizing on the stupidity of young people. Maybe “stupidity” is the wrong word. Ignorance and lack of information resulting from the fact that they haven’t lived long enough to know.

The way net neutrality is being sold to Millennials is — and I read these tech bloggers, these little guys. I read ’em, they hate their cable providers. They hate their web service providers, Internet service, they hate ’em. Just like you were made to hate Big Oil and just like you were made to hate Big Tobacco. Just like you’ve been oriented to hate Big Anything, Big Retail, big box retail like Walmart. The Democrats’ enemies list now includes all of the telecommunications companies and the Internet service providers.

The way Obama is targeting support, gaining support from young people on this, is he’s got them confused that what he’s gonna do with net neutrality is punish the people they hate. Does this sound familiar? They’re gonna go after Comcast, Time Warner, any other telecommunications, cell provider, Internet service, they’re gonna really hammer ’em, and they’re gonna make sure that they don’t overcharge. Then they’re gonna make sure they provide equal access to high speed. The big, rich people aren’t gonna get any more access to high speed than people who can’t afford it are, and the government’s gonna take care of it, and the government’s gonna punish, and government’s gonna make people behave right. How can they do this when they can’t even control how they act?

The government’s gonna make it all fair. The government’s gonna make it all equal. And that’s what they’ve been led to believe. The same government that has, right in front of these little people, these young people’s faces, blown up the health care system. The same government that has made a mockery of HealthCare.gov. The same government that has messed up and on the verge of totally destroying, under the guise of transforming it, the best health care system in the world.

While that is happening, I mean, you can’t have any better evidence of the incompetence of bureaucracies to handle massive market maneuvers like health care. You can’t have a better example of government failure than what they’re trying to do with health care, or anything that Obama has touched on the economy. And yet, in the midst of being able to see all of this failure, in the midst of witnessing all of this government incompetence, despite that, we still have people thinking the government’s gonna get it right when they start regulating the Internet.

Now, I’m sorry, folks, you can blame Obama — and I do — and you can blame the FCC and its commissioners — and I do — and you can blame politicians, but ultimately this falls back on the gullibility and the ignorance, dare I say stupidity of some people, because it’s happening right in front of us. The very government that can’t do anything right in terms of improving things that it claims to fix is eminently trusted to get it right on the Internet. And I just want to be around when these people have to get licenses for their websites.

Do you know what happens when you get a license to own a radio or TV station? You have to prove to the government every three years, five, I don’t know what it is now, maybe it’s 10, but you have to prove that you are operating responsibly. You have to prove that you are adequately serving the community. Blah, blah, blah. The point is your freedom to operate your website is going to be dependent on the government approving what you do.

Now I ask you. Do you want the government deciding what is right for you to do? Do you want Obama and other socialistic leftists telling you that you can do this but you can’t do that on the internet? Do you want them in your information? Of course you don’t, unless it is information about what they are really doing. But, if they get Net Neutrality going tomorrow, we are going to find out that places like this blog, or Political Pistachio or even Rush Limbaugh are going to be regulated. If we say things against the administration, we get censored or even taken down. Where is our Net Neutrality then folks? Hmmmm?

Government can’t even do health care right, and they want to take on more stuff? Why? So they can control what we do by screwing everything else up? Don’t they have enough power already? I mean, they can’t even get right the things they are supposed to do now, what makes us think they can get more stuff right if they are allowed. Mark my words here folks, they won’t.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless us each and every one


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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1 Response to Enter the Dragon – Net Neutrality Rears it’s Ugly Head Tomorrow

  1. tapline says:

    Robert, you are as usual, right on target. When I see the government coming in I worry about how far they will go.I see freedom of speech eroding before our eyes.I see how Egypt and other countries treated bloggers that have written about something their governments don’t like… Wack they are in lockup….Cant happen here????Don’t put anything past them….Do people recognize the freedoms that have already been taken from them?….The powers that be, nibble ,,,nibble… until they have full control of what we say where we go.and what we do…The people that we elect to protect our freedoms and interests…are trading them away for political favors or doing nothing…..Nothing…they voice one thing then do the opposite…Maybe, it was always this way and I am just waking up to the workings of government…If that is true,,,,,I don’t like it….
    reply from Robert: I don’t like it either Tap…..and that is the main reason that I do this blog, but if the time comes, and I see it coming now, I will have to get a license to keep this blog going. That is a problem. Not because I will have to have a license, but because then the government CAN AND WILL mandate what I can put here and when I can put it here. If it doesn’t fit their agenda, Nothing will go here. See the problem? I know you do, but do others? We need to get the word out.

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