Just A Rant

Folks, I first want to say that I am proud of my country.  Of my President and his Administration, not so much.  As a matter of fact, I am downright furious & ashamed.

Following the Radical Islamic terrorist (words that our President refuses to say) attack in France on a satirical newspaper that killed 12, world leaders gathered in a show of solidarity against Radical Islamic terrorism.  Representatives from the United States were nowhere to be found, although the US Ambassador was somewhere in the back (which is appropriate since our President favors leading from behind).

The reasons that were given for the President not showing up (or anyone else from his Cabinet) were lamer that the excuse of the dog eating your homework.  What I heard included:

  • The President was putting the final touches on his State of the Union speech, and couldn’t be bothered.
  • The President couldn’t miss the NFL playoff games.
  • Secretary of State Kerry couldn’t break away from his visit to India.
  • The President didn’t want to antagonize the Muslim world.
  • Security for the President or the appropriate representative could not be guaranteed or organized fast enough.
  • AG Holder was attending a security summit and couldn’t work it into his schedule.
  • VP Biden was at home and couldn’t be bothered.
  • An invitation was not extended to the United States to attend.

Instead of showing a backbone and seizing the moment to show that he is the President of United States, President Barack Insane Obama sends Secretary of State John “Not So Swift(boat)” Kerry to give France a symbolic hug and James Taylor to serenade various dignitaries with “You’ve Got a Friend.”

It is no wonder that the United States is rapidly becoming the laughingstock of the world…

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised.  I was in Germany at the time that then candidate Obama swung through Europe and other places giving speeches which essentially states that the United States was not exceptional, was to blame for a multitude of sins, and apologized to various countries.  Anyone paying attention to what he was saying should have known that this clown was all talk and no substance.  And that is what we elected (twice!) for a President, and worse.

By his words and actions (or lack thereof), our President and his minions are working against the United States and it’s people.  From immigration reform to ignoring terrorism to health care takeover to job-destroying policies to infringement upon various rights guaranteed by the Constitution, the net result is the degradation of our country and of the people.

We have a new crop of Representatives and Senators in Congress.  We need to encourage them and hold their feet to the fire to oppose the President who would be King.

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