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I don’t remember saying this when I voted….

“Grant me this use of America’s voice,…….When you cut through all the ‘inside baseball’ stuff in this Omnibus Spending Bill that’s in front of Congress, you’re left with two cold hard facts: this bill doesn’t defund Obama’s amnesty (so he … Continue reading

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Seventy Three years and one day…. and most is forgotten by design…..

I waited till today, the day after the anniversary of the savage attack on Pearl Harbor because I wanted to see just how many places, including the news media who would remember this event that helped shape the world for … Continue reading

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Is She Nuts?

In a recent speech at Georgetown University, Hillary Rodham Clinton stated, “Showing respect even for one’s enemies. Trying to understand, in so far as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view.” After her stint in the State … Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor

Seventy-three years ago, Japan attacked the United States Navy at Pearl Harbor, and plunged the United States into World War Two.  The people of the United States responded in droves awakened by the attack on the country.  They fought and … Continue reading

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Why I Blog

Recently, a comment at Wise Conservatism caught my eye: You write a nice blog, but do you care about your family as much as you do about expressing your opinions? Now I think that the person writing this comment is … Continue reading

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