Time to BEHEAD islam…..

I found this article at ClashDaily.com and I totally agree with it. Nothing more needs to be said. If you read what is written here. America is in dire need of her patriots and citizens to stand up and get rid of the snake called islam…….


It’s time for America to wake-up to the chillingly explicit reality that Islam is a psychotically violent and dangerous dogma that must be beheaded.

That’s right: Beheaded.

Since the time of the Prophet Mohammed–Muslims have slaughtered nearly 300 million innocents in order to propagate their misogynistic and pedophilic doctrine. From rape to genital mutilation to mass beheadings–Muslims have feverishly obeyed Islam’s most vile decrees (Koran 47:4, 9:5, 9:29 and 8:12 just to name a few).

It is a dogma that has cut a swath of unfathomable pain, suffering and misery across the globe since the 7th century. And its penchant for unfettered barbarity has been well documented.

From mass executions ordered by Mohammed in 627 AD following the battle of the Trench to the Armenian Genocide in 1915 by the Ottoman Empire to the myriad beheadings of Christian children in Syria and Iraq by ISIS–Islam has been willingly doing the devil’s work for some time now.

Well, it’s time for this work to come to an end and for America to behead this evil.

And how can America go about accomplishing this worthy and noble task?

First–by no longer recognizing Islam as a religion–but rather an unconstitutional political system because it demands that our rule of law be replaced by Sharia (a flagrant violation of article 6 of the US Constitution). In other words–make Islam illegal.

Second– by viciously and overwhelmingly defeating any and all Islamic terror groups that pose a direct threat to our national sovereignty and/or security. Yes, this means US boots on the ground to crush ISIS by any means necessary.

(It’s time to put aside the feckless and PC rules of engagement and place the head of “John the Beatle” on a pike.)

Simply put–America can behead Islam by prohibiting its practice while kicking its ass on the battlefield.

It’s time. And I couldn’t have said this any better. IT IS TIME!!!

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless us all with common sense


2 thoughts on “Time to BEHEAD islam…..

  1. foxterrier911

    Much food for thought here.

    What this article is doing is calling for a war against war. That is assuming one accepts jihad as war. The only problems that I see are the foreign involvement required and the mind control that will be necessary. We are faced with far more than preventing innocent people from being beheaded by fanatics; we are engaged in an ideological conflict, a war of ideas. We can make Islamic jihad and sharia law illegal in the US, but we cannot erase the ideas they expound from people’s minds. And unless there is a declared war or we are invited by a legitimate government, we really cannot go into another country and begin killing huge numbers of people, no matter how offensive they are to our way of life and thinking. If we do so, we are violating the very principles upon which this country was founded: freedom of speech, which implies freedom of thought, and freedom from coercion. One cannot read and defend the Constitution, as written by our Founding Fathers, without also reading and understanding the Declaration of Independence. I would also remind you that calling a thing by a name does not change its nature. A rose is a rose even if you call it a banana. I agree that terrorizing people is evil. However, I must also ask, do we, as a nation, have a mandate to save the rest of the world?

    Outlawing Islam in the US amounts to hiding our heads in the sand, and denying the reality of present conditions in the world. Like it or not America is part of the world and what happens in other countries does affect us. The battlefield is NOT the US alone it is the entire world; the weapons are not just knives and guns, which can be defended against and are most effective when wielded by a trained person. The real weapons are ideas which have a life beyond their creation or their creator and which need no training to proliferate. We need to think, long and hard, bringing all our critical reasoning ability to the table, before we react to any issue. We need to understand the consequences of pursuing a course of action as well as the consequences of not taking action, for America as well as for the world. Then we need to take reasoned action to effect, to protect the citizens of this country. I am not sure that making Islam illegal is the solution, but it does provide a starting point for the conversation.
    reply from Robert: True. But we can do the next best things here. We can close our borders and stop all incoming flights from those areas. If an American wants to go there to fight with ISIS, and buys a round trip ticket, the way back should be stopped. The trouble I see in this whole thing is we are NOT DOING ANYTHING to protect this country or her citizens. I think if we keep going this way, it will soon become all of our burdens because they will be here, and we will HAVE TO FIGHT. Thanks for the though provoking comment. It was good to read.

  2. foxterrier911


    I agree. We need to do something and not sit on our thumbs. Securing our borders is essential. Screening ALL people who come into this country is important as well, both for health concerns and security purposes. Tickets to ISIS controlled areas should be one way only, but I would try to prevent them from going there in the first place, even to the extent of prohibiting any traffic to those countries as well as no trade or commerce with them. Action does need to be taken, reasoned and thought out as to what the consequences of that action will be. America needs to protect herself. We need to stand for America as it does not appear that some of those in leadership positions are willing to do so.
    reply from Robert: You are right but I think that most in leadership don’t want to stand for America anymore. Most have forgotten that they are there to work for us….not the other way around.

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