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Not having time to properly research a post subject, (and folks, there are many!!), here are a few more thoughts on the various topics of the past few weeks.  Yeah, a few could land me in the land of tinfoil hats, so hang on for the ride!

Eric Holder has stated that he will resign his post as Attorney General of the United States as soon as his replacement has been found.  About time…

Attorney Generals have typically been political pawns for the Administration, but none in my memory has been as biased and willfully negligent of enforcing the laws of the United States as this particular Bozo.

President Obozo is sending 3000 United States troops to Africa to combat the Ebola virus.  My guess they will not be all combat troops (although security would be necessary), but would be troops from the Medical Corps and the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (ASAMRID).  Ebola is a nasty disease, and should be halted.  It is interesting, however, that US Army troops are being used and not elements of the Center of Disease Control (CDC), which are also under the Administration’s umbrella.  Furthermore, this appears to be more on President Obozo’s radar than protecting our borders from illegal immigrants and terrorists…

Saw a report today that compared the fast food workers demanding $15 an hour for flipping burgers, and the pay that our troops get for putting their lives on the line.  That sum is just over a paltry $8 an hour. 

Somehow, I don’t think that the occasional grease splatter is cause for hazard pay…

Also saw a news report that a 9-year old was killed in Chicago last weekend – executed, really – by gang members.  No outrage from the Sharpton / Jackson crowds.  They only come out when there is a racial ax to grind, and it doesn’t have to be real.  Just look at Sharpton’s record and you’ll understand that last statement.

What frosts me about these folks is that they put themselves in positions of authority and influence with the stated purpose of bettering their “people”, but do nothing significant about it.  Just like President Obozo, they stir up the masses to further their agenda and (dare I say it?) line their pockets.

I have nothing against success and people bettering themselves.  I just believe that doing that at the expense of other people is just wrong.

President Obozo saluted the Marines at the bottom of Marine One with a Styrofoam coffee cup in his hand.  A couple of comments on that…

The Commanders in Chief are not required to salute the military they are in charge of.  That being said, if the CinC decides to salute our soldiers, he needs to show respect by doing it right, and that mean that nothing is to be in the hand that does the saluting.  Having anything in the saluting hand is disrespectful, of which this President has been of the military.

I’m trying to figure out why President Obozo had a Styrofoam cup in his hand, and not something that is more Earth-friendly.  Isn’t that going against his environmentalist / climate change constituency not to mention his pro-Earth rhetoric?  One gets more than a whiff of hypocrisy here.

This past week, a disgruntled, fired worker beheaded one of his former coworkers and was stabbing another before being shot by one of the managers.  It was revealed that this person was a convert to Islam, and was attempting to convert others.

Where do I start?  Here’s the first point…

I remember many years ago in my high school world history class, and Mr. Sikes taught the following about the conversion process used to spread the word of Islam.

“The Imam and his soldiers would ride into the village and after all resistance had been eliminated, the villagers would be herded into the town square.  The surviving village elders would then be singled out and then told that they and their people would submit and convert to Islam.  They would approach the first elder, and if he refused, would then be beheaded.  And down the line they went until the surviving elder would command the villagers to convert.  It usually didn’t take that many elders getting their heads cut off before Islam added another village to their fold.”

The lesson was simple:  Infidels will convert to Islam or die. Islam requires the faithful to spread their faith, with violence if necessary, and to show no mercy.

And by the way, the Koran commands such actions – convert or die, and show no mercy to the Infidels.

No matter how the media or the political double-speakers spin this in their politically correct language, Islam is not the “religion of peace” that it is purported to be.  It is anything but tolerant and kind.  Look at the persecution of other religions within the Islamic realm of influence and you will find no tolerance.  Hint:  look up “Rotherham” and the news articles concerning the persecution of Christians in the Middle East (including Saudi Arabia as well as ISIS) for more information.

Here’s the second point…

Many companies (including mine) prevent the carrying of firearms on company property even if you are a licensed concealed-carry holder.  I have no doubts that the second person in the above incident would have been killed and possibly more if this company had that same policy in place.

Companies always put in their employee handbook that the safety and welfare of their employees is important to them.  Security often is a passcard to the building, and cameras in the entrances.  Makes a person feel safe, right?  Wrong.

If a determined person knows how to defeat or get around the security systems (if there are any), then the carnage begins.  The same systems that keep people out also keeps the police out, and the carnage mounts – all recorded by those same security cameras.

And I’m reminded of that every time an incident like the above occurs.  I assess my escape routes constantly because I have no other reasonable and offensive ways to defend myself.  Sure, I can throw a phone at the assailant – providing he’s within the length of the phone cord, but that’s about it.  Just about everything else available in a typical office cannot be used unless you are up close and personal, and if the person has a gun or knife, you’re toast.

It’s interesting that Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obozo is now calling on a coalition of various countries to “manage” ISIS.  Never mind that he has p****d most of our allies off, and cannot seem to make new ones.  The foreign policy of this Administration is an epic fail.

And by the way, I still remember President Obozo stating that he struggles with his daily drone kill list…

Can the Nobel Prize Committee ask for the Peace Prize to be returned?

The reason that the Democrats want an open border is that the majority of the illegal immigrants will vote Democrat.  Keep going, and the possibility of a one-party government becomes very, very real.  An excellent article by Ed Lasky is here, and describes that the plan to “fundamentally transform America” does not bode well for the future of this country.

That’s all for this post.  Be well, my friends.

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Tom Roland is my pen name for this blog. With that in mind... EE for 35 Years, Two Patents - now a certified PMP. Married twice, burned once. One son with Asperger's Syndrome. Two cats. Conservative leaning to the Right. NRA Life Member.
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  2. I love this post Tom, and if you get some grief for this…then I should too, cause I agree 100% with you on this one. Great post sir.

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