The Border

First of all, it’s been over two months since the last serious post.  An unexpected death in the family and a work schedule from the lower depths of Hell has not been conducive to writing.

During this time, there have been many events that have happened worldwide.  As much as I would like to comment on them all in depth, that is almost impossible.  So let’s address the situation on the Southern border of the United States.

Illegal immigration to the United States has always been a problem.  It really does not matter which political party is in power – the posturing has been immense, the actions little.  The current “crisis” is only the latest in a long line of political inaction and dithering.

Let’s keep in mind that there is very little wrong with the current immigration laws.  A person must apply to immigrate to the United States, be vetted, and go through the process to become a citizen of the United States.  What is wrong is the administration and enforcement of the current laws.

Both political parties try to cozy up to the Hispanic community because they represent the majority of the illegal immigrants coming into this country.  For example, the term “illegal immigrants” has been changed to “undocumented worker” to change a politically incorrect term to something softer.  If the term is softer, then there is more leniency in enforcing laws because the laws can then be seen as unjust.  So now the “undocumented workers” are now portrayed as heroic people defying all odds and an unjust system to secure a better life for themselves and their children.

The “crisis” at the Southern border is thus portrayed as a humanitarian issue.  It is not.  It is a crisis that is a quest for political power by the political parties by raising the issue every election cycle.  The parties posture for and pander to the free immigration crowd for votes.  The issue drags on and on, and does not end because once the politicians are elected, the issue is ignored until the next election cycle.

From my perspective, our politicians put the interests of their political party first, and the security of the country last.  The “crisis” of immigration reform is not about solving the problem, but promoting the problem for votes.  The result is that the security of our country is at risk.  Consider the following…

In another part of the world, ISIS has come to power through horrific means.  Their stated goal is to convert the rest of the world to their brand of Islam by the point of the sword and gun, and vow death to any unbeliever or those that oppose them.  If taken at their word, they have stated that they will bring their quest to the United States.

Now up until the graphic death of James Foley, our media and political elite has mostly dismissed these threats.  But after the execution of one of their own, the media lost their collective minds.  After all, aren’t journalists exempt from such treatment?  Which reminds me of the following excerpts from a post in 2006:

I watched the Glenn Beck special in which Islamic Extremism was featured. The images presented in this program as created by the Muslim clergy, news, and entertainment media were most disturbing. It’s not easy to watch crowds being whipped into a frenzy, chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.” Nor is it reassuring that people considered to be “infidels” are not considered to be people, but must be killed wherever they are found. And let’s not talk about what they really think of the Jewish people and Israel simply because it is so dehumanizing as to be ridiculous.

What bothers me the most is that our media ignores the reality of this threat. We do not hear of or read about very often the anti-American & anti-Israeli rhetoric, calling for the destruction of our respective countries. Nor is it brought to the forefront that they truly hate us with all of their hearts, and wish nothing but death for us…

…Whether we like it or not, I believe that the Islamic terrorists are going to do their damnest to make this into a religious war from whatever it can be called now. They will use the classic good vs. evil argument, an us-vs.-them conflict in the name of a jihad (religious war, for those of you in Rio Linda). They will plot, plan, and execute attacks that will cause large numbers of casualties. And the elitist idiots among us will wring their hands crying, “We don’t understand! We were talking!” Understand this, you Brie-eaters – there are people in the world that want to kill you just for the reason that you exist!!

Does any of the above from almost six years ago sound familiar?  It should, because that is exactly what is happening today.  ISIS is declaring war on the rest of the unbelieving world in the name of their god.

Now we have that established, where do you think that they will come into this country to attack from within?  If you have guessed our semi-unprotected Southern border, you would be correct.  This is infiltration 101 and Sun Tzu rolled up into one – go where your enemy is weakest and strike hard to confuse, disorient, disable, and discourage.

The Administration of the President of the United States is responsible for enforcing the Laws of the United States as passed by Congress.  The laws concerning immigration enforcement are no different from any other laws.  However, this President has chosen to loosen or ignore various provisions of the immigration laws, and has further directed through Executive Orders (of which the legality is in question) to alter said laws.  The result is increased activity along our border, overwhelming what few Border Patrol Agents are there.  And the Administration’s response is to ship the illegal immigrants all over the country for “processing”, for which very few will ever show up in court.


Our government via the Office of the President with the consent of Congress is responsible for securing this nation from foreign powers, and this includes preventing invasion & infiltration by non-citizens over our borders.  This is not a humanitarian or immigration issue, rather, this is a security issue.  This country cannot have a open or porous border and expect to continue to thrive.

Stop to think about this for a minute:  Our economy is on the ropes, and is barely recovering.  There are many people either unemployed or underemployed looking for better job opportunities to return to the standard of living before everything tanked.  And now our government, for “humanitarian reasons”, wants to toss another five to ten million people onto the unemployment and job-searching rolls?  Is that insane and/or incompetent?  Or as I’ve stated, an attempt to garner political power?

But at what price?  Allowing terrorists free passage in addition to the economic hit is not in the best interests of this country by any stretch of the imagination.

This is why the midterm elections are so critical this year.  This is why we need to support and vote people into office that will stop the insanity.  The second part of this is to hold them accountable to their campaign promises.  Otherwise, I fear that this country of ours will be irreparably damaged.

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Tom Roland is my pen name for this blog. With that in mind... EE for 35 Years, Two Patents - now a certified PMP. Married twice, burned once. One son with Asperger's Syndrome. Two cats. Conservative leaning to the Right. NRA Life Member.
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  1. you mentioned Glenn Beck on this, and it brought to mind something I said on my show today. A quote from Reagan, that said, if you can’t make them see the light, then let them feel the heat. I believe that we need to do something to stop the evil tide of islamism and ISIS…the trouble is, America no longer has the intestinal fortitude that it would need for a fight like that. Oh well. At least we know what it will take to save America. Thanks my friend for the great post. Hope that your troubles have lessened or gone away.

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