It seems they are in overdrive

It seems that no matter how hard we try to bring this nation back to greatness, the left is always in place to do what they can to keep that from happening. And the sad part about this is, the GOP establishment is working for the same ends too.

The last few weeks on my show, I have had no troubles finding something to talk about. But this week was different, but not in the way you seem to think.

What is going on this week is that it seems the left has gone into overdrive to force as much on us as they can, without any consequences to them……only us. And I can tell you that this traditional American is tired of having all they’re crap being forced down my throat.

A few weeks ago, Harry Reid, who is pretending to be a senator of the United States, changed a rule in the Senate that was written by Thomas Jefferson, to help the minority party be able to keep from being run over by the majority party. I remember when the republicans had the majority, the democrats, Harry Reid included complained that they were being left out of the due process, because they were the minority. But they used the filibuster rule and the rules that Senator Harry got rid of, to refuse President Bush many of his nominations for offices in his administration.

Now he complains that the republicans are doing the same thing, making it hard on President Obama, so to stop what they were doing to Bush, he changed the rule to make the minority a complete party incapable of doing anything to stop anything. NOT WHAT JEFFERSON HAD IN MIND folks.

But I can see this coming back to bite them in the butt really hard, if they actually do lose the majority. Then, mark my words here, they will want to change the rule back. And sadly they will probably get away with doing that.

Which will set a precedence where they can get rid of the rule when they are the majority, and get it back when they are the minority. See how the left works folks? They are destroying America, and sadly, the GOP establishment is working hard to help. Time to vote all those types out of office. The next move is up to us…..We the People.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless us every one.