What is coming this week…..

On Saturday, December the 7th we should be celebrating the 72nd anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the event that took America into World War II. The things we have to look at here is if we had the leaders then, that we do now…..we would never have entered the war in retaliation to the surprise attack on us. We would never have won the war if we had entered it, and America would be a third world country today. But I digress.

On Sunday morning, 72 years ago, December the 7th, the Japanese attacked the U.S. Naval base on the Hawaiian Islands, at Pearl Harbor, killing a little over 2300 people, including civilians. That took us into world war two, and a few days later, the President also declared war against Hitler’s Germany……even though Germany hadn’t done anything aggressive against us. *Hear the uproar of dissent from today’s leadership over that one????*

This country is so far from the America that entered the war 72 years ago…..that it is hard to imagine it is the same country folks.

Seventy-two years ago, we went into the war with a single purpose of fighting to win. Something we haven’t done since before Vietnam. And I mention that war because we lost it for one reason. We fought a defensive war there. And no one can win a defensive war.

In World War two, in both theaters of the war, we fought it with the single determination to win and win big. We didn’t care how long it took, just so long as our enemies went down in flames and we were the victors. And we were. Then, after we destroyed the infrastructure of Japan and Germany, we went in like the country we are, and we helped them to rebuild. Today, we would go in with the determination of a snail that was afraid of it’s own shadow…….and I am not talking about our troops either. They go in to win the war, but they are always being hampered by the rules of engagement that are put upon them by their own government. Rules like, no firing upon anyone who isn’t shooting at you first. HUH???? That isn’t war, that is an arcade game where the person playing the game does the shooting…and the others in the game get shot. In war, you wait till you are being shot at to return the fire, and chances are you may be dead before you get the chance to fight back. We have the greatest troops in the world…..and our own government is doing everything they can to level the playing field for the enemy. Thank God that wasn’t the way government did things, in World War II.

Got the picture now you liberals? See why this country is going down the toilet so fast? It is because of your policies. And the people who vote them. Plain and simple

Also on Saturday, at 4 pm eastern time, my radio show, called The New Wise Conservatism Radio Show, on Blog Talk Radio, through Conservative Nation Media dot com, will be airing with the anniversary show, commemorating America, by remembering the attack on Pearl Harbor. I will have audio clips, and bumper music from the era. Join in and give it a listen. I hope you join in and maybe even learn a thing or two about your great country. .

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless us every one


2 thoughts on “What is coming this week…..

  1. gene white

    Robert, are you aware that the site no longer permits comments? I really enjoy your comments, but there seems to be no way to respond.
    reply from Robert: You know that you can always comment here.

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