Thanksgiving 2013

As we gather around the table this year, there will be many, many discussions.  If the Liberals among us have their way, they will want us, the American People, to fall in step with their desires and outcomes.  In our house, I don’t think so.

President Obama and his supporters want us to tout the benefits of Obamacare (even though he no longer refers to the Affordable Healthcare Act by that name).  It doesn’t matter that the premiums are higher than what you have (or had), the deductibles are outrageous, or that the website that you are to sign up on is sicker than someone with congestive heart failure (I wonder if the website is eligible for treatment…)

Outgoing New York City Michael Bloomberg want us to talk about the evils of guns and why they should be banned.  Never mind that guns are not the problem as they are the tools of both criminals and law-abiding citizens alike.  Mr. Bloomberg neglects to tell us that while he wants us disarmed, he wants to be surrounded by bodyguards with…guns…of course for his safety.  As for the rest of us, not so much. 

To a lesser extent, President Obama has flip-flopped on his gun-control stance much like I thought he would.  If you remember, he (illegally) directed the CDC to research gun violence, and he didn’t get what he wanted:

president obama ordered the cdc to study gun violence and the results are in  President Obama Ordered the CDC to Study Gun Violence and the Results Are in...

The Senate Democrats would like us to laud them for their “leadership” in changing a long-standing Senate rule concerning using filibusters to block Presidential nominations to judicial and executive branch positions.  However, what they have done in reality is attack the rights of the minority party in opposing bad appointments.  From Richard Winchester’s article “America is One Step Closer to a One-Party Tyranny”:

By a 52-48 vote, the Senate voted to change the institution’s regulations related to the filibuster, thereby emasculating a political minority’s ability to thwart, or at least delay, majoritarian dictatorship.  A Senate minority can no longer thwart the president’s nominations of judges to lesser federal courts or of executive department officials.

The Senate, once said to be the world’s greatest deliberative body, has been reduced to the president’s rubber stamp.  Furthermore, if the Senate’s rules — originally written by Thomas Jefferson — can be changed at the majority leader’s whim, what is to prevent them being altered again, even to the point of eliminating the filibuster, which used to be called “the soul of the Senate”?

If Harry Reid’s assault on representative government, which was probably an attempt to distract public opinion from ObamaCare, remains in place, American politics will be forever changed…for the worse.

To comprehend the severity of the damage Reid and his minions have done, we need to explore the nature of representative government.

Whether the American regime is called a democracy — the most widely used term — or a representative republic — a less often used, but more accurate, descriptor — it must confront a dilemma that is virtually “baked into” this form of government: the inevitable tension between majority rule and minority rights.

We tend to forget that the Senate’s rule permitting extended debate was intended to be a formidable weapon against majority tyranny.

And the Senate via Harry Reid  is telling us that they did it to streamline the decision making for the good of the People.

Last on the list is the “deal” our esteemed Administration made with Iran.  I’ll let the following graphic say it all:

Photo: Let's make a deal........ugh

Folks, I am a Patriot, and I love our country.  I object to the way it is being run, and vote my conscience for the good of our Nation.  Thus –

“We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.” – Hillary Clinton

Please have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

About Tom Roland

Tom Roland is my pen name for this blog. With that in mind... EE for 35 Years, Two Patents - now a certified PMP. Married twice, burned once. One son with Asperger's Syndrome. Two cats. Conservative leaning to the Right. NRA Life Member.
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8 Responses to Thanksgiving 2013

  1. gene white says:

    Tom, I didn’t re-blog this anywhere. I just read it for my own pleasure. Kudos, for understanding what is going on right now in this nation, and giving the rest of us the opportunity to comment on it. Its a mess for sure, but its a mess of our own making.

  2. Tom Roland says:

    Thank you, Gene, for your kind words.

    You are also correct – What is disturbing is that the American people elected this Aministration not once, but twice. That in of itself is cause for concern.

  3. Gene saying this is a mess of our own making, is right on the money, and it is time to realize that we have precious little time to reverse what we have done to ourselves. The next several elections, if that much is what will tell us if this country has a good future or one of totalitarianism and tyranny. Which is it we want? I know I want America the free back. Vote all the bums out that won’t follow the founding documents to the letter. Great post Tom.

  4. Skunk says:

    Completely agree: voter apathy, coupled with low information ignorance and a dose of fraud, and here we are mired in the worst, most dishonest administration in history. The apathetic must get energized — as they did in ’94 and ’10 — or we may find ourselves in too deep to swim.
    reply from Wise Conservatism: the best thing to do is to get rid of low informed people…but sadly, when they are too lazy to learn….we are in trouble.

  5. tapline says:

    Robert, It’s been a while. As usual your post is spot on. I read with interest the comments on your post and find some of them somewhat disturbing…For one, I did not elect this administration this time nor at any time since the Kennedy administration. I find that much of the information given on current issues are either false or misleading, The same goes for the mass media informational pool,.seperating the wheat from the chaff is really a chore..Thank God for the Blogs otherwise real news would not be forthcoming. Notice there has been no closure on any of the scandals that have followed this administration.
    I have also noted that the voices of desent on these issues have ceased almost completely. Makes one wonder if or what information has been gathered doesn’t it.?…….I’m rambling again….stay well…….
    reply from Wise Conservatism: tap, you have it right….the post though was not mine. It was written by Tom who is the other author here now. And his posts are done in a dark red where my posts are in blue. But you are so right in what you are sying. The voices of dissent have been silenced for the most part and that my friend is so troubling.

  6. tapline says:

    Tom, you post great information with excellent research. Keeps one on their toes…Great post…..

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