We are growing here at Wise Conservatism

I added my new writer here, from another blog a while back and now It seems I have another wanting to write here. Which really is a great thing, since I have started working long days and haven’t really had the time to write that much here. I have watched though and it seems that things here are great since Tom started writing here, as he is giving WC great articles that agree with our philosphy here of the right way to have this country going…..and how to change it back to the way it needs to be for a bright future. OUR CHILDREN deserve that much I think.
So hopefully you may see another writer here soon, which will add to our ability to get more of the truth out. I know I have my fingers crossed again…

Thanks to all my readers and thanks to Tom for the great articles that he has added to this blog. I have always had a grand idea of being the next viral thing……hasn’t happened yet but I can still hope.
After all, the democrats and even a lot of the republicans are giving us so much material to write about that one site can never have too many like minded people writing and helping bring this country back to greatness now, ……right?

God Bless America
God Bless our troops
God bless us all


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