Just when we think NOBODY CAN BE THAT STUPID….

….along comes Nancy Pelosi making us know that being so stupid that you can’t put on foot in front of the other to walk is just the beginning.

Just when I thought she couldn’t get any dumber, she comes up with this little gem:

Representative Nancy Pelosi states that the death of the 40-hour work week is a good thing because it means that more Americans will be free to “follow their passions.”

Now, Americans can spend more time consuming liberal media. Oh my that is something to dream of…..NOT!

My thoughts on this are “fantastic”. Now that we are losing the 40 hour work week, we have more free time…but that free time is wasted because now, we do not have the money needed to enjoy it. Hey wait…I have an idea…..

Let’s vote Nancy Pelosi out of office so she can have less hours to work so she can follow her passions. Hopefully those passions will be to kill herself. Now, you all know that I don’t mean that, but it wouldn’t hurt the world any.

But the one thing that I do believe is, that she and a bunch of others MUST go with the next election. Plain and simple.

These people have nothing on their agenda plates except to destroy this nation and all the people who believe in her, and that means all of us my friends.

When are we going to rise up and stop this moronic behavior in Washington D.C.

When are we going to take this country back and make her great like she was formed to be?

I know I am waiting…..hopefully, like I said in a previous post, this won’t happen after this nation has been thrown into the dump heap of history.

God Bless America
God Bless Americans
God bless the patriots who will fight for her.


3 thoughts on “Just when we think NOBODY CAN BE THAT STUPID….

  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Bela ‘botox’ Pelosi would finally show her true dedication to a liberal passion of hers, and self-abort? And she can encourage her entire kaliforlornia abortion-loving colleagues to join her! The world would be improved immediately.
    reply from Robert: Sounds like a great Idea. Maybe we can submit it for a vote?

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