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Something my father taught me was that to get respect, you must show respect by being courteous and respectful to the other person.  However, it seems that in today’s world, the only way that people think that respect is earned … Continue reading

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Just when we think NOBODY CAN BE THAT STUPID….

….along comes Nancy Pelosi making us know that being so stupid that you can’t put on foot in front of the other to walk is just the beginning. Just when I thought she couldn’t get any dumber, she comes up … Continue reading

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The Establishment GOP Must Go…..

It seems now, the establishment GOP has waged war against Senator Ted Cruz for trying to shut down Obamacare. They are crying and moaning about the coming government shut down if Cruz keeps it up. Well you guys, sitting up … Continue reading

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Post in Pictures and Videos

Maybe I’m getting old & lazy, but it seems that other people are putting out pictures and videos on what I’m feeling about posting this week.  And they are doing a better job than what I can do! Here are … Continue reading

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Do We have a Stupid President?

Looking on the surface, president Obama, and those on the “extreme” left seem totally stupid, or completely unable to hear when someone of opposing views speaks. If you don’t believe me, listen to Obama and Harry Reid. This morning on … Continue reading

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Leading from Behind

This past week has shown the American People what the difference is between a community organizer and a leader.  Let us look at the job description of a Community Organizer (excerpted from eHow): Description Community organizers work to advance racial … Continue reading

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Patriot’s Day 2013

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