The Circus that is the Zimmerman Case

“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see.”

Remember from my last post this quote that I put at the top of it, by Ayn Rand? It fits this one too.

I was listening this morning to the closing arguments of the defense and the prosecution in this case. The defense pushed forward facts and quotes and used props to push the idea that Zimmerman was acting in self defense. The prosecution on the other hand used tactics to hit below the belt. You know…..bringing up the fact that Trayvon Martin was underaged and had no way to defend himself. But the facts stand out. Trayvon Martin was much bigger than Zimmerman, something the press immediately from the start pushed onto the back burner by starting their reporting of the incident as a small defenseless kid being attacked by a White person, then changed to a white hispanic…..*what the hell is that?* and then finally, after the minds of the people had been sufficiently turned against Zimmerman did they finally start reporting the truth. That Martin was so much bigger and was in a gated community after hours *so to speak, but that is a fact they are still trying to ignore, even in the trial.

Zimmerman has been tried and convicted of this long before the trial ever came to light by the media and the people that read and believe what the media had to say.

And as of now, it really matters little if Zimmerman is convicted or exonerated. Because if convicted, he will be done so at the hands of the media, not the jury. If exonerated, he will probably end up dead in a year from someone who has been lead to believe Zimmerman is guilty.

From Facebook there are several pages there now, that are only for the finding of someone to kill Zimmerman if he is found innocent, and on twitter, the hateful tweets from people about him if he gets releases saying that they would “pay someone 20 dollars to kill him” if he is exonerated! Now I ask you, would this sort of thing be allowed by anyone if Zimmerman had not done anything that night or if Trayvon Martin was white? HELL NO it wouldn’t, and it shouldn’t be allowed now. But it is.

I have a feeling that no matter what the facts say in this, Zimmerman is going to be found guilty and I hope I am wrong on this one. But that is the faith I have in this country now, and the judicial system. As you can guess, that opinion isn’t very high. But that is the same with our government right now too.

I hope to God that Zimmerman, if he is really innocent, he is exonerated and the people leave him alone. If he is guilty, I hope he is found guilty. But, if he is not guilty, and is found guilty, then there will be a travesty of the law…..just like our country has a travesty against our constitution now.

I never hope for a kid to be killed, so don’t go there, but, if he is a minor, and is inside a gated community at a time when he should’nt be, shouldn’t that be considered? Sadly, I know it isn’t. During the closing arguments, I never heard that once.

I just hope and pray that the jurors will think about that, when giving a verdict on a person who has shown no anger or hatred in this whole thing, even though the media is always saying he has and is…….

God Bless America
God Bless our troops


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