The Zimmerman Case

I don’t often write opinions about court cases, preferring for the Scales of Justice to balance themselves out.  But this case is different.  This case was tried in the media long before it ever made it to the courtroom.

I’ll not go into the particulars other than the following:

George Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch coordinator in the gated community in which he resided.  He noticed Trayvon Martin while running an errand, called the police department to report a suspicious character in the neighborhood.  Martin and  his father were visiting his father’s fiancée and her son at her townhome in the gated community, but his actions (“just walking around looking about” in the rain and “This guy looks like he is up to no good or he is on drugs or something.”) warranted attention by Zimmerman.  After Zimmerman ended his call with police, a violent encounter took place between Martin and Zimmerman, which ended when Zimmerman fatally shot Martin.

The media immediately jumps all over this incident, where Zimmerman was initially identified as being white, then Hispanic, and calling this a racially motivated stalking and killing.  Additionally, pictures of Martin when he was 12-years old were circulated instead of the 18-year old tough that Martin actually was.  Last, Zimmerman’s phone calls to the police were edited by the media to portray Zimmerman as stalking Martin.

Let me stop here for a moment – if Zimmerman was tried solely on the above portrayal by the media and various people, he would have been immediately tried, convicted, and hung from the nearest palm tree as a murderer of an innocent child. 

I find it absolutely disgusting that the media has picked out this one incident to blow completely out of proportion.  Obviously, the tactic here was to show that there is some racial hatred still existing within the country, otherwise why was Zimmerman first identified as Caucasian?  It doesn’t matter that the makeup of the gated community was multi-ethnic, but the media is a monster that demands to be fed to meet its quota of news and satisfy its self-appointed mandate of social justice. What followed was as predictable as possible.

Protests, walkouts, rallies, and the usual suspects (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and even President Obama) weighed in on the matter, and demanded Zimmerman to be arrested and charged with murder.  Political pressure increased, and the prosecutor (who was up for re-election at the time) filed charges of second-degree murder 45-days after the shooting of Martin by Zimmerman was ruled self-defense.  As such, the case against Zimmerman is very, very weak.  And this past week has shown exactly how much trouble the prosecution is in pursuing a politically motivated charge.

The testimony of witnesses this past week, and subsequent information show (at least to me) that Zimmerman most likely acted in self-defense from an attack from Martin.  He followed Martin because of his behavior, and most likely did not identify Martin as someone who lived within the gated community.  And by the way, a more recent picture of Martin has showed up, showing him to be a large teenager, and not an innocent 12-year old.

And I now hear from a friend that the Twitter-verse is alive with calls for riots should Zimmerman be acquitted.

And folks, this is sad.  Why cannot the same passions, the same energy be put into resolving the black on black violence in our cities?  Chicago, Detroit, and Washington DC all have horrendous murder rates of black on black violence, and most of those are drug related.  I think I know why…

I wrote the following in 2006 in a post called “Equal Diversity”:

Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrikan, and Al Sharpton all lament that their people are being mistreated, held back, discriminated against, and otherwise separated from their proper place in society. They constantly point to the “white oppressors” in government and business who stop at nothing to hold the minority back. Of course, they then pass the plate for funds to change the attitudes of business and change the laws to favor their people.

Their speech inflames and divides people along racial lines. How can anyone accept diversity with such hateful speech from the proponents of diversity? Unless, of course, they like to stir up the masses to line their own pockets…

Stop the politicking and fundraisers, and turn your attention to changing the attitudes of the people you claim to represent. Aid them in finding solutions instead of assigning blame. Support getting the able-bodied off of Welfare, and find jobs, educational opportunities, and other positions that will improve their standard of living. Recognize the rapper/drug culture for what it is, a self-destructive blight upon your people, and kill it. Instill in these same people self-respect and self-control, the understanding of tolerance, and the fruits of social change will be forthcoming. You, the self-appointed leaders of your race/community must first demonstrate leadership before any positive changes can even be expected to occur.

Government sponsored quotas & regulations will not change people’s attitudes toward diversity. All these will do is promote division, dissention, and resentment. I have noticed in recent years an increase of these attitudes. This is NOT what Martin Luther King had in mind.

His vision looked for the Negro people to stand side by side with the White people as equals, and to get there by self-sufficiency, not by a government mandate. He wanted his people to rise up to their potential, to stand on their own two feet, not by some law or subsidy. Patronage of the Negro was not his vision, but to join the human race as equals to any other ethnic group, to enjoy the fruits of hard labor through equal opportunity, and not through quotas. It is truly a travesty that his own people have hindered this vision instead of completing it.

Now I realize that I’m a white guy, and part of the “problem” and of the “establishment”.  But if I’m wrong in the above statements, then kindly tell me why.

Whether or not Zimmerman is found innocent of the charges or not, his life is ruined, and he will have a target on his back placed there by the media for the rest of his life.  And that is yet another tragedy.

About Tom Roland

Tom Roland is my pen name for this blog. With that in mind... EE for 35 Years, Two Patents - now a certified PMP. Married twice, burned once. One son with Asperger's Syndrome. Two cats. Conservative leaning to the Right. NRA Life Member.
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2 Responses to The Zimmerman Case

  1. I was going to do a post about this, about a week ago, and changed my idea to the post that I put here a few minutes before you did this one. The reason that I stayed away from this one was the facts that you put here have mostly been obscured in my mind because of all the stupid hype from people like you mentioned, in an attempt to paint Zimmerman as the bad guy here. He wasn’t but try to tell the average person that and they would see him as a MONSTER, not the press which is the real monster. Thanks for this one Sir. Grteat post as usual.

  2. Tom says:

    This case is exactly why I no longer trust the media as a whole. There is an agenda, one of social justice at any cost, and it tramples upon the individual whether innocent or guilty. And I’ve really tried to figure out why this has happened.

    Again, thank you for your complements.

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