When Common Sense Leaves…

Saw this post & thought it should be shared.  Think of the Pop-Tart Gun incident, and you’ll understand…

Area Student Arrested For Making A “Tornado in a Bottle”

By Patrick Kane


Tuesday afternoon, a local elementary school student, Peter Collins, was arrested for bringing a “tornado in a bottle” to school for the annual Denysin Elementary science fair. Authorities were alerted after it was reported that a student had what appeared to be an “atmospheric weapon of destruction” on school grounds.

The school was quickly evacuated, as the Denver bomb squad was called in to deal with collecting and neutralizing Collins’ second grade science fair project. Teachers close to Collins noted that Collins was a, “stellar student’ and they were, “shocked learn someone like that could be capable of doing something so dangerous”. One witness remarked that Collins’ project looked,  “normal” until Collins shook it up to reveal its true “sinister and offensive form”.

According to Collins’ parents, the project was nothing more than water mixed with dish soap and blue dye that creates a, “tornado like spiral” when shaken. However, many area parents are not so convinced of the project’s innocent nature.

Mother of a student in Peter Collins’ class, Angela Surname, told reporters that she, “didn’t know how plans for such diabolical technology could get into the hands of children” and that she and all of her book club agree that the internet and, “whichever top-forty musician that wears the most black” are to blame.

Many parents have demanded the school district take, “immediate disciplinary action” against Collins. Several students in Collins’ class have reportedly told the school’s administration that they are, “too distraught “ by the the incident to do homework or participate in class.

These complaints by students have resulted in many parents demanding that free after school counseling be offered to any students in the district who were, “disturbed by Collins’ science fair project”.

Denysin Elementary School Principal, Dan Johnson noted that the school has a strict, “zero tolerance policy on any and all atmospheric simulations” since the infamous 2003 incident involving a baking soda volcano in which two students’ shoes and pants were temporarily stained.

Principal Johnson told reporters that seven year old Collins will be charged with, “possession and discharge of a weapon on school grounds, discharging a destructive device, and child abuse” all of which carry a minimum of ten years prison time.

When asked about the severity of Collins’ punishment, Principal Johnson told reporters, “We don’t allow toy guns in our schools, why should we allow a replication of something more destructive than a gun”.

When parents of Denysin Elementary students were asked about the severity of Collins’ punishment, many believed that the actions taken against Collins were, “perfectly reasonable”. “What if next time a student brings a real tornado to school? We have to show the bad seeds that there are serious consequences for their actions” remarked local mother and elbow pad enthusiast, Coleen McClusky.

Many parents of students in Collins’ class have spoken out for Collins to be, “expelled and banished” from the school and state respectively. Those parents then told reporters that were their children to be in Collins situation, they were, “ninety percent sure (they) would still feel the same way”.

Collins is currently being held in San Morrison federal prison without bail, and will see a judge sometime in between, “next Tuesday and his eighth grade graduation”.

UPDATE: After being thrown out by three separate local judges, Denysin Elementary School Principal is pursuing the possibility of trying young Peter Collins in a military tribunal for, “Conspiracy and Terrorism”.

We’re headed toward mass stupidity, and our schools are leading the way.

(Preceding was Satire, but with the way this nation is going, in the near future, this could be common place…..so don’t be astonished if someday soon the liberal media comes out with something like this and they are 100% serious about it.) from Free Republic

2 thoughts on “When Common Sense Leaves…

  1. I read this and was incredulous. But checked it out and added a line at the bottom. It was satire, but, the way this nation is going, in the near future it really could happen…..if things aren’t changed. I loved this post Tom. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Robert, I always knew it was a satirical piece of work (it’s labeled as such on my home blog), but I couldn’t resist. The hyperactive reactions of our “teachers” (or rather, Liberal indoctrinators) and clueless parents is classically shown in this piece. And yes, I certainly agree that unless our nation gets a clue with a good dose of common sense, we’re toasted without the peanut butter & jelly.
    reply from Robert: I was tempted to leave it too….because so many nowadays are so gullible that they will believe anything put before them if it is in print. But, in good conscience, I couldn’t….and I knew that you knew it was satire.

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