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The Zimmerman Case

I don’t often write opinions about court cases, preferring for the Scales of Justice to balance themselves out.  But this case is different.  This case was tried in the media long before it ever made it to the courtroom. I’ll … Continue reading

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I am an American…………….

We have all been trying to figure out, *most Americans anyway* as to why America is in the decline it is in. The story has been told about assimilating to be American, instead of being part of this country but … Continue reading

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Our Hope now lies with the House….

I guess that Thursday was the day. Immigration reform, a bill that didn’t need to be brought into the light of day, was passed by the Senate, and among every one of the democrats who voted for this stupidity, there … Continue reading

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This ISN’T the Way it’s Supposed to be.

Everyone has heard the term “federal lands” and most of us still hear that term all the time from the government in Washington. Here is the problem with this folks. If it is done the way it is supposed to … Continue reading

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Semi-Random Thoughts

There’s been a lot going on this past week that has caught my attention.  Here’s just a few: A couple of posts ago, I outlined my reasons to distrust the Government.  Townhall’s  John Hawkins has listed 20 reasons why he … Continue reading

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The Real War on Women…….

It seems that the left is always trying to tell us the the GOP has the war on women. The real truth is, the left’s constant working on trying to take our guns away from us is the real war … Continue reading

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Safety and Security

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin For the past week, I’ve heard debates, reasoning, and posturing on the NSA’s “Prism” program, and quite frankly, I’m … Continue reading

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