What the Rich and Famous Idiots are saying about Boston….

“Two Americans Bomb Boston Marathon” both Tsarnaev brothers were registered voters and U.S. Citizens.

It seems to me that the liberals in this country are all coming unhinged with insanity, and it is happening so fast and so hard that they are taking Republicans like John McCain and Lindsay Graham with them. But of course, with those two….moving to the liberal side is really easy.

The sad part of this whole thing is, all these dissitents live in a country that has made them rich. Rich beyond their wildest dreams. Men like Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and Michael Moore are rich people. Something that none of them would be somewhere else. But the country that gave them and their families the ability to get rich and live the lifestyles of the Rich and Famous is a bad country. Michael Moose *moore* is the latest one to spout off about the Boston Marathon bombing, but let me take you back a few days before I bring this lump of stupid lard up again.

Remember the reports of how the bomber was a dark-skinned individual, then the media backed off of that, to come up with a thing about the person being a part of a prominent Saudi family, while David Sirota of Salon.com said that he hoped the bomber would be a white American guy? Remember how the media backed off of that, and then were saying he was just a “person of interest”, and then the FBI, after making a few statements to the same, backed off and now they are looking at two guys, who, are American citizens. Does this look like the same kind of garbage that the media is always mixed up in? Skewing the truth to lead us away from the truth? My guess is, the real people who did this, maybe long gone, and the FBI and the media know who these people are. But we will never know for sure now will we?

After all, we are all subject to the lies and distortions of the liberal left in this country, that are so prevalent that even FoxNews will follow along if it goes hard enough. So we have no reason to not believe the reports that are now coming out. But, are they true?

WHO KNOWS? The story has changed so many times to me, it is like the little boy who cried wolf. He was out watching the sheep, if you remember that little story that we used to hear, that was to teach us to tell the truth cause a lie would not make us be believed whether we tell the truth or not.

Now, Michael Moore, that moose of an individual that always is shown wearing a baseball cap, and holding an American flag, is no more an American in my eyes than the Shah of Iran. I mean think of it. NO TRUE AMERICAN worth his weight in salt would think of his country that way. But Michael Moose does. He is the kind of man who we all hope would grow a brain cell before he dies so he can see he is an idiot. Sadly, we all know that will not happen. And equally sad is the fact that he doesn’t know it.

But this revelation, that the bombers are now American is something that the media, and no nothings like Michael Moose are going through the orgasms of pleasure now.

But the thing that bothers me about this, is when reports started coming in, “credible” people were saying the person(s) were “dark-skinned individuals” and were from a prominent Saudi Family. What happened to this “credible” account of what happened? The word “credible” is not mine by the way. It was reported on the news medias. All of them!

The photos of the person who is one of the suspects is NOT dark-skinned. It is as David Sirota said, “I hope that the bomber is a white American.” Notice how the media has spun this thing around to where now, the bombers are American? And we have to know, that this is going to become the next assault on our rights when it comes to guns.

I told you that they were going to come back to this. It is coming folks. It is like Obama once said…”never let a crisis go to waste.” We re going to see now, a resurgence of the gun control crowd, even though the bombers in Boston didn’t use a gun. Remember, they don’t care what causes the violence. It’s guns that are to blame. That is their motto.

And on to another note here, we here at Wise Conservatism hopes that God is giving the families of the victims of the senseless bombings in Boston, some comfort and peace in this their time of sorrow. God Bless them.

God Bless America
God Bless our troops
And please God, give us some common sense and more memory….


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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