Obama is defeated: For now……America won this one!

Today, we’ve had two major victories for gun rights. First, the background checks bill was defeated. Then, a short while later, the assault weapons ban was defeated 60-40. We’re not out of the woods yet, but this is a powerful time.
-Capitalism Institute-

It is true. We conservatives have had two major victories today. And both of them on the gun control issue. This is great, but, and there is a but. The Democrats, no matter what is said today, is going to come back, with another bill that will be more vague, and more in line with something they think will bring more to their side. A win for us, and a loss for them does one thing. It sends them back to the drawing board. And that is the difference between us and them.

The democrats do not have a life outside of trying to destroy this nation’s constitution and laws. More from the article listed above, with links included from original article:

The anti-gun background check bill that featured sell-out Republican Senator Patrick J. Toomey and Democrat Joe Manchin was defeated. It received only 54 votes, short of the 60 that were needed to even pass the Senate. This is fantastic news for pro-gunners, because after passing the Senate, it would still need to pass the more conservative House — and it would likely be dead on arrival.

While this is a large victory for gun rights, this is not at all the end of the battle. The Democrats will likely push another bill soon that will simply be another version of this, only with more “vague” policies in order to get more Republicans on board.

When we (likely) defeat the bills in the Senate, we will then need to focus on the anti-gun treaty that Obama’s administration is pushing. We’re in the middle of an all-out war on the Second Amendment right now, and we’re just getting started. This page will be updated as we receive more information.

Remember, this was only made possible because of the powerful social media influence libertarians and conservatives have developed over the last few years. We’ve successfully turned Twitter and Facebook into political machines to help us let non-principled politicians know that their jobs are at risk if they continue to challenge us – sometimes, that’s all you need.

Good job, patriots. I couldn’t be more proud. Just keep your powder dry… they’ll try something again soon.

Now it is like the article said folks. This is not over. It would be, if we had lost, but with the democrats losing, this will send them back to the drawing board. You see, the democrats learn from a loss, and they figure out what needs to be changed. They will come back with a new bill, that pretty much says the same thing, but will change a few key things to swing over some of the people who didn’t vote for them this time….but may next time. See why we constantly lose to them over the years? Their motto is, “if at first we don’t succeed, come back a second time with something that is the same…but a little different.”

You see my friends, they never give up, because they feel it is their right to be where they are trying to get. In other words, everyone else is wrong when it comes to gun control Only they know what is best for everyone. Got it?

The easiest way to find out about this is the coverage that their media has given us about the bombing in Boston. And some of this is disturbing to say the least. You know how they are always calling us Conservatives racist? Look at this one. From Solon.com comes this one from David Sirota, his article presses something that would get any Conservative in trouble….but nothing is said in the media about this one.

If the bombers in Boston turn out to be anything but white Americans, it’ll set back the cause of liberalism. That is amnesty, and gut national security. From the article:

“That means regardless of your particular party affiliation, if you care about everything from stopping war to reducing the defense budget to protecting civil liberties to passing immigration reform, you should hope the bomber was a white domestic terrorist.”

Can you imagine the firestorm of “Racists bastards” that would come from the left directed at us if we had said this? But wait. There is more!

This so-called War on Women that the left keeps saying we are waging? These people on the left live in a world of clichés, that only they can use. Got this one from Rush Limbaugh:

The Gosnell trial hasn’t received much coverage until now. The reason it hasn’t is the narrative in abortion. There’s only one story in abortion the left covers. There’s only one story in abortion they care about.

That narrative is “the erosion of reproductive rights.” That’s all abortion is to them. Whenever the subject comes up, if the story can’t be plugged into that hole, they don’t run it. The only relevant fact to them, in the whole area of abortion, is the fact that there are people who want to take away women’s reproductive rights. So the Gosnell case comes along and we have infanticide! What this guy did is the subject of horror movies, horror television shows.

It’s unspeakable what this guy was doing. But it doesn’t fit the lone narrative that the left has on abortion, and that narrative is: “The only story on abortion is, ‘There are Republicans who want to deny a woman’s right to choose! There are Republicans who want to stop women’s reproductive freedom!'” So you have the Gosnell case where you have infanticide, where you’ve got murder of babies who survive abortions.

He was doing what State Senator Obama voted for back in Illinois. Gosnell was killing babies who survived abortions. In unspeakable ways. In unspeakable, filthy conditions. I mean, its unspeakable what this guy was doing! That doesn’t matter. There’s one narrative in abortion, and it’s the only narrative that’ll get covered, and that is: “Republicans want to deny women their reproductive freedom!”

Anything else doesn’t get covered because there is nothing else important about abortion. That’s why the Gosnell piece wasn’t covered until they were shamed, basically, by Kirsten Powers of Fox. So now they’re desperately hoping, “Oh, it’s gotta be a white guy that blew up the Boston Marathon! Oh, the guy has to be white. If it’s a minority, oh, God. If it’s an immigrant, oh, no! Oh, no! If it’s Al-Qaeda, oh, no!”

Now, granted. You may not like Rush Limbaugh, but, with everything he says on his show, it shows up on his web site. And everything has a link to where he found it from. He isn’t just saying these things off the top of his head, like the liberals do.

Getting back to the gun control issue that the democrats lost today, but will be back with another bill soon, the response from Obama on this, is not one of gratitude that the Constitution was upheld, oh no. It was one of disgust. In an article and poll from TPNN.com came this one:

Obama Fumes over vote in favor of Second Amendment

In the article which was very short, there was a poll given with three questions. Here is how that poll panned out, at the printing of this post:

President Obama showed great anger in speaking about the Senate’s defeat of his centerpiece anti-Second Amendment gun control bill. We’d appreciate your taking a moment to share your thoughts on the defeat of this bill and the manner in which Obama is handling his massive defeat.

1) President Obama was criticized by some following his Boston Marathon speech of sounding unfeeling, emotionless, and almost robotic. What are your thoughts?
It is appropriate for the president to be completely emotionless after such a horrific event. .02% or 1 vote
It would have been nice if he showed some emotion, anger, sorrow, frustration, pain, something! 2.2% or 10 votes
It’s disgusting that Obama showed more anger over his political defeat than he did about terrorism at the Boston Marathon, in which three people died and over 170 people were injured. 96.7% or 441 votes

2) During his recent speeches on gun control, the president has used the brutal Newtown murders to support his political agenda, even though by all accounts, none of the bills considered would have stopped the mass-murder. Do you feel this is appropriate?
Yes. We have to do something. It will make us all feel better and that’s important. .02% or 1 vote
No. Even though the Newtown tragedy is horrific, I understand that criminals don’t obey gun laws and it’s shameful that he would use a crisis for political gain. 99.8% or 449 votes

3) What do you think of President Obama’s motives in regards to gun control?
His concern is for the safety of all Americans. We may have to give up some of our constitutional rights in order to achieve a higher degree of public safety. 0.0% or 0 votes
Obama is taking our rights one bite at a time. His ultimate goal is complete gun confiscation. Registration is just a way for government to know who has the guns so they can them away. 100.0% or 448 votes

Every time we have something happen that happens for the country, we can count on Obama being pissed off. This fuming over his defeat on something that should have been defeated 100% is testament to his dislike for this country and the freedoms that we all hold dear. Hold onto your hats folks. Because he is not done with us yet. We made sure of that when we re-elected him for a second term. We have yet to see anything that he has in mind. So get ready for it. The worst is yet to come. I guarantee it.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless us to stop voting without thinking


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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