Who will be blamed when ObamaCare fails?

And fail it will folks. The government, according to the Constitution cannot make sure a person has medical insurance, and ObamaCare has a section in it that will find people for not taking part in it. Where does Obama think he has this authority? I will tell you, that Obama thinks he has the authority because he was elected as President. And now, he can think this doubly because he won his second term. He has been told by the American people that he can do whatever he wants. He has a mandate.

See the danger in re electing someone like Obama?

My commenter, Questionman said that Obama is NOT a NARCISSIST. Oh yes he is. His actions prove it. Everything has to be his way. ObamaCare is a great example of that. The American people spoke loudly against it, and yet, he forced it through and made it law, with his force of nature. He would not accept any other end for it.

Narcissism: A narcissistic personality is characterized as grandiosity behavior, exploitation of others, self-centered attitude and an inability to feel empathy. Men make up 75 percent of the population of narcissistic individuals.

Obama is all of these. He is a personality that loves the grandiosity that being the president gives him. Taking vacation after vacation with no sadness that the rest of us are suffering, and his vacations are paid for by us.

He is loves exploiting others, and is self-centered to the point where if anything goes wrong, it is never his fault. No empathy. Someone else is always to blame.

The white house and the media work with a plan. There have been numerous recent examples of how the Barack Obama White House is keen on bullying pool reporters in order to retain near-complete control over the Presidential Administration’s image. Another thing that shows Obama has to have it all his way. But, the problem comes in when things don’t go his way.

When ObamaCare fails, and it will because it isn’t sustainable, he will find someone to blame. And the blame will never be his. So, the question remains. Who will be blamed when Obama Care fails? I think I have the answer.

The blame will go to the Doctors and insurance. As it fails, the people who will be blamed will be the doctors, the hospitals, the insurance companies. As it fails, then we the people will be moved, or the attempt will be made to move us, toward nationalized health care for everybody, universal health care. So he will get what he was after in the first place. But it will be finally gotten out of deceit and lying. And the media will help him get it, if it happens.

Right now, the desires of the people are being put out there more than ever before, and it is well-known that ObamaCare is unsustainable, and more and more states are trying to opt out of it. The list of those states is growing.

Obama will blame the Doctors, Insurance and the hospitals for the failure of ObamaCare. And I say will because ObamaCare is going to fail. Like all socialistic things, the money for them come from the people. And with more and more people out of work now, *the government unemployment rates are fictitious* there is less and less money for Obama Care and his other government programs. Why else do you think they are working so hard to raise taxes on people? So the question remains. Who is Obama and the left going to blame, WHEN ObamaCare fails? I belive the blame will be put on the AMerican people who woke up and started questioning. Anyone who asked questions that the left wanted left unquestioned. Anyone who will stand up and say, I want my Country back. That is who Obama is going to blame. He will blame me. He will blame you, if you believe in the Constitution. He will blame the founding fathers……no wait. He has already done that.

The blame game is here, and the blame for the coming failure will come. Mark my words people. MARK MY WORDS.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless us to be ready when the time comes to take this country back.


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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1 Response to Who will be blamed when ObamaCare fails?

  1. Tom says:

    Obummer and his cronies will blame all the Republican Governors (and the few Democratic ones as well) for not signing on for the exchanges. The doctors and health providers (those that are left) will also be blamed as well as the American public who are starting to push back on the seemingly endless rules, regulations, and expenses that are starting to come to light. Yep – blame all around except for BHO.
    reply from Robert: Exactly, and that is where “WE THE PEOPLE” have to finally stand up and put a stop to this anarchy before it goes much farther.

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