Why we must stop Iran from being Nuclear.

“For there shall arise false christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”
-Matthew 24:24-

Does the bible warn of the 12th Imam? Yes, I believe it does. And there are things going on that make it believable.

In the area of the world, where Iran and Iraq are, is also the seat of the Islamic faith. The faith believes that the Immadi *IMAM* is coming to purify Islam and to kill all non believers. The 12th imam is a fascinating character and a false prophet. One of the ones that I believe that Christ talked about in Matthew 24. And we have also heard much talk about the 12th imam coming out of Iran and Iraq.

This character is central to their religion and certain things have to take place for this false prophet to arrive. One of them is the annihilation of Israel and the United States. Going Nuclear is the way to achieve this end. Why do you think Iran is working so hard to keep their nuclear program amid clamoring from the big nations all over the world to stop it? It is central to their beliefs that the 12th Imam come and cleanse the world of all unbelievers.

Think of it. When Hugo Chavez passed away, Ahmadinejad said that ‘he looked forward to the day when Chavez would be resurrected with Jesus and the 12th Imam,’ so we have to look at what the Islamists believe to see why certain things are happening.

These people believe that this is going to happen. This is why they want nuclear weapons so badly. They believe the way to hasten this happening, is to annihilate the nations of Israel and the United States. So they are doing to do everything they can to keep other nations from shutting down their nuclear programs. Even to the point of saying that they want nuclear for energy production.

America and her allies need to start looking into why the Islamic Faith believes the way they do, so that we can keep them and their false prophets from taking the steps they want to take. Why we must stop Iran and Iraq from becoming Nuclear. It is central to their beliefs in the 12th Imam folks. It is also central to our having a future don’t you think? This is why the P5+1 talks are not working. ‘To the consternation of President Obama and his team, the Iranians are not going to give away the chance to get the bomb, because they believe it’s their religious duty to bring about the person they feel is their messiah. So once you understand Islamic/Shia eschatology, you understand why this is so dangerous. Netanyahu understands this and is confounded why other world leaders don’t.’

Maybe he understands it because he is pounded with the reality of it daily, whereas we are not. YET! This whole thing is central to the gun control issue too. Imagine, war comes to us, and we are not an armed nation anymore. NUFF SAID!

We have people now, like Comcast, who has come out with a new campaign that bans gun ads. To me, that makes me doubly glad that I am not a Comcast subscriber. Being against guns in this dangerous time is almost un-American don’t you think?

We have huge Companies like Comcast, and politicians who are serenading the public with ideals of falsehood trying to tell us that guns are evil and that guns kill people. Let me set this record straight now. Guns do not kill people folks. Deranged people using weapons kill people. Some of those weapons are guns. But guns themselves do not kill people. When are we going to start asking these questions folks. When are we going to start looking into our future and seeing that our government on the left, who we stupidly keep re electing, wants the population unarmed! Start asking yourselves, WHY? The revelations you will find will astound you. And not in a good way.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless us to trust in God

About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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3 Responses to Why we must stop Iran from being Nuclear.

  1. sam says:

    who is we ? i think you religious nuts should fight your on war.
    reply from Robert: WE is the American people who are proud of this nation as formed. You people who have been castrated in your education and totally indoctrinated to be offended by the likes of poptarts in the shape of guns, and religious freedoms are the problem. Not the true Traditional American who only wants America to get back on course and be the great nation it was again. And stop catering to the whims of whimps who cannot stand up for the truth when it is spoken, but can stand up and defend a lie. WE is the people of these Christian United States. Got it?

  2. Tom says:

    Sam – Given the history of Islam, it doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Atheist, or a member of the Church of Bob. The Islamic tenant is that if you do not believe in the Prophet Mohammed, you are to be killed or made a slave. The Islamic belief system that is in the Middle East is that Israel is a Great Satan, and must be destroyed. Should Iran develop or acquire a nuclear device, they will use it first on Israel, and then on any other nation that does not bow to them. This would be disastrous for the world, and you, sir, will be in their sights sooner or later. Kindly wake up.
    reply from Robert: Thanks Tom. You said this much better than I did.

  3. tapline says:

    Robert, It’s been a while. I am so disconbobulated over everything happening in this country right now. I can’t begin to comment logically, but I’ll try….You as usual are on target with your assessment of the current situation. both in terms of Iran and it’s stated desires with the annihilation of both the little and the big Satan…..As far as the present day evolvement of Islam, I do believe they take to Koran totally as the word of God….Years ago when I first became acquainted with the Islamic faith it was in Turkey. I had friends who were Checkez,,,whatever that is, but their tribe was located in a small village outside of Yelova, Turkey, up in the mountains….Rajap, our landlord, was a very religious man, who prayed 5 times a day and his wife did everything she could to make our stay in Turkey a pleasant one. She stated that we were guests in her country and she wanted to make us feel at home….Never, in my three years there was I nor my family made to feel, out of place or threatened,,,Even though, when we arrived at the village it was like stepping back in history by 50 or 100 years with donkeys everywhere and women working the fields, and men drinking tea in their tea houses…Today however is a different story with Endogen and his militant stance. No longer is Turkey like it was when we were there. The military, no longer is the guardian of their constitution, It is an Islamic government…and seems to fit, what you describe,,,.Sorry, I’m rambling again….but you get the idea……
    reply from Robert: Yeah…I get the idea….It is sad that the people who are in charge don’t get it.

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