Get the hell out of our business!!!

“NRA, Manchin Talking” this past Saturday, March 23rd, “a Manchin-NRA deal could draw in enough Republicans and red-state Democrats to defeat an expected GOP filibuster of the overall gun control bill.”

This is just going to be a short post, but it is one with a very strong message. And it is to the government in Washington. And you need to listen to this, because it is coming I am sure from the majority of the people out here.

You have driven this country into bankruptcy and trillions of dollars in debt because you cannot control your insane need to spend money that isn’t yours.

You have driven this country into something that one decade ago we wouldn’t have recognized.

You have taken our AAA credit rating and had it downgraded twice in the last several years, and yet you want us to let you run our lives? I THINK NOT!

We have watched your bungling of everything from the budget, to not listening to the people, to shredding the constitution, and we do not want you running our lives. So get the hell out of our business!

Leave our guns alone!
Leave our children alone!
Leave our businesses alone!
Leave our homes alone!

None of these things are part of the realm that you have in Washington to run. Stick to what the Constitution says you are there for, and leave the rest of it to us, the people! We are tired of you not listening to us.

Got it?

I certainly hope so. For your job security I hope so!

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless us to replace the leaders who won’t listen to us.


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