I am a traditional American

This is a post telling everyone, what a Conservative is. A Conservative is really a Traditional American. But seriously, so is everyone one else, if you think about it. Priorities have to be placed in the right places for some to realize this.

The reason why this definition has to be put out here is because the idea of a traditional American hits home with a lot of people, whereas the idea of a Conservative automatically makes some people throw up walls with the idea of keeping that idea out because it is perceived as bad. Here, my friends, is the reason that it is not.

Most Americans, no matter what their political stripes like to think of themselves as Traditional Americans. The true meaning of the word though is much different than a lot of people think it is.

A Traditional American is for smaller government, because they know that government is the source of all the ills that this world knows today. Hitler used government to get his power from. Ahmadinijad is using government to get his power from. Kim Jong Il got his power from government. Obama gets his power from government. And all these people I mentioned here have one thing in common. They need bigger government to get what they desire from the people. MONEY!

When you go to work, and work your rear end off to make money for your family, so that you can live a good life, do you want to earn that for yourself, or for Obama and his ever growing, ever money hungry government? You may not think that is what is going on, but think about it here folks.

The real battle here, as it has always been, is the people, or the Traditional Americans are fighting to be able to be individuals, while the government is always fighting to take our individualism away and give in it’s place, collectivism.

We have to remember this.

The Obama’s and Reid’s and the Pelosi’s of the world do not think that we are smart enough to run our own lives, or raise our own families without their help. So, they will work harder than anything else to force their agenda’s on us, because as individuals, we are not as smart as they are, so we need their help to live. And, deep down, even the moderate democrats know this to be a complete lie.

We are smart enough to make our own decisions.

We are smart enough to raise and govern our own families.

We are smart enough to raise our own children.

We are smart enough to manage our own money.

We are smart enough to know how to spend or save our own money.

That is where Traditional Americans differ from the ones who believe in socialism, collectivism and bigger government to take care of the ills of the world.

Here is a big big difference between the Socialist, collectivist liberal that we have running our government today, and the Traditional American.

There is an idea that is being pushed in government by Elizabeth Warren to make the minimum wage $22.00 per hour! She thinks this is a great idea.

Does this idiot know the consequences of doing such a stupid thing? There is a reason why janitors and wait persons do not make that kind of money folks. And if you are one of these kinds of workers and don’t like what you are being paid, then go to school and learn a higher wage job!

Do you collectivists realize that if the minimum wage goes up to 22 an hour how much that will affect the rest of us? If you don’t, let me explain.

The company owner has to make a profit in order for the workers he has working for him to be paid. You make that owner have to pay someone 22 an hour when now he is paying something like 10, and all kinds of hell will break loose. Prices for products, or for food in a restaurant, or gas in a gas station will naturally go way up to compensate for the rise in wages that will have to be paid. All of which means a lot less in your pocket even though now, you will be making more money. You will be paying more for everything, so you will still have less money in your pocket to spend on your family.

So the wages for mininum wage people will go up, but so will everything else, and that will leave Americans, at best in the same condition as they are now, or most likely in worse condition than they are now, while giving Obama and the government more control over all of our lives. You want that?

If you do, here is what you will get. A lot of companies will go out of business.

McDonalds’ dollar menu would become at least the 5 dollar menu, for the same things, and with likely smaller portions.

Gas prices would skyrocket to compensate for the new wages the station owners would have to pay. Think of those prices now. You have a rumor of higher prices that may come because of something happening, and prices jump 20 the 30 cents a gallon now. What would happen if suddenly the cost of living for the owner goes up 10 dollars an hour for every employee they have? I will tell you. GAS PRICES WOULD JUMP at least 2 dollars a gallon.

Then the government would step in and say, “no you can’t raise prices like that” and then the companies will go out of business, because they cannot afford to pay the higher wages, and then a lot of people would suddenly be out of work and America would flounder.

Recession would become DEPRESSION of the likes that would pale the depression of the 30s. This would give government more reason to step into our lives and control even more, while growing more, and taking more of our money in taxes to pay for it all. Your paycheck of 200, which now ends up to be about 153 after taxes would suddenly become about 90 after taxes. GOT IT?

Still want to be a collectivist and a socialist like Obama and the left? Or do you want to be a Traditional American who wants smaller government, lower taxes, less minimum wage so prices could come down and more money can be in our pockets?

America is now, the SS Titanic, and we have hit the iceberg.

Does it bother you even just a little bit that we are barely making it now, and the government is spending our hard earned money to go on vacations and have fun?

Does it bother you just a little that they want more?

Folks, socialism never works. It never has. If you don’t believe me, check out history.

We, as the SS Titanic, have little time left to make up our minds as to the direction we want to go. Do you want to continue on the path to ruin we are on now, or do you want to assert your Traditional American values and force the government to be reigned in, to save this nation from ruin. I can’t say it any clearer. We the people are the bosses and we are out of time. It is time to finally stand up and do the right thing for America and our children. Because even Conservatives like Rand Paul are not going far enough to save us now.

Be the Traditional American that we all have inside us. Don’t call yourself a Conservative anymore. Don’t allow those walls to be thrown up so your ideals cannot be heard. Are you a Traditional American?. This nation depends on how you answer that, and then how you act on that. NOW IS THE TIME for tomorrow may be too late.

God Bless America
God Bless our troops
God Bless us, every one to be a Traditional American


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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