You asked for proof….

I did a post the other day about the articles of impeachment that were served against President Obama, and I got a comment from one of my readers stating that they couldn’t find them. ‘It would be nice but if they were really there, wouldn’t they be available? Well, another reader sent me a link with the copy of the subpena of the indictment that was served…….so, here it is.

The indictment against president Obama. It has been served!

I knew that if it had actually been served, it would show up. Click on the link in the above line, and it will download as a PDF file. Give it a look.

Now the media, which has given themselves a bad name by sleeping with the liberals, needs to start doing their job. No matter who it helps or hurts. If this had been done against Bush, or Reagan, or Bush 1, it would have been front page news. So, where is it, media? Why is it so hard to find? Can’t you report the real news? Enough said, don’t you think?

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless us to finally seek the truth.


One thought on “You asked for proof….

  1. Brandon C.

    SInce this was signed back in October of last year, does it still stand and shouldn’t there be more amended to this in result of his last 4 months of unconstitutional actions? When is he supposed to actually appear in court?
    reply from Robert: That I haven’t heard…but I got my first post on this with some news from WND about it. I will have to check more on this. It is interesting that it is floating out there but NO ONE IS TALKING about it.

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