President Obama Indicted in Federal Court….

Nothing really needs to be said by me here, except that I haven’t heard any of this in the news…..but if it was Bush, Oh we would not have ever heard the last of it. President Obama has been indicted in Federal Court with impeachment. Here is the video that I found on it. If this goes through, America may still have a future, if we can turn this ship around.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless us to seek the truth


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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4 Responses to President Obama Indicted in Federal Court….

  1. Miles says:

    Getting Obama out of office will be difficult to do even if his policies are found unconstitutional by courts all the way to the supreme court. During the Roosevelt administration the NRA, not the national rifle association, the national recovery act, was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court and Roosevelt’s response was to add more judges to the court to get his way. This of course did not happen. If he can’t be impeached he can be stopped by refusing to give him the money to spend on programs that are only intended to help Democrats stay in power year after year after year. If the real economic truth after all that has taken place in the last 4 years is that this nation’s economy is on the road to disaster everyone’s jobs will be in jeopardy including those in the House and Senate and maybe that is what we need too, a House cleaning and a Senate cleaning to get rid of the many years of accumulated trash. No one is indispensable. Not even the president. Historians of the future will be more critical of this presidency than present day historians seem to be even though many of us will not be around to see that day when it comes and I believe that it will come. The cast of characters around and including the president resemble the Ship of Fools rather than the Ship of State.
    reply from Robert: I understand that impeachment will be hard….maybe impossible at this point…but at least things like this are going on. It would be horrible if nothing like this was happening.

  2. Mr. Bear says:

    The disturbing part is that if there is an indictment then there should be public record of it – correct? So if such an indictment exists, “someone” should be able to find it. If it were real, it would be all over the news outlets, including the mainstream media outlets (in order to discredit the indictment and those behind it, of course)
    There is so little information here that I wonder if it is much ado about nothing. The offenses may not be impeachable offenses. For example, I can’t imagine that you can impeach the president because of a parking ticket.
    Certainly something to keep an eye on, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.
    reply from Robert: I have thought the same thing myself. It is sad…..but we have to keep our eyes open for this. If I find anything concrete on this, I will definitely post it. As for now, I took a poll tonight on whether Obama should be impeached or not. That is as far as I have found anything yet.

  3. Paines Ghost says:

    It all comes down to credibility. Does the “Citizens Grand Jury” have Constitutional Authority? If so, then this may be the place from which the resistance springs up. As to this being a difficult task, one has to remember that the reason Nixon was forced to resign was that the PRESS would not leave the Watergate issue alone. They hammered at it until it beat him to pieces. Unfortunately the press was not acting out of Patriotism when it took down Nixon, it was acting out of liberal hate and spite. They are completely in Obama’s pocket and have no idea that most of them are on the list of disposable useful idiots.
    reply from Robert: I totally agree. I think the people are finally waking up to the fact that the media is in bed with Obama…..but it is still disconcerting to hear the news and nothing bad is ever said about Obama and what he is doing to this nation, evern though we all know.

    The bureaucracies that fill DC are staffed with liberals. The Courts are packed with them. The Schools are factories for mind-numbed liberal drones. Time is almost out. The sword hangs by a thread over all of us, and we at some near point will have to rise up and defend the Constitution or admit that we are cowards and deserve slavery.

    If a legitimate court recognized by the state government in Florida or elsewhere has indicted Obama and Biden, then someone please find and publicize the records. Otherwise, the indictment will go silently away. This crowd is nastier and sneakier than the Clintons, and the Chicago political machine is evil incarnate. Perfect parent to Obama’s political career and the perfect complement to the trajectory he is traveling. This man and his henchpeople would think nothing of black hooding any or as many of us as needed to protect his imperial presidency.

    As much as it would be a joyous thing to take him out through the Courts holding him responsible for his misdeeds, that is extremely unlikely because the systems that should already have responded to do so have already failed multiple times. To expect them to suddenly kick in is to expect the car to start AFTER the battery has already been ground down.

    Prepare yourselves with food, water, shelter, power in as many forms as possible, and self / community defense. Develop a community that you can trust that will work with you when things go south.

  4. Brian says:

    Click to access 121101-Citizens%20Grand%20Jury%20Indictment.pdf

    reply from Robert: Thanks for sending this. I am checking it out now.

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